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August 12, 2017 18:07

Dome house with their hands

Of course, the construction of the dome home - not such a simple exercise, as it can go to the uninitiated, but nothing prevents you to develop your own project and build a domed house with his hands .We want to tell you about the construction carried out by a group of French architects and designers in New Zealand, the purpose of which was to build not just eco-friendly house the new generation, but also to build it for centuries.And according to the French like dome house can stand without general repairs for more than 50 years.

The foundation for this home dome served as a box built of foam concrete, with communications carried out in it.

During construction, it was reinforced with iron tie rods, then the entire structure filled with cement that not only gave her added strength, but also allowed the foundation to be less than the house itself, which it should be supported.

basis of the whole structure of the dome house was a steel ring.

Attached to the foundation by mean

s of bolts, that it was the main and the only binding element for the C-shaped beams, of which the central support for the roof was assembled, and the side edges of the future of the walls, fixed by means of most ordinary riveting.

When the frame acquired its final characteristics, builders have begun to trim at home inside the walls, covering the entire pre-film structure in the event of unexpected rain.

Such a step was of great importance, as the house was going exclusively from natural materials, and the penetration of moisture in them could lead to catastrophic consequences.

simultaneously were marked and isolated holes for future windows.

After completion of the assembly of internal walls, the space between the beams was filled with basalt wool.Endowed with a natural origin, it is not only absolutely safe for human health, but is also an excellent heat-insulating means without the washed-term service.

same material for exterior walls were the OSB sheets, covered by the end of the installation and water-repellent antibakteriologicheskim solution.

That they served longer walls of the house were covered with shingles and the roof - copper sheets.

Then only remains that begin to internal works - to lay the floor, put a ladder and equip the second floor, on which the children's room and a bedroom.

But the center of the home was the fireplace, hung in the center of the main supporting columns, and became a symbol of the house of the heart, which, as it turns out, there is one little secret:

At the request of the special customers, hidden in the foundationsmechanisms will rotate your dome house around an axis, changing its position according to your desires!

This allows not only to fill the window of the house sun throughout the day, or on the contrary - to hide them in the shade, but also enjoywith the same terrace as the morning sunrises and sunsets are so beautiful at the end of any full day of happiness.

Photographs of the interior of the dome home:

architects all over the world believe that in the dome houses the future, and if so, soon they will be more and more in our country.That is why if you do not only decide build a dome house with his hands , but also embody their decisions in life, we will be glad to post on our website photos of your dome homes, the whole world could see it.
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