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August 12, 2017 18:07

Electric heating homes and apartments

Do not think that heating the house or apartment with the help of electric boilers, convectors or other heaters of this type is the cheapest way. Undoubtedly, in this respect, the gas is a cheaper and effective energy source.And it's like this here.To heat the water heater electric energy required is much greater than the gas.Just in practice there are cases when there is no gas, and no choice but to use electricity.

There are several ways to organize your home electric heating : conventional heating system, which is used instead of a gas boiler electric, programmable convectors are installed in every room, and, of course, all kinds of infrared and electric underfloor heating.They all have their pros and cons, their performance is not put into question, the difference lies only in the feasibility and economic feasibility of the use of a particular method of electric heating, in certain operating conditions.It is from this point of view and you need to approach the issue of choice of electric heating s

ystems for private houses or apartments.

Electric heating House - electric boiler

Electric heating House - electric boiler

Electric heating boiler PROTHERM

Electric heating PROTHERM

The electric boiler as a means of electrical heating homes

The electric boiler as a means of electrical heating

home most low-power electric boiler consumes per hour 12kW of electricity - will agree, this is already done and,if counted in terms of the monthly energy consumption, the amount will not weak in terms of money.Look further - this boiler is able to heat rooms up to 120 m² - and from the heated area of ​​electricity consumption is reduced slightly.Think about whether or not to heat a small room to establish such a system work.

Take into account everything: material costs, and prices for construction works, and even connect to the home of a powerful input power.As a result, you get a system that does not pay off throughout your life.

There are some ways to reduce energy consumption for operation of the electric boiler.As always, it is a package of measures on warming the building and, of course, the installation of two-tariff electric meter.Surprised?At night, the electricity is ten times cheaper.That is why the two-tariff meter simply requires owners of electric heating systems.

heaters , electric wall heating

heating convectors Electric Wall

electric heating convectors - How to Choose

electric heating convectors - how to choose

Wall convectors Electric - heaters for home

Wall convectors Electric - heaters for home

know what an electric convector?This kind of heater, reminiscent of the steel battery.Inside convector heaters heating elements are located and the fan that accelerates distribution of warm air in the room.Each convector consumes per hour of not more than 2 kW of electricity - it alone is sufficient to heat a room in an apartment or cottage.This is to ensure that if your home is not more than six rooms, the installation of electric convectors will be more than justified in comparison with the installation of an electric boiler and a full heating system.

Such heaters Housing - heaters - are equipped with thermostats that respond to the air temperature in the room.This also helps to save a sufficient amount of electricity - somewhere about the third part compared to if convectors worked without stopping.

The remarkable electric heating system such as this is that it is not necessary to lay any expensive communication pipes.Enough to hold convector to each separate branch of a powerful electric cable cross-section of at least 2.5 square and protect her separate circuit breaker.

Electric heating homes and apartments - a warm floor

Electric heating homes and apartments - Water heater electrical

Electric heating - floor heating in the bathroom

Electric heating - floor heating in the bathroom

Infrared film warm floor

Electric film Infrared Heated floor

To be honest, many plagued by vague doubts about the possibility of the use of suchsystems, such as electric floor heating and infrared radiation as the basic heat in the house or apartment.Although the manufacturer and provides for such a possibility, but still display - have heating, and when the window -30 ° C and more heat from the floor, will not be enough.

In the offseason, when in order to achieve a comfortable temperature in the house needs a bit of heating, such systems are suited as well as possible - but no more!

In general, draw conclusions and decide what electric heating is more appropriate for you.To be laconic, the electric boiler is justified for heating rooms large area and can be called convectors flats option that recently quite common in small towns, where the old central heating system a long time ago is out of order and restore it to anyone reluctance.

author Sergei Golikov

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