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August 12, 2017 18:07

The chair in the living room : the choice , photo options

seat installed in the living room - a classic of comfort and warmth.Soft chairs, selected in the same style, will give the room an atmosphere of harmony and tranquility.However, they can perform different functions - to swing, lifted and rotated 180 °, recline, fold out and even perform massage.Correctly chosen seat will become an indispensable piece of furniture, decorating the living room, and helps to ensure that family members and guests it was cozy and comfortable.


  • designs chairs for the living room
  • Variety of chairs in the living room for relaxing
  • Style solutions seats
  • Features selecting chairs
  • manufacturing materials
  • chair for living - photo
  • chairs for the living room -video

designs chairs for the living room Choosing

chair should first decide on its intended purpose.


are several basic designs of seats:

  • classic reclining (mainly with soft seats) - sustainable model for a comfortable stay and relaxation;
  • armchairs, where you can sit during the day and at
    night to lay out for an extra bed.This option is used in the presence of indoor areas of deficiency, as well as the need to quickly organize an extra bed (which is important, for example, when the arrival of guests).If necessary, a seat can replace a small sofa.Armchair-beds divided into folding "accordions" and roll-out transformation (lower part rolls forward).Convenient compact armchairs produced in Europe, but they have relatively high cost, while inexpensive domestic models, although mostly rather cumbersome;
  • recliner armchairs to relax (recliners), is an intermediate option between traditional and a folding chairs, are superior furniture.In these models, using specially adapted transformation mechanism (mechanical or electric) can be set back in the chair in a comfortable position, providing a high-quality back support.Sitting or reclining in the chair, you can completely relax, the body will not become numb.In this article handy footrest may be provided, as well as a rotating basis;
  • seats for children - the child is recommended to choose the chair-transformer.Baby models usually are not equipped with armrests.Picking colors tend to accumulate grease upholstery, you can easily withdraw from the chair various spots in the future - for example, by eating or markers.It is important to choose a model that promotes the formation of a child's correct posture, with the possibility to adjust the seat height, as well as the size of the chair;
  • office chairs - they can be successfully used in the living room for comfortable working at a computer without discomfort.The sale represented a solid leather chair - with armrests made of precious wood or chrome-plated aluminum, as well as cheap leatherette chairs or printed fabric.These models are equipped with high-quality machinery and accessories, legs, arms and crosses made of plastic, polypropylene or metal, as well as a comfortable backrest supports the spine, supporting the cervical and lumbar spine.

Variety of chairs in the living room for relaxing

Modern furniture market offers a variety of lounge chairs:

  • traditional cushioned chairs for the living room with a rigidly fixed backrest, with armrests or without them;
  • swinging chairs of different materials (wood, plastic and wicker, often with soft seats - upholstered in fabric or leather).The rocking chair is ideal for relaxation, help with insomnia, and will be useful for young mothers who are in the child's rocking him in her arms;
  • chair-lifts (the so-called "smart seat") - a new model in the furniture market.This furniture is useful, including for people with disabilities.In order to raise or lower the seat is sufficiently pressing the button.Some models are equipped with seat-lifts, folding backrests with adjustable angle.These seats are quite comfortable, they look great and fit into any decor;
  • chairs, deck chairs on metal frames, as well as chairs with wooden or bamboo frame - combined with soft seats, cushions;38
  • wicker chairs - this furniture from willow wicker, rattan, water hyacinth and bamboo, hazel twigs and reeds long been popular for country houses and cottages, and now increasingly appears in the interiors of city apartments, including in living rooms.These products are made from natural environmentally friendly materials, manufactured using modern technology, characterized by moisture resistance, strength and durability, easy to wash.Light wicker chairs fit into a variety of modern styles of interior, perfectly combined with materials such as glass, leather and metal;


  • massage reclining chairs - similar models will appreciate the people engaged in sedentary work design can provide a variety of performance features (kneading, heating, tapping and vibration, etc.) in different areas of the body (neck, back and neck area).Switching modes allow to warm up your muscles and get a massage with varying impact force.Some models can provide an extended area of ​​massage from the neck to the fingers and toes;
  • frameless products - the kind of upholstered furniture fairly quickly gained popularity.Such chairs of various shapes and sizes consist of an outer cover and inside with a filler.It acts as expanded polystyrene, which allows the product to take a different form and at the same time keep the body heat, as well as balls siliconized fiber (sintepuh) for smooth flow and a comfortable armchair support the human body.Many of these products are versatile, they can be used as a seat for a comfortable and convenient for lying.Depending on the size, on the frameless seat can comfortably accommodate a child or one or more adults.On sale various models of similar products - bean bags, ottomans, pyramid, bags, balls and chairs sausage, pigs and hemp.

