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August 12, 2017 18:07

Humidifier Housing

dry air in the room - a problem familiar to many residents of apartment buildings.The most acute problem in this heating season , when they start working heaters for the home: high temperature is lowered humidity in the room is much less than optimal for a person 60 percent.

Correct position and improve the microclimate in your home will help you humidifier for home.It is about their types and characteristics of the selection will be discussed in our publication.

Humidifier Housing

Humidifier for

home Various humidifiers and air purifiers are designed to artificially improve air quality indoors.It is worth noting that on the humidity level depends a lot of things, about the significance of which we sometimes do not think about.

example, dry air suffers from the skin - with a constant presence in the apartment with a lack of moisture accelerates the aging process, begin peeling.Creams and lotions compensate this shortage can not, because there are only a short period of time on the skin.

Harmful dry air and huma

n health as a whole: the body in such conditions becomes more susceptible to the effects of pathogens, and the drying of the mucous nasopharynx increases the risk of respiratory disease.Especially in a dry climate affects children, who already have respiratory disorders - bronchitis or asthma.Healthy people also feel the impact of dry air: in this room can not be a good sleep.

Humidifier for a child

humidifier for children's rooms from Chicco

Humidifier for a child

humidifier for a child's room

Air quality is important not only for people but also for things.When suffering from excessive dryness, such as wooden furniture and parquet flooring - not getting a sufficient amount of moisture, the wood cracked and deformed.Vital moisture and indoor plants: you probably noticed how green your winter favorites wither and die, in spite of regular maintenance.Particularly susceptible to the harmful effects of dry air in the apartment of exotic plants and indoor trees are designed to live in a tropical climate.

Quality humidifier for home will help to cope with these problems and improve the well-being of all inhabitants of the home!

Best Humidifier Air Purifier

Best Humidifier Air Purifier

Best Humidifier Air Purifier


humidifier should be noted that the functions of a modern humidifier does not end on maintaining a certain level of humidity in the room.Some devices are equipped with air ionizer also has powerful antibacterial properties.Humidifiers with the ionizer can also be used for inhalation, in the Gulf of herbal infusion container instead of ordinary water.

Almost all humidifiers operate on the same principle - in the capacity of the unit is filled with water, and then it is connected to electricity and steam produced penetrates into the air.

Humidifier for Crane House

Humidifier Housing Crane

Humidifier to Scarlett House

Humidifier Housing Scarlett

According to some specific characteristics of the humidifier are divided into several types:

  • Traditional humidifiers for the home.Such devices consist of a water tank and a grid-evaporator.The main advantages of the humidifier - self-control and quiet operation.This device is perfect as a humidifier for a child's room, because it does not emit steam out, eliminating the possibility of burns.Disadvantages of this type of humidifier - low capacity and the need for periodic replacement of the filter.
  • Steam humidifiers.These devices when heated emit hot steam, affecting indoor air quality.These moisturizers - the most powerful and suitable even for greenhouses with tropical plants require high humidity (it is worth, however, take into account that the energy they consume much more).In addition, the steam devices are unpretentious to the quality of water - even if you are in a flood similar to the humidifier water from the tap, will be allocated pairs clean.A significant disadvantage of the majority of these models - the lack humidistat to maintain the desired humidity: this device will have to buy separately.
  • Ultrasonic humidifiers.Unlike classic steam units, ultrasonic humidifiers emit no hot and cold steam.Availability humidistat allows you to use such devices in areas which require certain humidity settings - rooms with antique furniture, greenhouses.This small and aesthetic design allow ultrasonic humidifier unobtrusively blend in with any interior.However, it is worth remembering that for all its virtues ultrasonic humidifier requires regular replacement of filters and sensitive to the quality of the water: The unit will soon begin to form a whitish bloom when using very hard water.
  • Humidifiers with cleaning function.These devices represent a true climate systems that not only regulate the level of humidity, but also to improve its quality, which is very important, for example, for patients with asthma.Various functions allow you to flavor the indoor air, as well as to eliminate the smell of tobacco.Among the shortcomings can be identified unless a relatively large size and the need for replacement filters.
  • Decorative humidifiers.These small appliances combine two functions - improve air quality and interior decoration.Often such humidifiers are in the form of various figures or fixtures and are equipped with a function of fragrance.By buying this nice gadget is worth remembering that significantly improve air quality it is unable to - if the air is very dry in the apartment, it is better to choose a more powerful model.
decorative humidifier

Robot - humidifier decorative

Humidifier with USB cable and

Humidifier with cable and USB

Humidifier decoration in the form of a helmet

Humidifier decorative as a helmet

The latter should be added that such decorative humidifiers fit well in the nurseryroom.Children are very important bright colors and strange shapes of any items, including humidifiers, ionizers, inhalers.

Humidifier for a child

humidifier for a child's room as a frog

Humidifier for a child

humidifier for a child's room, "elephant»

Humidifier for a child

humidifier for children's rooms "Flower»

Humidifier for "owl" children

humidifier for children's rooms, "the owl»

How to choose a humidifier

Choice humidifiers for home on the market is very wide, and to buy a machine that is suitable for you, just enough to understand their views.

Humidifiers and air purifiers

humidifiers and air purifiers

There are several criteria to choose the best humidifier for specific needs:

  • power.This setting is entirely dependent on the buyer's needs - not to say that the device with less power is always worse than those that are more productive.If you only need a little to improve indoor air quality, in this case, fit a humidifier with low power, which, moreover, uses less electricity.But in an apartment with a very dry air, such a device would be useless.
  • Security.If the home has small children, give up the steam humidifier: even though the design of these devices does not allow to turn over the container, the risk of scalding is still there.
  • noise level.Much depends on your personal perception.Since in most cases humidifiers are designed to work around the clock, make sure that the sound emitted by the device you do not irritate.
  • size.Before you buy a humidifier, determine where you could put it - on the bedside table, on the floor of the battery or on the windowsill.Try to choose a model for the installation which you do not have to once again move furniture.
  • Additional functions.Many moisturizers come with a variety of useful additions - flavoring function, the possibility of inhalation, an indicator of the remaining water.These bonuses tend to affect the price, so before you buy carefully consider whether they really need you.
Humidifier Housing

Humidifier for

house among other things, to choose the right humidifier for the home can help and experienced salesman in the store.Trust only the proven hardware store and play it safe by buying moisturizers on the market or in dubious online stores, which are not at all or have feedback, but negative.

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