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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to buy a TV for the kitchen

Kitchen - an especial favorite, and one of the main rooms in the house.Modern kitchen, whether they are small-sized and spacious, it is difficult to imagine without the comfortable, practical and necessary equipment. In turn, the kitchen, along with its main purpose - a place for cooking and, in fact, its absorption, is an excellent area for gatherings with tea.It can fulfill the role of the living room, where the family celebrations are held.A small sofa equipped kitchen, you'll get an extra bed.

For each of these cases will be indispensable in the kitchen TV .Therefore, if you are designing a kitchen interior, it is worth to think in advance about the location of the TV and on his choice.

TV in the kitchen

TV in the kitchen Photo

Would you like to have time to cook a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner for her family, and at the same time be aware of what is happening in the world, to watch interesting programs, shows, workshops, and evenfilms?Of course, this question almost all respond in unison "yes", despi

te medical warnings with regards to the negative impact included blue screens on food intake.But keeping pace with the times, for the kitchen TV has become an inseparable component thereof.An interesting movie or entertainment event always brighten up the daily cooking classes.And for housewives TV - simply irreplaceable thing in the kitchen, which get rid of boredom and loneliness.

You will spend great time, drinking tea with friends, browsing favorite comedy.And the breakfast in the morning will be devoted to the latest news of the day, check the weather forecast while you drink your morning coffee.

TV in the kitchen just need to buy if you have a studio apartment.In this case, it will always help if your preferences are sometimes at odds, and will not be a hindrance, if someone is already resting.

It is only important to remember that your vision lends itself to the daily influence of computer monitors and TV screens, so do not overdo it - everything should be in moderation.Try not to get involved in watching TV directly while eating, so as not to eat too much and feel satiety.

TV kitchen

TV Kitchen

Before you buy a TV in the kitchen, you will certainly be commensurate with the cost of its own budget, and take into account their wishes to this technique.Note that the more functional features is any technique, the more expensive it is.Therefore, the choice will largely depend on your budget is, and then on the desires and personal needs.Many modern TV sets equipped with DVD player, USB connectors, card reader that expands their possibilities and thus gives pleasure your favorite music, brings the fun of movie or reading a book in electronic format.

TV from many manufacturers presented to the buyer for every taste.But the main thing that they are doing a fine job with its main task - high-quality translation.And if you have in the living room has taken the place of multifunctional home theater, the kitchen, you can opt for a more simplified and budget model.Of course, one option would be the decision to buy a small TV in the kitchen, which will cost less and will take place a little.

Built-in TV for Electrolux kitchen

Recessed TV kitchen Electrolux

Convenient for Philips TV kitchen

Easy TV for Philips kitchen (clock + radio + TV)

Choose a modern TV under the kitchen design

What TV on kitchen will suit best of all - it is very responsibleand a serious matter.You must match the dimensions of the kitchen and the TV dimensions, determine its location, the combination of indoor color kitchen design.In addition to the usual black and silver panels TVs, today manufacturers produce models with colored buildings, as well as TV screens, stylized paintings.Also note that the telescopic TVs, unlike LCDs, are a cheaper option for the kitchen.

If you practice in the selection of equipment for the home to any particular company, then you will already be easier.But still, prefer the familiar and well-proven in the market of companies: Samsung, Panasonic, LG, Philips, Sony, and others

Built- in furniture for the kitchen TV

Built-in furniture TV Kitchen

A small TV in the kitchen

small TV for the kitchen

As.properly hang the TV in the kitchen - the variety of ways

attachment you guess that just buy a TV for the kitchen will be a little?It is important to correctly and place it there!And in most cases - to hang, or somehow find place.Let us consider some of the possible options, how to hang a TV in the kitchen.

If your kitchenette - small size, and there is already a familiar set of appliances, furniture and kitchen appliances, and the model of the TV in such a small kitchen must be tiny.If the dimensions of the kitchen in your apartment or house varies between 5-15 m ², suitable not have anything other than a variant with a diagonal screen of up to 20 inches.The reason is that large TVs do not look closer than a distance of 2.5-3 m. In the version with a small kitchen that, alas, does not provide.

Small TV for the kitchen

Little TV Kitchen

For a spacious kitchen, which, for example, combines the living and dining rooms, a choice can be made in favor of the big TV or home theater.It will just be placed in the dining area, but can be seen directly in the kitchen.

TV to spacious kitchen

TV on the wall in the kitchen

TV to spacious kitchen

TV in the kitchen Photo

you can mount the TV to use a special bracket for your TV, or put it on the shelf, nightstand.The main thing - to withstand a great location to view, as in the preparation of, and during the meal or rest.It can be seen that the bracket is very convenient because the screen can be deployed depending on the viewing space.

Where to hang the TV on the bracket in the kitchen

Where to hang the TV on the bracket on

kitchen Produce vendors and televisions in the kitchen, something resembling a laptop.They consist of a bottom that is attached to the surface of the cabinet or a shelf, and the screen can take any position.

How do I put a TV in the kitchen

How do I put the TV on

kitchen Pretty interesting option can be embedded TV for the kitchen, which saves area.It is important to note that the television screen on the fridge door does not take space, but it will be convenient to view only one position.A more practical option - cooker hoods with built-in television, where the screen can be rotated to the side.However, both options will cost more than conventional TV model.Therefore, the embedded version of the TV screen in an existing kitchen furniture will be cheaper.

Built-in kitchen TV

Recessed modern TV Kitchen

Built-in kitchen TV

Recessed TV Kitchen

new kitchen and TV - a wireless mobile television, consisting of two units, a tuner and a monitor.The monitor in this case can be freely moved to different locations.After all, its direct purpose it must perform at your best.

The best TV in the kitchen

Best TV in the kitchen

Care TV Kitchen

To preserve the quality and long-term usage of the kitchen TV is a important part of the care and respect for him.You have to protect the maximum TV of liquid ingress and any contamination.This rule also applies to the remote control, which is an integral part of any modern TV.So you need to stock up special funds to clear the screen, especially for LCD.Be sure to remain gaps between the casing and the wall to ensure free air filtration.

TV in the kitchen today is no longer a luxury item, in addition to becoming an indispensable kitchen appliances.Its presence in the kitchen will give you comfort, brighten up a dull evening and will raise the mood during cooking delicacies.You will be able to watch cooking classes or their favorite shows without spending extra time.And no one can accuse you that you did not have time to cook a delicious dinner!

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