Style solutions seats

Depending on the overall style of the interior, you can choose the suitable chairs in different styles:

  • classic style chairs usually means textile upholstery, wooden frame, often with carving or gilding;
  • chairs in the style of ethno - from natural materials or in the form of the simulation (eg, wicker chair rattan);
  • chairs in the style of country music - on frames with no rough-polished surface made of natural wood, fabric covers with floral ornaments or a combination of different patterns;
  • model of the so-called modern style, characterized by simple forms in combination with ergonomics and the use of new technologies.Such models can be quite comfortable in use.

Features selection

chairs When selecting chairs for the living room should take into account its various features, such as the design concept, the type of frame, as well as manufacturing materials products.Considering presented in selling a wide range of different models to choose harmoniously fit into the interior of the living room chairs, combined with the overall style of the room, it will be easy.As the selection in the store you can offer large models with high armrests and small chairs for the living room on the hinges.

to buy comfortable chairs for the living room, came in furniture store, be sure to try to sit and lie on the proposed models.In this case, try to listen carefully to their feelings - as the main criterion for the selection of this type of furniture stands in the comfort of operation.


First of all pay attention to the angles of inclination of the seat and backrest - they largely determine the usability of the product.More comfortable soft armrests, while the seat itself must be sufficiently rigid.If you sat down, felt discomfort due to bulging of internal parts, look for another model.When buying a chair equipped with rollers, check the quality of the product slip and fixings.

Note the seats.seats are considered quite convenient, consisting of a spring unit, mounted on a solid base, and the top of a thick layer of latex filler.When buying ask the seller to show a certificate of quality in the vending model.Modern product of acceptable quality will not be deformed during the operation and sag over time.

manufacturing materials

Usually 60-70% of the cost of the chair is the cost of the materials from which it was made (basic, housing and upholstery products).In this regard, with the exception of, perhaps, only the chair of the cheap plastic of various shapes and colors.New high-tech materials are high enough value, so quality modern chair can often be more expensive antique classic products.

According to design chairs, its framework can be fully or partially open, and almost completely hidden.The products of the classical style, as a rule, it is completely closed.In today's furniture market in the sale are chairs with a frame made of wood, and the factory products are often hidden under the upholstery MDF and chipboard.With small living room is recommended to give preference to compact modern models with open legs, without upholstery on the sidewalls - these models seem to be visually lighter, easier for them to care.Rocking-chair for living harmoniously fit into the interior space of different styles.The most durable and reliable wooden and metal frames.

as upholstery for chairs traditionally used cotton and jacquard fabrics, viscose, velvet and suede as well as natural and artificial leather.Microfiber, pleasant to the touch fabric modern, looks great in the upholstery of chairs in the interior of the high-tech style.

Leather upholstery seats as will fit into any style interior room.Armchair upholstered with a different special durability and ease of use, as the material does not absorb water resistance and dirt.The disadvantages of natural skin as upholstery for chairs is the fact that it is cold to the touch.

practical enough to use jacquard, velvet, chenille upholstery flock and different variety of colors and patterns.As a novelty for the upholstery of chairs used MPE Teflon flock, scratch-resistant feline claws.New manufacturing techniques of fabrics, including the application of water-repellent impregnation, significantly increase the wear resistance of products.

Choosing Upholstery for chairs - it is a matter of personal taste.In any case, you should pay attention to the quality of the seams, check for protruding threads, as well as abrasions and fractures.

When buying a chair is important to choose the product model, blends harmoniously into the living room and style decision combined with the rest of the furniture and home furnishings.

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