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August 12, 2017 18:07

House full of sun - design of modern private house

This project home by the famous American architect Dick Clark , the owner and the owner of the permanent «Dick Clark Architecture» company. originally designed to house the warm areas of the US, and it even says that in terms of energy this house is completely autonomous as it is heated and illuminated by solar panels, mounted on its roof.

We want to talk about the concept proposed by Dick Clark's house, which he called «House of sun-filled ».

And to achieve this, he first went to that put it in the house almost all the walls, leaving the load-bearing structures, without which in the construction of this house simply can not do, the column supports, if not decorated atbookshelves and fireplaces design of solid hardwood and natural stone.

natural materials, by the way, in the development of the house is given particular importance, and because they are central to its internal and external decoration.And do not be embarrassed that some of the outer walls look as if they were cast in cemen

t.In fact, all the walls of the houses are built of brick, leaving voids in the walls, which were filled after a natural insulator that allows the house to be cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather.

Just following the idea of ​​the Sleep, house is oriented to the cardinal points, so that the sun gets to it the maximum of their stay at the time of the sky.And that is why even in the windows of the bedrooms you will find blinds and curtains.

It should also draw attention to the fact that the top floor of the house - its interior space - designed in the form of terraces, which are all to come to a unified and a common room of the house.This not only creates a sense of hovering at anyone who comes to the railing of the balcony, but also a feeling of fullness air at home - it seems that there are no walls, and nothing separates you from nature and the world.

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