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August 12, 2017 18:07

Dome House - building dome homes

Dome house - architecture of the future, has already become a reality in various parts of the world.

No wonder they say that is new - well forgotten old.So at the beginning of the 21st century, more and more architects from different countries come to the conclusion that the best for a comfortable and harmonious existence of man are not familiar to us the structure in the four corners, and the so-called « dome home », which are almost exact replicas of thosefirst homes, which is inhabited by our most distant ancestors.

Photo - Dome Home in Africa

Photo - Needle

Moreover, these projects are long since passed from the stage of application to the mental experiments purely practical development, and such houses are already built up whole streets and towns.About all we can tell you is not, but still introduce you to the most interesting of them.Moreover, if you want you can build the exact same house on his garden plot, or at his dacha.How?Watch the video.

We start the story with a house made of

straw and clay, and bears the name
«Eco-Dome ».

Eco Dome

Photo - Dome mud house.

House called "Eco Dome" was built by architect Nader Khalili, which is used as osnovynyh building materials clay and straw bales, which allowed him to build not only environmentally friendly but also incredibly cheap accommodation.

The house is built of sacks of clay, which were placed in a circle, like bricks, stronger straw, and then coated with a liquid clay solution, which allowed not only to protect the future inhabitants of the house from the heat and cold, but the house itself from spilling out and cracking.

Japanese Dome home of foam

decided to offer their solution to the problem, and the Japanese, who have mastered the construction of the dome houses of foam, and to honor the Japanese architects they did it at 100. Moreover, the dome home made out of foam, notsubject to any natural influences, not afraid of mold and mildew, and do not attract insects.That is why the village was built by the Japanese company «Japan Dome House» has attracted so much interest from buyers.

interesting that these homes are sold as a set-designers, giving all customers the opportunity to build dome house with his own hands: build your future home of light and strong blocks.The area of ​​the house is the 44 square meters, and if you do it will seem enough, you can buy 2 or 3 of these at home, combining them into one.And so on ad infinitum, until you do not get the home of your dreams.

Rescue unit

And this dome house has even taken to equip teams of emergency, as well as the various rescue and reconnaissance expeditions, as alreadyseveral years mass production of such buildings is carried out in the United States.He is going in just eight minutes, and consists of a durable plastic modules which are assembled somewhat similar to the structure of the diamond.Use this home as possible and as a shelter and as a mobile OS, and even shop during public festivals and gatherings.

Photo - Dome white house segment.

house of concrete and steel

Photo - dome house on a background of blue sky.

Unlike domed houses, of which we spoke a little bit earlier, this is built of concrete and steel.But not because its creators did not want to give up the material have become familiar, just their development they originally wanted to give maximum strength, as calculated use such as a dome home in residential buildings, hospitals, stores, warehouses and even train stations.

School, built in the best traditions of dome homes

Photo - Dome home at sunset

Photo - Corridor in a dome house

Photo - Hall with colored armchairs bags in dome home

Afinish the story I want to largest dome of buildings constructed at the moment.They are building a school complex named Sarasota Bishop Nevins built in Florida.At the same time there are up to 500 students to study, feeling more than comfortable as posted by monolithic domes are not only classes, but the sports hall, a dining room and meeting rooms for games.Started this school architect Rafael Morey, president of the company «Moreu & amp;Associates ».Covering an area of ​​17 acres, this two-storey school consists of a long corridor and 4 towers, one of which is administrative.

But all those idea of ​​building a dome home is so interested that he decided to get a similar accommodation, we suggest reading the post, which is called "dome house with his own hands."

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