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August 12, 2017 18:07

Design black and white bedroom : photo examples

The bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation for everyone, so from its interior, and everything depends on well-being and comfort of its owner.In the design of the bedrooms are quite popular combination of black and white colors.The song is a classic.But, nevertheless, there are certain principles that can help to achieve ideal proportions of black and white, and to create a harmonious combination of them.For information on how to arrange a bedroom in black and white tones look at later.


combination of black and white in the interior

Black and white are pretty strong and aggressive, so they should be used with caution.A large predominance of black inhibits and suppresses the good mood.But at the same time, a lot of white makes the room b

oring and look like a hospital ward.But the connection colors in contrast to the data creates an elegant and attractive appearance of the premises.


If we consider the effect on the human psyche, each color separately, then black - adjusts to a more efficient operation and helps to gather his thoughts, in turn, white - gives lightness and freedom.However, the white objects in the interior need special care, as they can see the tiniest specks and dust.

use of black color in the bedroom gives intimacy and tranquility.Since it is in absolute darkness is easier to sleep and relaxation.

Creating interior in black and white sets to surrealism.Since the two opposites together contrast, no detail is overlooked.Black color is a symbol of the deepest shade, and white - the colors of the absolute.


If stain the floor and ceiling in white color, it turns out that all the black objects will be in weightless space.Black walls will help to dissociate itself from the outside world and tune in to a complete rest.

very attractive black fishnet patterns in the form of light curtains.The most incredible is the appearance of the chess board pattern.When the space is divided into square sections, creates unrealistic magical illusion.

Black white interior is not fussy, so varied in style.You can use black and white colors in a modern style, classic, art deco, electrical, hi-Teke and others.They blend with any textures, surfaces, colors and patterns.But this does not mean that all the black and white objects are combined with each other.These colors have a lot of colors that need to be carefully selected and combined.It is important to choose the right shape of objects, which will greatly stand out in these colors.

Therefore, the regeneration of black and white interior should first decide with the style room, and then select the appropriate design and furniture.Very convenient that almost all of the items and decoration materials are available in black and white, so the problems about where to get the desired wallpaper or bed should not occur.


not need to use a large variety of patterns, one is enough.It is recommended to use the figures in openwork style or with geometric stripes.The combination of rectangles, circles, spots, or gradient filled cast shapes are also suitable for this combination.

is mandatory to observe the balance of the two colors.In this issue you need to follow the principle of "yin-yang".For example, on the need to lay a bed of black white veil and white on the floor to put the black cabinet.

But the main thing to understand that black and white interior is really suitable for the emotional state of the room owner.If there is a significant predominance of black, it will cause irritability and sadness, as if the white - the positive and cheerfulness.When using a black and white colors in equal proportion will be harmonious interior, so they cancel each other.


Benefits of registration bedroom in black and white

  1. clean lines make the interior contrast and strict, so the room becomes fresh.
  2. selection of accessories and decorative materials is quite simple in this color scheme, as almost all manufacturers produce wallpaper, furniture, flooring, these colors.
  3. Black and white is a symbol of masculinity and femininity, which are in harmony with each other, so their combination in the bedroom men and women a positive effect on their relationship.
  4. This bedroom looks quite unusual and allows its owner to take a break from the bright colors that accompany us everywhere.


tips on arrangement of black and white bedroom

offer to get acquainted with the principles that will harmoniously combine black and white in the interior of the bedroom:

1. Decide on the main color.It depends on the size of the room and of its location.Also significantly affect the choice of colors such factors as the amount of daylight, windows, height of the building.If the room is small, choose a more white color.Paint the walls, ceiling and pick up the furniture in white tones, and the other set up the accents with the help of black.The predominance of black color is possible in a spacious bedroom and a large, but it should not be used in excess, so as not to make the atmosphere dull and gloomy.

