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December 12, 2017 00:15

Countertops for bathroom with their hands

If you like tinkering useful items for your home, and have experience in dealing with the tools that make the countertop for the bathroom with their hands not be easy.Of course, today you can find a lot of options for comfortable and functional furniture, but often the prices are unreasonably high.Why spend money when you can collect the cabinet under the sink on their own, making it, in accordance with their needs and the design of the room.


  • General
  • Preparation countertops
  • Installing walls and facing work
  • stone countertops
    • worktop concrete
    • Countertops made of artificial stone


best option for mounting the sink - in a niche countertops.The easiest way to do this in the overhaul of an apartment or building a house, because if any of your intentions, you can "beat" in accordance with the design of the bathroom.One option would be construction of moisture-resistant drywall countertops and profile.The material must be durable and well withstand high levels of humidi

ty, otherwise the cabinet will last very long.For these purposes, ideal MDF board, which is made of furniture for bathroom and kitchen.Glass countertops are also quite popular, but it is very difficult to make them at home for a bath, so it's not dwell on this.

Any construction works, including the construction of the tabletops, you must start with a detailed plan-drawing and precise measurements.

countertops - in-the- bathroom - room

There are a number of rules of construction under the sink countertop bathroom:

  • install the countertop must be on the frame, mounted on the adjacent walls;
  • countertop height is calculated from the use of comfort reasons (family rate), as well as the coating materials, which may also influence the design of the dimensions;
  • if under the table will be placed shelves, the first level should be 25-30 inches from the bottom of the table top;
  • put the door or not - a purely personal matter, but if you plan to store in the cupboard under the sink cleaners, powder and other household chemicals, it is best to access them was closed.This will extend the means of storage and protect against contact with children or animals.

Preparation countertops

When all measurements are made and developed a detailed drawing, you can proceed to the construction of multi-functional cabinets with countertops.


  • mark on the surface countertops future place for niches, which will be embedded sink.To do this, take the bowl, turn upside down, attach to the table top and draw the contour of a pencil;
  • cut a hole at the marked point;
  • paste over the edge of countertop racks or self-adhesive thermal tape to protect the edges from swelling from moisture.If you choose a rack, use only water-resistant glue, or they simply fall off;
  • when the glue is dry if necessary polish the edges of countertops sandpaper;
  • cover the edge of the primer mixture of wood.

Installing walls and facing work

If you make a countertop made of MDF, the walls should be made of the same material.


  • cut stone wall for the future, guided by drawing;
  • wall plugs, attach to the wall at the corners that hold the worktop;
  • install the door by half.


The lining can be made of any water resistant material, the most common of which is the tile.You can use a mosaic tile or plain tiles.Consider the case of countertops for the bathroom mosaic.

Progress tiling:

  • countertop and all the external parts of tables covered moisture-resistant glue;
  • and make a good press to glue mosaic tiles.If the tile has a protective paper layer, it is necessary to moisten and gently remove;
  • mask connecting seams between the tiles with the help of water-resistant grout and squeegee - special rubber tool;
  • when you first built the cabinet and countertop is not already installed, attach it to the sheathing and corners and ustavte sink in a niche;
  • secure shell using sanitary sealant, filling in the space between the edges of them sink and niches.

Tip: you can visually enlarge it, hanging over the sink a large mirror with a modest quadrature bathroom.

stone countertops

to manufacture countertops will suit not only the MDF or plasterboard.Stone designs are very popular because of their durability and practicality.To order this furniture or buy ready-made rather expensive.The cost of countertops for the bathroom depends on the stone rocks, however, such a pleasure "costing a pretty penny."But we are not here to monitor the prices of furniture, and to learn to do it with their own hands.Countertops for bathroom stone decorate the interior, giving it a noble and good quality.


Before starting to work, is to determine the materials.

So, stone countertops can be made of the following materials:

  • concrete - the most common building material for the construction of capital can serve as an excellent basis for creating beautiful countertops.And to give it a nice appearance, can be added to a solution of special dyes, or rock dust;
  • artificial stone - acrylic artificial stones can be bought in the form of sheets with a thickness ranging from 3 to 12 mm.The basis of the material lies with the addition of acrylic granite or marble chips.Plywood table top is covered with a sheet, and this stone is mounted on a stand;
  • tiles - one of the most popular ways of referring to its simplicity and accessibility.Tile priori looks better in the bathroom than any other room, but it is worth to choose the right, especially for facing countertops.As in the case of the artificial stone on a plywood base using a moisture-resistant glue is attached facing tiles.If you connect the imagination and use different colored elements, you can make beautiful original countertop bathroom tiles.

