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August 12, 2017 18:07

The most efficient heaters for home - overview

It just so happened that winter in our latitudes rather cold and the central heating system is not always cope with heating homes. «insulate" in this case is quite simple: in the shops in a wide range represented heaters home.To make a bargain and spend the winter in comfort, is to understand the features of these devices and to determine in advance which type of heater is needed to your home or apartment.

So, let's see what kind of heaters are suitable for the dwelling, whether a house or apartment, and what features does each of them.

Oil heaters for home

Oil heaters for home

Oil heaters for home

Oil heaters for home

Oil heaters for home

Oil heaters - is the most popular type of heating device, as they are inexpensive and can provide heat for large premises.Due to the good thermal conductivity of the oil used in the unit, the unit is well warms up the room, but the actual is not heated more than 60 degrees: thus, if you are in the house with small children, an oil cooler will not pose a threat to burn them.In addition, oil hea

ters fireproof home and work perfectly silent: they can be left on overnight.

Disadvantages Oil heaters

Before you choose an oil heater for the home, it is worth remembering that it heats up rather slowly, and it will have to include in advance.Another significant disadvantage of oil heaters is their impact on the climate in the room - they were noticeably dry air that can be harmful to the health of people as well as for the state of wooden furniture and floors.If you still want to buy it is an oil heater, but fear for the quality of air in the apartment, look for a model, additionally equipped with an ionizer.

convector house

Convection heaters

convector heaters for home

Convector Home

convector for

home Convector heater works on the basis of an open heating element generating heat by natural or forced convection.Such heaters are cheap, but they have a long service life and consume relatively little energy.In contrast to the massive oil heaters, compact and lightweight heaters heat up very quickly.Nevertheless, it must be remembered high flammability of such devices.

convector heaters have many configuration options.One of them - a wall film heater.The main advantage of this flat structure is that it takes up very little space, if bulky heaters, cabinets frequently underfoot and inconvenience, it is a small device you can simply hang on the wall, and at the end of the heating season to roll to roll and remove the farshelf for storage.

film heaters can be used locally (to place beside the couch or bed) or to heat it the whole room - it is recommended to hang the unit near the door, windows and other sources of cold air.Due to its small size this unit is able to be a good heater for the bathroom, but it is necessary to exclude any possibility of water on the heating element.

heaters Popular Housing - heaters

Fan heaters - heaters for home

heaters - heaters for home

Such heaters, fan heaters are quite popular due to its high capacity at a relatively low price.Built-in fan design allows you to quickly and evenly distribute warm air throughout the room.In this device the size of a very small, which makes this heater a good option for small apartments.

With a wide range of shapes and colors you can easily find the heater that will not only perform well, but also a good fit into the interior.If necessary, light and compact fan heaters are easily transported from room to room.Some models can be put not only on the floor but also embedded in the ceiling or walls, thus specifying the direction of the heated air.


Disadvantages The main disadvantage of heaters, as well as convectors, is an open heating element, which increases the risk of fire.Prolonged use of these devices also burn oxygen that may affect the quality of indoor air.In addition, the fan is always creates a certain share of noise at work, which makes this type of heaters is not the best option for people who are sensitive to sounds.

Dehumidifiers for home

Dehumidifiers for home

Dehumidifiers for home

The most efficient heater for the home

most efficient heater for the house

Dehumidifiers appeared on the market relatively recently, and very different from other types of heaters.The principal difference is that the IR device is not directly heats the air, and it gives heat from the heated surface.Thus, you can warm up with their help, floor, furniture, bed linen.Such models are fireproof heaters operate quickly and quietly and not dried in the room air.

great advantage of infrared heaters are virtually limitless possibilities installation - including a wide range of species can be found ceiling heaters, as well as models, which are mounted on the wall or built into the floor.For heating a house you can buy a variety of devices and connect them to the system.This infrared heaters for home and yet economical, since use little electricity.

The disadvantage of this type of heaters should highlight the need for periodic replacement of lamps: no matter what the seller said, from time to time they burn out.In addition, we should pay attention to the choice of models and pay attention to the country of origin: the Chinese assembly heaters are not the best reputation.

Species infrared heaters

1. Gas heaters for home

One of the most popular types of infrared heaters are gas heaters for the home.Most of these devices are used in the country, but in a similar demi heater there is a place in the apartment.The main advantages of these models is the ability to uniform distribution of heat, compact size and ease of use.By the way, they are perfectly suited for street heating, for example, for installation on the terrace or in the gazebo.

With its low price, such heaters are also economical.A major disadvantage of gas heaters used to be the risk of diversion, but in modern devices, this risk is reduced to zero.What should be taken into account, as is the need to regularly ventilate the room, heated by means of gas - these heaters can have a negative impact on air quality.

2. Micatermic heaters

Another type of infrared heaters - heaters Micatermic.Like all infrared devices, a heater gives off heat is not the air and the surface, warming the room quickly and evenly.The device itself is not heated, which eliminates the possibility of burns or fire.Many people think that Micatermic device - a conventional ceramic heater, but in fact, the heating element it is not made of ceramics, and plates of light-coated mica.The only disadvantage of such a device, perhaps the price - being fireproof, compact and powerful, such a heater is more expensive than their counterparts.

3. Quartz heaters for home

Another type of heaters for the home - devices that operate on the basis of environmental and safety quartz sand.The principle of operation of this heater illustrates the so-called "effect of the hot brick" - quickly heated sand cools down very slowly, ensuring a long and strong heating of premises.The resulting heat with properties similar to the sun, and the air quality in the room is heated at a high level.

significant advantage of such devices - efficiency: despite the fact that the quartz heater is powered by electricity, it consumes little energy.Low-cost and operation of the device - unlike infrared heaters, you will not need to change any details.An important factor is the environmental safety - thanks to natural ingredients such heaters do not emit toxic substances.

As you can see, a huge range of heating device offers you to buy heaters for the house a variety of configurations.To not make the wrong choice, before purchasing the device clearly specify their needs and opportunities: think how powerful the machine is needed to heat your living space, how often you will use it, how much to pay for electricity and what security settings are most important to you.

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