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August 12, 2017 18:07

Project pre-war homes in the style of European modernity

Before describing the advantages of this home, and their and there are many, and having read the article to Law, you'll be able to see this, say that the total area of ​​the house (excluding the garage) of 250 square meters.meters.Built this house on a plot measuring 28.7 by 26.6 meters, not only completely covering him back yard, but leaving it all its windows and terraces, and even hiding a lovely size pool.

create it, based on projects in archives around the houses, he found (such houses almost did not survive as a result of military actions had torn Europe) Polish architect Leshik Kalandak that originally supplied the project with all the most modern technologies, the installedon the solar roof, to heat your home with the help of air ducts, as well as opportunities to fill a swimming pool next to the salt water of the house.

Now let us tell you about the house a little more detail.His living space is divided into four levels.This led to the basement, completely repeating the outlines of the

house, and a flat roof, where you can organize a party with dancing even though sunbathing in Prigogine days.The basement housed a laundry, storage rooms and technical spaces that are responsible for the work of serving the Communications House.

first floor is a garage and a so-called guest rooms and is a living room, a small bar and a dining room and kitchen.But the second floor of the house is the exclusive property of the owners, that is where they are situated bedroom, two children's room and study host.

And now look at the layout of the house.From the street it seems impregnable, closed from prying eyes tower, but from the yard is fully open to the world, thanks to the glass walls that fill the rooms and halls of the house light shining in the evening, like a showcase of luxury stores.

And finally - to finish construction of the house can be as little as six to eight weeks, as the architect did his best to this house can be built of the standard materials - bricks and concrete blocks and slabs.As to the approximate cost of building, it is about $ 150,000.If this amount seems excessive to you, then we suggest you go to the site "Secrets of Millionaires", where you will find a lot of ideas that will allow you to earn the necessary money to build a house for only a year, and sometimes much faster.

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