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August 12, 2017 18:07

Chopper food waste - dispouzer

Living in the modern world, humanity every day invents new and new tools to help free us from homework. Today, nobody will be surprised by the presence of a washing machine , microwave oven, food processor, vacuum cleaner and other household appliances.But being a modern man - it does not mean just to use the latest equipment, which means also to protect the environment.

example, has long been the global market is a huge success shredder food waste, and easier - or dispouzer recovery (from the dispose of the English - eliminated).Let's see what it is, and so does he need in our household.

bit of history - how did the food waste shredder

His birth of dispouzer obliged American John Hames.He did not like that his wife clears food debris in the trash, which then emits a fetid breath.But even this is not the worst thing.The smell exuded by rotting food attracts mice, cockroaches and other insects.And then one day in 1927, John Hames invented a kitchen waste shredder!

After 10 years, John has been the

founder of In-Sink-Erator, which began to produce shredders for cleaning industrial scale.However, the US government has been set very negatively to this invention, referring to the fact that this type of waste degrade the drains and cause environmental harm.To not begun business collapsed, John insisted that the US Agency for Healthcare Research carried out his work.So, in the early '50s, John Hames got what allowed him to realize his "American dream" and become one of the richest people - America's Health dispouzer recommendation to use as it has a positive effect on the sewage system.Since then, almost every American home kitchen set the chopper wash.

How does dispouzer

How does dispouzer

What is dispouzer

food waste disposers, aka dispouzer - is, above all, an electric device, which is installed under the kitchen moykoyi connected to the sewer system through the drain.It represents a chamber in which the food remnants are transformed into powder mass with cold water flushed into the sewer pipe.Experts noted that this type of powder mass perfectly cleans the pipes from fat.

Chopper food waste photo

Chopper food waste photo

If we trace the path of a particular food waste, such as cherry pits, it will look as follows:

  • first bone enters the chamber, the bottom of which is a metal disc (its rate of rotation of 1450 rpmin a minute);
  • centrifugal force sends our bone on the wall of the chamber, which looks like a self-sharpening grater;
  • thanks to another device in the chamber - freely rotating cams which solid waste is crushed and pulverized waste of trowel walls, our bone is transformed into a powder;
  • flow of water from the tap wash away the remnants of the bones in the sewer.

    Dispouzer - food waste disposers

    Dispouzer - food waste disposers

Types kitchen crushers

Kitchen chopper food waste is divided into two types:

  • continuous loading of waste - first start up the mechanism, and then food waste fall into it;
  • Batch waste - the camera is loaded a small portion of the waste, and then include a mechanism.

costs to use dispouzera

When deciding to set the chopper to sink in the kitchen, you will certainly have to think about electricity and water costs.

In fact, the work dispouzera cost you as much as the lamp 100 Wat working for an hour, and will spend about 3 liters of water per family member.

important advantage of the presence in the kitchen sink dispouzera that shredded food waste, as studies have shown, can clean the walls of sewer pipes from fatty plaque.In particular, such a property have small bones.Therefore, we can say that the chopper even saves your expenses, as necessary, to clean sewers will not arise.This is especially important for those who live in a private house and has a separate septic tank - it will not clog and does not need to be pumped out and cleaned, which often happens in a household drain holes.

How to use food chopper costs

great advantage of the recovery of food waste is that it is very easy to handle.To help in the kitchen, you can even bring their children.And believe me, it will bring them pleasure!

Stages of dispouzera continuous-feed:

  • include cold water;
  • click on the button to the chopper involved;
  • throw waste in the sink hole;
  • when you hear the sound of the engine in the "idle" turn off dispouzer;
  • flush drains about 10 seconds, and can re-load the chopper operation.

To get started, a la dispouzerom first load the waste, and then the drive mechanism in action by pressing the button.

Kitchen food waste grinder for cleaning

Kitchen food waste grinder for cleaning

Best Practices kitchen chopper - what can and what can not be

Of course, like any household appliance, waste shredder has the features to use.Any waste that can be split up in dispouzere, and there, which are not recommended and generally should not be.

Let's start with a list of what you can grind it:

  • clean and peel vegetables and fruit;
  • rind of watermelon and melon;
  • pits from fruit;
  • nuts;
  • seeds;
  • fish;
  • eggshell;
  • small bones of chicken and meat;
  • pasta;
  • disposable paper towels, napkins;
  • butts;
  • rice, buckwheat, etc .;
  • bread and so on.

Do not throw in the kitchen food waste shredder:

  • large meat bones;
  • ears of corn;
  • onion husks;
  • large fish scales in large quantities;
  • shells of large marine animals;
  • polyethylene;
  • thread;
  • rags;
  • metal objects;
  • pour fat.

But even banned from entering the waste is likely to not spoil dispouzer.Activated safeties.However, after that, you will likely have to call the master, so he cleaned the clogged unit.

Chopper food waste for the kitchen sink

Chopper food waste for the kitchen sink

pleasure Price, questions about the selection and installation, manufacturers dispouzerov

pricing policy on the kitchen waste shredder varies in the range of $ 200- $ 600 USD.On the final cost dispouzera affect its capacity, the materials used and the manufacturer.There is also a waste heat recovery for restaurants, community kitchens, bars.

installation of food waste chopper hovering around $ 40 dollars.But if you do not want to overpay, and at the same time confident that cope with the problem of how to connect the waste shredder yourself, then you can use the instructions.The main thing - the drain hole in the sink must have a diameter of about 90mm.For connection to the mains is best to use a specially equipped outlet.If dispouzera included pneumatic button, it can be placed next to the sink.

But best of all this whole process is still the master trust.This will protect you in case of malfunctions of the device due to a possible marriage.With self-install in the receiving end can say that there was a failure, because you have it hooked up properly.

Chopper food waste for cleaning

Chopper food waste washing


In order to understand how to choose a shredder the food waste, it is necessary to take into account how many people live with you how often you will use it.If you live 3 to 4 person and only on major holidays is really a lot of food waste, you should not spend money on expensive models.If you have a full house every day to waste, you should consider buying a model with more power to the recycling process is not delayed.

Acquire food waste shredder or not - you decide.Perhaps when our country will be put on stream production of fertilizer from food waste, as is done in Finland, dispouzer is not needed.Now his presence - it is an opportunity to spend more time with his family and friends, without spending on household stuff.

Chopper food waste kitchen

Chopper food waste kitchen will facilitate your life

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