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August 12, 2017 18:07

The wall cabinet for the living room : Overview and Features

An essential attribute of the living room or hall is a wall slide.This item is quite functional, and at the same time compact.How not to make the wrong choice of the accessories and pick up the wall of the hill so that it fit perfectly into the interior of the living room look at later.


wall cabinet for the living room: the general concept and features of the installation in the living room

term "wall cabinet" is used as a set of furniturewhich is intended for storage of clothes, books, electronics, dishes and other items.The main components of the furniture serves the lower cabinet, which is mounted on the floor, it

stores different things, and audio equipment installed on its surface.At the top or side of a few small lockers or canisters.Above the pedestal located Hinged shelves, in most cases open.The main purpose of the wall slides - placing a lot of things, and at the same time, the interior decoration of the room.


Some models slides walls assume a normal cupboard or wardrobe.Modern furniture manufacturers produce slides walls in various styles and directions: classical, modern, high-tekovskie and others.

selection and installation of furniture in the living room is of great importance for its owners.This furniture should be not only rich, but also aesthetically appealing.It should emphasize the individuality of the room, but in any case not to pile it.Some consumers prefer classic-style furniture, while others are in modernity, but the main requirement to the wall hill - practicality.

living room - a room for meeting guests and for family holidays, so it should be cozy and comfortable in it.In this room furniture is required to accommodate the television, DVD and audio equipment, books, pictures and other things.If the bedroom is small, the living room has a wardrobe or cupboard for storing clothing.

wall slide, ideal for both the large living room and a small room as the owner there is a possibility of individual selection of the number of shelves and every cabinet size.Since most of the wall slides, set against the wall, they do not take up much space, but at the same time put a lot of things.

walls of the slides for the living room are of two types:

  • modular;
  • standard.

first option is more convenient, as it implies the individual placement of shelves on the wall, so it is convenient to its owner.Standard wall slides do not allow you to change the location of the shelves.

package bundle the buyer chooses, there may be a wardrobe, a bookcase, cabinets under the TV and other shelves.

advantage of installing wall slides in the living room is the possibility of selecting the height and depth of each cabinet separately.Thus, slide perfectly fit into the interior of any room.

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Application slides in the interior wall of the living room

Before you choose furniture for the living room, you must clearly know what style it will be done.In this room, staying virtually all members of the family, so it should be welcoming and comfortable for everyone.

central part of the living room is a TV, fireplace or an aquarium.Therefore, it is other furniture should be placed around the subject.The main decoration of the room stands a modular wall slide, which in addition is compact, very versatile.

Installation and equipment slide wall depends primarily on the interests of all members of the family.For example, for the mistress required shelf or glass cabinet, where she is a beautiful service or set of wine glasses that will be required when guests come to the house.The owner needed a shelf for the TV.Bookcase - indicates the formation of a family.Supplement wall closet coupe will not only contain a lot of things, but it will create a presentable appearance.On

pile wall for seating the price depends on the material from which it is made, and the size and number of items in the collection.

In the production of slides inexpensive wall using chipboard or MDF, which is covered with natural veneer and polished melanin or laminate coating.

The most expensive models are made from natural wood of different species, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.Although almost all the wall slides are not moisture resistant, so they should avoid contact with water to prevent the deformation or cracking of the wood.The wall slide teak most durable, it is resistant to water and is not deformed.


Tips on designing slides into the living room wall

Before pile wall into the living room to buy, you should decide on its design.In the design of the wall slides should consider the interests of all members of the family.We need to know exactly how much space is occupied, how much will remain free.Some living rooms combine with the dining room, then the need to install an additional cabinet for dishes.In order to diversify the appearance of the cabinet, it is recommended to replace stained ordinary glass.

Before determining the number of shelves, to be sure to develop a draft of the future interior.When choosing a high-tekovskogo style slide wall must be made of glass and metal structures.Classical living involves the installation of a wooden modular wall slides.

wall slide is used for a very long time, and looks like a headset, which consists of several cabinets and shelves.When you order a modular wall slides need to clearly define what kind of things will be placed in it.

Standard wall slide contains a wardrobe, though, if the living room is small, it is set in the bedroom or in the hallway, several compartments for clothes, books, dishes, TV.Installation of open shelves, which will house decor items and other accessories.


advantage of buying modular furniture is the possibility of purchasing it in separate parts or order individual set for the entire room.

Installation of cabinet compartment in the box slides wall, it does not take up much space, and has a large number of decorative elements.The doors of the cabinet are glass, mirror, gold-plated, with photo printing and finishing under the skin, wood, stone, etc.Wardrobe compartment is perfect for wall slides corner, it can be different shapes and well complements your home decor.Mirrored doors are able to visually enlarge the space of the room.

