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August 12, 2017 18:07

Toilet in the country with their own hands : the stages of construction and arrangement

Many people spend in the country almost the entire summer season, so the question of facilities in a country house is very important. not walk, in fact, for large and small need under the bushes.To solve this problem in different ways - the toilet can be arranged in the house, building a full running water system and sewer independent, you can purchase and install a modern bio-toilet for questioning.And it is possible to build an outdoor toilet of bricks or boards, which was used by almost all the inhabitants of the private sector in the past era - which we now turn.Today, on our website "House of Dreams" a detailed study on how to build a toilet in the country with their own hands.

How to build a toilet in the country with their own hands

How to build a toilet in the country with their own hands

whole process of construction of street suburban toilets can be divided into several main stages - a device pit, construction of a small house and the toilet directly arrangement for maximum ease of use.Let's start in order ...

How to make a hole for a toilet

Construction of toilets in the country begins with the hole, the device which is by no means simple.In the process of creating it is necessary to provide a lot of details.Firstly, because it has to go quickly enough fluid, and second, all the typical smells of the institution should not be extended either inside the bathroom or outside.The third hole is simply obliged to serve for as long as possible.But first things first, and to start to dig a hole with the minimum dimensions of a half to one and a half meters and a depth of at least 2 m - after all, we are building a serious toilet in the country with their own hands, able to last for decades.

The next step is the construction of holiday must be elevate the toilet hole, thereby preventing sagging and crumbling soil around it.Suitable cheapest brick - you can b / y, or even fight.The problem is not only to prevent the shedding of soil, but also to ensure rapid absorption of liquids into the soil.For this entire clutch, except the upper five rows, it is necessary to perform staggered - is an empty space through which the liquid is absorbed into the ground in such a brickwork between the individual building blocks.The thickness of the masonry is allowed in a half-brick - is no longer needed.

finished with brickwork, can only properly seal the hole - this will require strong corner (at least 100mm), fittings, shield material for the formwork and concrete.At this stage, the work should be to take care of three things - outdoor toilets for the house, or rather their pit shall be equipped with ventilation hole to pump the contents of the toilet and a direct connection to the toilet hole.These three holes to be cut in the panel board type OSB material.

very important point is the correct location of these holes - a ventilation hole for pumping faeces must stay outside the future toilet house, but a hole to install a toilet bowl or seat (or what you've come up with) better placed in the center of the house as close as possible to the oppositefrom the entrance wall.

Puts cut shield on the hole, the holes insert plastic pipes (ventilation and toilet suitable pipes Ø100mm, but for pumping faeces best to use the tube ø150mm), pick a frame made of rebar, exhibiting a rectangular formwork and pour all the concrete.

approaching the issue, how to make a toilet in the country, should be aware of the importance of this phase of the work - a sturdy base on a "precipice" should inspire you confidence in tomorrow's day.Therefore, the thickness of the concrete over the pit shall not be less than 200mm.

Concrete should be left alone, at least for a week - during which time it is dry, pick up strength and is ready to further the work.

How to build a house street toilet

There are several ways to solve the problem - you can build a house of brick, wood, or buy a ready-made and easy to hoist it to the existing pit.Ready for summer cottages toilet we sweep aside at once - it is expensive, but a wooden or brick toilet, made by hand, are inexpensive, and the process of its construction is quite interesting.This is what we are going to do.And let us start with the brick.

Brick toilet in the country to build a just, of course, if you have the necessary knowledge and ability to lay bricks.Although, by and large, the process is simple - do the right thing the dressing and observe the level of styling.Even if the seams will turn ugly, the walls can always be plastered.

Brick toilet has many advantages: firstly, there is no draft, and secondly, it is durable and, thirdly, a toilet easier oblitsevat tiles, making it, thus, nice and neat inside.This toilet is easy to clean with ordinary garden hose.

Wooden toilet to give a bit more difficult to build, and its durability it is not necessary to keep even with the use of various surface treatments for wood.If we resort to using wood products, it is best to use the OSB sheets - they are well protected against moisture, and integrity will prevent drafts.

constructed it simply - the walls and the roof of the toilet is going on the floor.Using wooden beams as stiffeners and sheet material as outer and inner casing, are panels which are subsequently collected into a single structure.The beauty of this method of construction is that between the outer and inner lining can lay the insulation, which will give the opportunity to enjoy such a bath, even in winter.

Simple wooden toilet to give photos

Simple wooden toilet to give a photo


toilet At the final stage of construction of the toilet have to do a little bit - the internal design of the toilet in the country will make it comfortable and enjoyable visit.If desired, the interior space can impose a tile or plaster and just paint, install a toilet, a special cover to muffle opening for evacuation of faeces and raise higher the ventilation pipe.If desired, you can even adjust the discharge of water from the toilet.It's pretty simple - on the toilet roof mounted water tank, which is connected to the conduit cistern toilet.Such a complete drainage system not only adds convenience to the toilet, but also completely will bring to "no" all the appearance of unpleasant odors.

Ready toilets for cottages

Purchase and install a ready suite is the easiest solution to this problem.Modern industry produces plastic and toilets for cottages, and metal collapsible structure of this type, and the notorious toilets.All of these designs are installed simply, but they have one drawback - the need to monitor them.Their capacity to collect human waste are small and they will have to pump out each season.If we have recourse to the finished product, it is better to acquire modular toilet cottages and install it on overhauled made pit.

In general, the question of what kind of toilet is best placed to give wrong - would be logical to ask which one is more practical and needs less maintenance.And under these requirements fall simple designs made of wood or brick, and having a large storage pit.Typically, these cottages toilets are more than a dozen years.

is, in principle, and all.In fact, the question of how to build a toilet in the country with their own hands is not complicated, the more important point in this regard is how to make it practical and durable.

author Vladimir Belov

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