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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to decorate the table with ceramic tiles

hard to say who first realized to decorate the table with ceramic tiles, and it is not important.The main thing is that today anyone can afford a pleasure to find a beautiful and durable furniture with minimal effort.Ceramic tile is able to instantly give a shabby old table a new life or to decorate unattractive piece of furniture, giving it a unique style.


plus original solutions

Today building materials market ishuge selection of ceramic tiles for every taste.Here you and glossy monochrome classic and stylish matt tiles, intricate murals and, in general, choose - I do not.You can decorate the oval table with ceramic tiles, adding the original insertion of a mosaic, and then apply them to other interior items.For example, if your kitchen table "painted" roses and ornaments, you can start up the same pattern in the enclosure edge or on the ceiling, to create a harmonious interior in

the same spirit.


There are many solutions, and that the ceramic tile allows you to create unusual interior, clearly and without excessive demagogy.But if the advantages of this solution limited only decorative qualities, there would be no need to write on this subject the whole article.Ceramic tiles

primarily improves the performance of finished surface, whether it be a floor, wall or furniture.If you have an old, past the fire, water and a lot of repairs of a dining table with ceramic tiles over scratched the surface it will look more beautiful than covered with oilcloth.Yes, and this furniture will last more than one year!

ceramic tile

Quality High-quality ceramics are not afraid of hot dishes or scratch from the knife or accidental spills.You can do with such a table whatever, the main thing to remember in time to wipe the surface with a cloth, to again enjoy pure luster tiles.

So, we list the main advantages of the tables covered with ceramic tiles:

  • high aesthetics;
  • durability;
  • durability;
  • simplicity in operation and maintenance;
  • hygiene.

How to choose a tile

To enjoy all of the above advantages, you need to select the correct tiles.Not all manufacturers can boast of good-quality products which would not stain due to accidentally spilled red wine and not be spoiled because it set a hot pan.Requirements for ceramic tiles for the kitchen table is much higher than for the walls.

First of all, pay attention to the thickness of the tiles.It should be no thinner than 5 mm, or such coverage may explode if you put on the table hot pot, say, or you do chops.Since the thickness should not exceed 5 mm, wall tiles automatically disappears.


Note the thin floor tiles.Such products have a sufficient thickness, as well as certain types of mosaic tiles.As for coverage, most people prefer the matte tile because of the glossy need more careful care.

However, no matter how strongly you had not bought tiles, do not use it as a cutting board.If you are going to cut straight to the table quickly becomes blunt knife, and roll out the dough on such a surface will be quite difficult - will interfere with the joints between the tiles.The latter problem is easily solved - the installation of monolithic marble slab.

Tip: to chopping board does not slide across the smooth ceramic surface, stick it on the back side of thin pieces of rubber or rubber sheet over the entire surface.

Do not choose too large tiles with a side of more than 15 cm. They are in any case have to be cut, and the table will not look very nice.If you are going to decorate ceramic tiles sliding table, you should consider the value of clearances, which will decrease by gluing the tiles.You may need to adjust the mechanism to countertop without jamming the assembly.


As for manufacturers, the market has to offer a lot of options.Mainly dominated by foreign products in specialized stores.One of the leading manufacturers is Italy.Table with ceramic tiles from Italian masters able to set the mood and style of the room.If you prefer something "simpler" and do not pursue in the pompous classic or fashion trends, you can safely buy a tile domestic production.In recent times there is a tendency of using tile fight to create an original mosaic on the floor, walls and furniture.Perhaps, you no right for such an option, and the money will be spent far less.

For those who are not inclined to spontaneous creativity, there is one manufacturer, has established itself as a supplier of high-quality, durable and beautiful products - Malaysia.Tables with ceramic tiles in this case will last several years and will please always shiny new coating.

table Finish


to decorate the table with ceramic tiles have only very little cover and glue.It is necessary to prepare a variety of materials.


  • ceramic tile (tile itself, borders and corners);
  • special glue for tiles;
  • composition for grouting epoxy;
  • rack for edging, the width of which is equal to the width of the thickness of the tile countertops +;
  • sealant;
  • for removing grout.
    1379054768_keramicheskaya - tile


During finishing, you may need not only to standard tools, which can be found in any home, but also special tools.To work went smoothly and quickly, it is better to stock up on them in advance.


  • cutter for ceramic tiles;
  • «utyuzhok" (sanding tile edges);
  • trowel;
  • gasket 2 mm;
  • plastic trowel for grouting;
  • rags.


If you do finish the old kitchen table, pre-clean it and polish the surface.If you make a table from scratch, as the basis for countertops fit 12mm thick plywood panels or chipboard 19 mm thick.It is best to build a table in advance to calculate the dimensions so that they are multiples of the size of the tiles.So you can avoid ugly halves and fuss with sharp.


  1. Clean the surface of the base (table-top) from the dust and remove all irregularities.
  2. Mark the table top so that all the pieces raspolovinennye plates were in the back part of it, Nona near the stove or sink, if you get off the built-in countertop.
  3. whatever form was your kitchen table, you should define a "key" tile by marking it on the surface, so that it sets the direction of the location of the other tiles.So you get an even number or harmonic pattern.Circle this tile with a pencil on the perimeter and focusing on it, make a marking across the tabletop.
  4. Character lining depends on the design of your future countertops.So, if you are going to use fillets little corners, then you need to start facing them previously attaching to the edge of a supporting rail.
  5. notched trowel, spread the adhesive in the area that fit the 4-5 plates.Do not coat the entire table at once, because the adhesive dries very quickly.adhesive layer thickness should be no more than 3 mm, otherwise excess just come out between the tiles and spoil the appearance.
  6. Do not forget to separate the whole tiles from each other gaskets.If the edge of the table are rails, and that between adjacent tiles as necessary to place gasket.
  7. When you will paste 4-5 tiles, check the level of horizontality, laying on top of the rack segment.If you notice curvature, there is still time to tear the tiles until they froze the glue and glue it right.
  8. When all the tiles stood in his place, dilute the epoxy grout and treat joints between the elements.It does not immediately spreads much grout as it dries fairly quickly.Surplus grout after drying, remove with a special compound and cloth.Judging by the numerous reviews, a table with ceramic tiles is best to handle it with epoxy grout, as it is incredibly strong, not afraid of moisture and does not emit toxic substances.

How to wipe the seams between the tiles, you will learn from the video below