2. Emphasis on the bright things.To dilute the black and white range switch in the interior of a bright color.Use it in the accessories in the form of paintings, curtains, cushions or bedding.Do not overdo it.No need to pile up the space of color things.It suffices to use it in two or three kinds of things.


3. Using the black and white prints on textile surfaces is a simple but at the same time stylish reception, which will support the overall atmosphere and dilute it.It is appropriate to use this technique when you make a bedroom in the Baroque or Art Deco.Choose one or two items, such as curtains and black and white veil, or a bed and other furniture.

4. Clearly define the overall style of the room.As mentioned previously, black and white palette looks great in all styles, so here is boundless fantasy.

Black and white bedroom design photo:


5. Furnish the room in black and white colors.With the allocation of the floor in white in the bedroom to get the effect of weightlessness and floating in the air, and it will become much more spacious and visually more.When choosing walls, ceiling and floor in white bedroom will increase by several times.The only negative - it's careful care of these surfaces.

6. Arrange accents using lighting.Bedroom in black and white colors needs proper lighting.This is especially true of those rooms, where black is the predominant color.They should organize the backlight so that the room became lighter and less oppressive.This bedroom should be large windows and plenty of natural light.Use large chandeliers, wall lamps, floor lamps, etc.

7. Play with the shades of these colors.For example, do the walls in black gray, and other elements simply in black, the same color and white: he is both warm and cool colors.But, it is not recommended to mix them in the same room.


Stylistics bedroom in black and white colors

1. Bedroom Greek style involves using a large amount of white in its different variations.Bedroom, made in this style should relax, be spacious and easy.The main characteristic of this bedroom is its practicality.This style is appropriate in a room which has high ceilings and large windows.Use a lot of natural materials, the highlight will be the accessories of the tissue, such as pillows, curtains and bedspreads.Complement the atmosphere of live plants in the form of flowers in pots.Choose furniture simple shapes, it is desirable if it is made by hand.

2. Classical design style is suitable for people with conservative views.They are not important, and the introduction of new-fangled they prefer the classic, proven over the years.In this bedroom is well located with a great big bed headboard.All the furniture is correct forms, made of wood.A large chandelier lighting is the main, and in addition to it will suit a floor lamp or lamps in the form of candles.You can add in the interior of gilded pillows fabrics or accessories made of bronze.

3. For bedrooms in country style is perfect for black and white colors.Use only natural materials and furniture.Moreover, the furniture should be pretty rough.Complement the interior of the woven mats with black and white ornaments, pillows embroidered in these colors.Do not forget about lighting, it should harmoniously fit into the style.The room should be spacious and light.


4. recommended to equip the bedroom in ethnic style for original thinking and unusual ideas.This bedroom describes one of the ethnic cultures, so it contains its attributes.Perhaps the use of murals on the walls, pictures or photos of specific people, ornaments on textile surfaces.

5. modern and dynamic people to fit a bedroom in black and white in the style of hi-tech.The main principles of this style is laconic combination of all things, a lot of space and a wonderful purity.Therefore, use more white color to match the overall style.Do not overload the bedroom too much furniture, should be limited to only functional and necessary items.We recommend using a glossy, shiny and chromed surfaces.The bed has a regular geometric shape, but at the same time be made of metal or other materials, but not from the tree, as in the classic style.It encouraged the use of glass - possible construction of a glass floor, which will give the room the effect of weightlessness.

6. Biedermeier - style, implying the comfort, warmth and tenderness.The main characteristics of the style is the existence masterwork of silver or porcelain, refinement and elegance.This involves a combination of the interior is very elegant and beautiful objects with each other.But, at the same time a bedroom in this style should not look like a museum, all items must be functional and practical.Using a variety of chairs, which really are not compatible with each other is relevant in this style.Furniture is elegant, the presence of flowing wavy lines.Vertical stripes on the walls, large chandeliers, armchairs and plenty of light - the main features of the bedroom, made in the style of Biedermeier.


