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August 12, 2017 18:07

What a juicer are better than others

latest trend in modern society - it is a healthy way of life!It is no secret that it depends not only on your physical activity, but also on the overall condition. That all was harmony, should observe a few simple rules, one of which is the use of natural juices.In addition, it is also very tasty!Cooking fresh juice every morning will help juicer.

How is this miracle of kitchen appliances and some juicer better just right for your needs, you will learn from this article.

go to any hardware store, you will find a few shelves, which are different in a number of juicers.Despite some external similarities, they differ from each other: a device or destination.

There are models exclusively for the hard vegetables, citrus fruit separately, and there is also universal, that will overcome any juice products.Let us as detailed as possible on different kinds of them.

Citrus juicers: give vitamin C

For lovers of lemon, grapefruit or orange vitamin-enriched beverage manufacturers have come up in the morning

a special citrus.Often, you will find in the stores of three of its kind:

  • Manual: at the exit you will receive no more than one glass of juice.Before you squeeze an orange or other citrus, it must be cut in half, one half then put on the cone with slots.During manual rotation of the fruit juice flows along the cone into a special container.It is the most affordable and easy to use option.
  • Mechanical: the best.It is attached to the table, does not require electricity, and great physical effort.Turning the knob press squeezes the juice.In addition to citrus, this juicer is perfect for pomegranate.
  • Electric: its main advantage - the speed and performance.However, as a rule, it is quite cumbersome and noisy, besides, electric citrus press are more expensive as compared to the mechanical and the more tame.Out of this situation - to buy a food processor, which is already provided for juicing citrus.

choosing citrus, decide how often you plan to do with it and how much juice.This will allow you not to pay more for those features without which it would be possible to do.

Hand juicer with an original design for citrus

Hand juicer with an original design for citrus

Mechanical citrus juicer for Vitesse

Mechanical citrus Vitesse

Tefal Electric juicer for citrus

Electric Juicer Tefal citrus

Which juicer is best for fruit and vegetables

You have a big family and you loveexperiment with different fruits, vegetables, or both at the same time?Then you come to the aid versatile juicer!In it you can turn to juice any hard and soft fruits: apples, carrots, tomatoes and so on.

And here vendors provide choice to its customers, sharing universal juicer into two types:

  • With a cylindrical cage.A positive aspect of such a large number of juicer juice output.The bad news is that by typing 2 cups of juice, you have to disassemble it, because it is not equipped with a container for cake.
  • with a conical separator.There is provided a container for a meal, but the amount of juice obtained as a result is much less than in the model with a cylindrical separator.

Choosing versatile juicer, also note how easy it is disassembled, cleaned and assembled.Also, some of which have multiple speed modes.But before you make the choice on a household assistant, consider how important it is for you to the presence or absence of a particular feature in a juicer.

Juicer for the hard vegetables and fruits Scarlett

Juicer for hard vegetables and fruits Scarlett

Versatile Juicer Moulinex for soft and hard fruits

Universal Juicer Moulinex for soft and hard fruits

Juicer Universal for hard and soft fruits and vegetables

Juicer Universal for hard and soft fruits and vegetables

And what to do with the bones

If youlike the juice of raspberry, currant or vegetable juice want to add dill or parsley, then, of course, regular juicer not be able to meet your wishes.Because the berries with small seeds and herbs just clog it and will press juice is not.For such purposes, there auger juicer.It can be manual or electric.There is also a special grinder on the auger head.

Hand auger juicer Solo Star

auger juicer Hand Solo Star

The principle of such a model, the following:

  • products are placed in a special bowl;
  • getting inside the device, the fruits are broken up - this process is responsible for the torque shaft;
  • juice passes through a sieve, emerging into a glass;
  • bones and cake go in the opposite direction, going in a special tank.

contradict products from which you can squeeze all the juice to this miracle of technology, it is simply amazing.It:

  • Gooseberry
  • Strawberry
  • flax seeds or sesame
  • Greens
  • Celery and more

40 liters of juice with a juicer - not the limit

Who does not love the winter to open a jar of homemade natural juice?At this time of year, especially when the body lacks vitamins, I want the sun and summer!But the juice prepare using conventional juicers will not work.To be able to make a drink for the future there is a special garden juicer.

We will not delve into the inner workings of the process of this assistant, the main thing to know that through it you'll be able to:

  • one hour to process up to 50 kg of apple fruits, carrots, pears and other fruits, fruits, vegetables;
  • juicer can work for several hours without a break to rest and cleaning of cake;
  • shredded cabbage, because in the box to the juicer is a special attachment for shredding - this is especially true in the autumn, when many housewives cook sauerkraut in winter.

Besides garden juicer is very reliable and will last more than one year for their owners.With it you can make a large inventory of blanks for the winter, providing not only his family, but also friends, relatives, neighbors, after all.

What modern juicer better away from the future

need to separately mention the more modern juicer.Their cost is high enough, but it's probably worth it.

Recent trends have additional features.For example, the model 6300 with a capacity of revolutions per minute of the fruit residues simply fly from the lattice, falling directly into the container for the meal.

Also in the latest models of centrifuges possible to load products, alternating, different fruits and fruit have not cleaned from the skin, bones.The maximum speed does not reduce the performance - this juicer can work for a long time, thus it does not need to be cleaned from time to time.

Almost every day, more and more advanced model appears in the world.And you can, of course, enough to buy expensive and versatile juicer.But then to not give up, before buying set realistic goals for their future household appliance.

What is better to choose a juicer: a successful shopping trip

So, you've decided to purchase a juicer?But to understand, what juicer better presented manufacturers pay attention to the following factors:

  • power;
  • outbound noise during operation, vibration.Best of all, when the juicer at higher speeds less noisy and quite stable;
  • what size of fruit and vegetables should be recycled.You may need to cut them into several parts;
  • juice performance during continuous operation;
  • presence of foam separator.Very often, in the manufacture of juice foam is formed, so this separator does not give its penetration into the container for juice.

meets all the necessary parameters of a good juicer common among such major brands as Philips, Moulinex, Braun, Kenwood, Bosch.Of course, you can look at and to cheaper brands such as Scarlett, Vitesse, Neptune, Tefal, because among them there are also enough quality and functional model.

Versatile Juicer Moulinex

Universal Juicer Moulinex

Juicer under

kitchen design now you say that the key to a good juicer is its quality and functionality!But, along with this, it is important to have on your stylish and modern kitchen was the same technique.Today this task is quite feasible, since all of the manufacturers concerned about the design of kitchen appliances based on its compliance with the interior of a modern kitchen.You will not be difficult to choose the right model and the shape and the color, and style.

Now you know almost everything about such a useful and pleasant art as a juicer and be able to confidently choose for themselves and their loved ones the most ideal option.

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