worktop concrete

Concrete has long ceased to be an ordinary building material.Today, it is made beautiful strong elements for benches, fountains, landscaping decorations, decorative elements, used in modern sculpture, etc.Countertops made of concrete and are becoming increasingly popular, mainly because they do is quite simple, and this furniture is virtually forever.

to make concrete for countertops need:

  • cement (grade 400 or more);
  • filler (better to take the fine - granite flour or river sand);
  • coarse filler (gravel, marble or granite chips);
  • plasticizers.

concrete countertop

Tip: to make "boring" concrete countertop design miracle, add concrete burned cullet.It is important that the glass edges are not sharp.The result is a unique pattern.It is also possible to add dyes or Colera.If you pour them while pouring concrete in a special form and distribute evenly, then you can get an interesting original pattern.If you are familiar with the technique of ebru painting, you can apply their skills in creating unique bathroom countertop for your hands.

manufacturing method:

  • take a solid foundation with a glossy surface.It can be laminated plywood or particleboard.Be sure that the surface is water-resistant.Place your circuit on the layout and screw bars.If you already know where will be located the technical holes, keep in mind that they should not be later filled with concrete.Cut through the concrete will be more difficult, but not impossible for the skilled craftsmen - some holes can be made in the finished countertop;
  • to avoid painful finishing edges, chamfer around the perimeter of the bases at an angle of 45 degrees.To make it possible from a conventional clay with a spatula;
  • resulting frame pour concrete.To evenly distribute the material on the surface, especially if it has a broken glass, shells or other decorative elements, it is better to use a vibrating table.You can also take advantage of special vibrators with long pipes, which penetrate into the interior of the solution.With the necessary tools, you can be sure that all the air out of the concrete, and the countertop will be the most durable.If you have decided to strengthen the tabletop, then pour the foundation should be in two stages at intervals of 24 hours.When the first coat has dried, put it on the valve, and then pour the remnants of concrete;
  • when the concrete is completely dry, carefully remove the frame, turn the table top, and insert it into bars.Use the grinder to remove coarse nozzle approximately 1 mm top layer;
  • clean with a vacuum cleaner and a damp cloth;
  • powertrowel surface grout to fill all the fine pores, and leave to dry again;
  • last stage - grinding fine-grained table top nozzles in descending order until my best.

Concrete countertops will last for decades.It is protected from fading, fading, mechanical damage and damage by chemicals.

Countertops made of artificial stone

acrylic countertop does not need treatment, but do not think that will be able to save significantly on this - the cost of artificial stone slabs sometimes impressive.For example, marble countertops for the bathroom can cost several times more expensive than granite.But any money is justified by the beauty and functionality of this material.We just need to choose your favorite colors, length, size and cut the countertop.

And if the table of artificial stone can be affected by strikes in the kitchen knife and hot dishes, but in the bathroom it is not threatened.All that is required of it - high humidity, and this quality has always been one of the strongest.

Countertops and systems for bathrooms 1 ( 1 )

method of manufacturing the artificial stone countertops:

  • collect frame-basis.List of artificial stone itself is not thick enough to become a full-fledged top, so it is necessary to attach to a solid foundation.For this perfect regular plywood.If it cut into strips 7 cm wide, can form a good frame.Make pre-layout countertops and use it in the assembly.If you bought a sheet of artificial stone 3 mm thick, use a coherent framework;
  • fix artificial stone based on using water-resistant two-component adhesive that can cope with acrylic, and wood.For this purpose, perfect for epoxy resin, but it is quite toxic, so do not neglect safety rules.Spread the adhesive on the substrate surface with a spatula.On the wrong side of an artificial stone sheet to apply the adhesive is only necessary where the sheet is touch-based.Presses the material better from the center outwards;
  • when the glue is dry, leveled the ends of the table top using a milling machine or a bar with a large sandpaper.Cut strips from a sheet of artificial stone countertops and paste over the ends of the previously cleaned and degreased.

Tip: if the shape of your countertop assumes bends, then the end strip must be preheated to a temperature of 165 degrees.This can be done by using a hair dryer building.Heat the strip quickly and bend it at a right angle.The material hardens very quickly and retain a new shape.Thereafter, the adhesive may be applied and fix it at the end.

To disguise glue, add the pigment is close in tone to the coloring of artificial stone.

To install the sink is necessary to make a hole jigsaw and niche construction perimeter glue foil adhesive tape.