7. minimalistcheskom bedroom in the style of simplicity and comfort.Furniture, which is present in the room should be functional, no unnecessary decoration.Only those items that are needed in the bedroom.The absence of bright colors and accents, only black and white.

8. The bedroom in the style of Art Deco - the style suits the romantic and sophisticated people who can appreciate the finer things.The combination of black and white in this style should be soft.The variant to use black light white wallpaper pattern in the form of a tree with small leaves.As an accessory use items, from which emanates the old days.The use of ornaments, paintings, figurines, oriental motifs and floral elements complement the interior of a bedroom.

9. Bedroom in vintage style for lovers of antiquity.Wrought iron bed, wrought in the presence of accessories, boxes for things, instead of the cabinet, the candles on the walls, old carpets - these things will make the style bedrooms truly vintage.Perhaps a combination of antiques and modern objects.

10. The design of the bedroom black and white Art Nouveau requires a smooth undulating lines that run through the entire interior.Traditional materials as wood and glass and plastic combined with metal materials.A great addition would be a bedroom mirror in a beautiful frame, black linens and soft upholstery headboard.

11. Black and white bedroom in the style of Provence - from this room breathes freshness and romance of France.The interior is built on a combination of comfort with care.The appearance of the furniture a little bit rude.Calico curtains give ease and covered in a cage supporting the overall style.The use of natural materials and simple forms - the basis of the style.

Black and white bedroom - features and design

Interior black and white bedroom depends on the preferences of its owners, but still suggest to familiarize with variants of its registration:

  • a large number of white, will help to get rid of the visual fatigue that had accumulated overwhole day stay among the bright colors;
  • when a desire for privacy, care should be taken of the presence in the room heavy curtains or blinds;
  • complement the black and white bedroom will help plant the exotic style, they are perfectly in tune with these colors and slightly dilute the atmosphere, to the volume of the green plants have a positive impact on the health of the people staying in the room;
  • to visually expand the space small bedroom, use it more white, and set a lot of mirrors, perhaps even building a mirrored ceiling.

decision to make the bedroom is in black and white says that her boss too punctual, quite rational and resolute.


if black predominates over white, should be added to the interior of another color, such as burgundy red sludge.He adds bedroom passion, cheerfulness and energy.

well fit into the interior black and white gold decoration bedroom walls or objects that have gilding, such as statues, paintings or bed frame.

To fill the bedroom romance and light fixtures or a bed set the backlight.It is also possible the construction of multi-level ceilings with lighting.

Use different textures in the design of a bedroom, for example, a combination of glossy and matte surfaces, embroidery, decorative wallpaper on the walls, etc.

To dilute interior use patterns in the form of wallpaper or curtains decoration.

for decorating rooms suitable black and white framed photographs on the walls or on pedestals.The variant print photowall in these colors.

suggest to consider registration of individual sections of bedrooms:

  • walls.

The variant monochrome or decorated wall design.Black color - reduces the room, and white, on the contrary, it increases.In order to focus on one of the bedroom areas, such as beds, paint the wall near the bed in black and white all the others leave.

also look beautiful wall with wallpaper in the form of patterns or figures.

  • Paul.

Standard floor layout involves the installation of parquet and laminate.They are not finicky care and does not accumulate dust.Also suitable for black and white bedroom carpeting.color of the floor depends on the overall style of the room.If you plan to make a bedroom soaring use white color, and if mundane, then black.

  • furniture.

When you create a bedroom in black and white colors, the furniture is either black or white or a combination.its color depends on the design of the walls, ceiling and floor.

  • Lighting.

With the predominance of black light should be much, otherwise, you must install a large chandelier and several lamps.

  • Accessories.

Select data constituting the bedroom is one of the most enjoyable moments, but at the same time requires a serious attitude toward it.Bright objects are able to dispel the monotony of the bedrooms.However, do not select colored items, it is better to give preference to one bright color.All styles, except minimalist transformed by the presence of these well-chosen jewelry.