Skins wall slides in the living room

most suitable option for the living room furniture is a modular wall slide.Since the purchase of the possibility to choose the finishes its frame and front parts, and build the wall itself.


One of the most popular models is the modern wall cabinet with integrated lighting and glazed cabinets and deaf.

Please find variants of existing models of wall slides:

  • wall cabinet modern style consists of frame parts that are made of chipboard laminated type, and covers the edges of PVC tape.There are several finishing options such wall slides, which differ in texture and color.The rear wall, which is not visible after installation, made of chipboard ennobled type, which are painted the same color as the rest of the frame.Front part of a wall made of chipboard or MDF.In rare cases it is possible their processing by a skin or pasting using veneer.But more often they are covered by the usual paint.Very popular model, made of tempered glass.As they used aluminum profile frame or thin chipboard.Features original pen, some shelves and drawers are opened by a push system.


  • walls slides classical less popular due to the fact that in these walls there are rather large units, the number of which is difficult to control.The package includes a wall slides wardrobe, cupboard, chest of drawers and shelves.Such models are not welcome experiments with textures and colors.As the skeleton acts laminated or veneered chipboard, veneered furniture edges or PVC veneer or flight.wall frame slides toned and varnished.Some models are made of solid wood or penopoliretana.On the glazed areas of glass framed structure with a wooden or MDF profile.A mandatory component is the handle, which has a golden or silver color in the form of staples, fungi or drops.

wall decoration hill in the interior of the living room

Among the living room wall design options are almost always present slides.Indeed, without this unique piece of furniture, it can not do any design living room.

If living is small, it is recommended to order a small small-sized wall of the hill, in which to store books, dishes, or souvenirs.In the design of a modern interior living room, shelves are mounted on the wall in a chaotic manner, or in the form of any figure.Especially spectacular nature differ miniature slides, which consist of a large number of small shelves with bright color.This wall cabinet is well suited for light-colored walls.Although it has a drawback: the shelves are not practical, and only souvenirs may be placed on them.

Another option contemporary wall slides a set of elongated rectangular cabinets that have a glazed door.To give them a more modern look, glass Matira and set the backlight.These shelves allow you to have them all sorts of things, because the door of their hide.


more practical wall slide is a set of cabinets, cupboards and shelves, which are arranged in accordance with the preferences of the owners living room.These models assume the installation in their TV, which wires will be hidden behind the plywood part, which by the way, is very necessary, if a family has young children.The combination allows the furniture from time to time to change it in some places.Price collapsible slides slightly higher than the whole, but the practicality of this is.

Recommendations for choosing a wall slides into the living room

1. It is better to choose furniture made of wood, such as the wall has a longer life than laminated.

2. Pay attention to the quality of fittings manufacture, handle and process ends, as they significantly affect the presentable appearance of the wall slides.


3. Decide on the central theme of your wall slides, this may be a niche for a TV, wardrobe and shelves for storage of utensils.Consider these options more:

  • TV is an integral part of any home, every owner always thinks about its comfortable rooms, TV, built-in a special niche looks very harmoniously and carefully, especially niche hides all wires, except for him in the wall mounted musicalcenter or game consoles;
  • to make the living room more stately and classic should be the main focus wall slides highlight the cabinet for dishes, a variety of crystal glasses, vases, fruit, ceramic figurines and sets perfectly complement the interior, this wall has a view of windows, which are located these things, it givesluxury interior and makes notes of wealth;
  • possible option of using as a main element of the cabinet, which will make the living room fashion and luxury, this option is suitable hosts, who have a large number of different things.


4. Current models of slides walls are quite diverse, so you should make a choice based on the required dimensions, functionality and purpose furniture.

5. To save space, it is better to give preference to a corner wall of the hill, which will decorate and design variety.

6. For a small-sized living room wall modular approach, which is characterized by the absence of a solid design and a choice of the number and design of the wall.

7. For the average living room or small, choose a mini-wall slide.This furniture is also suitable for a large room, decorated in a minimalist style.

8. It is necessary to choose the uphill wall proceeding from the overall design style, as if to mix several styles at once, the room will be uncomfortable and even comical.Consider the main types of wall slides on the basis of their general style:

  • wall slide in the Art Nouveau style - characterized by a curved or wavy lines, is made of glass or metal, it has a graceful appearance;


  • classic style - standard equipment in the form of a chest of drawers, cabinet, glass shelves and racks, natural colors - chocolate, peach, beige, wood;
  • wall slide in high-tech style - are compact and not bulky appearance;
  • Provencal style wall slides suitable for the living room, which has a fireplace and rocking chair;
  • wall slide in the Oriental style is characterized by a large number of decorative elements, the wall is low and has a frame of gold or shimmering color.