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August 12, 2017 18:07

Door handles in the interior : the photo of the original door handles

In the modern world is quite difficult to find at least one apartment or house in which there would be a single door. Even now fashionable studio apartments have at least two doors - entrance and interior in the bathroom.That's why rarely any landlord manages to ignore the choice of such an important fittings like door handles.In this article, we will consider not only their species and the basic criteria for the selection, but also try to answer the question on the door handle - is more functional or decorative element of the interior?

Types of handles for doors

There are different classifications of door handles, invite you to consider three basic kinds of them, which will help in the choice of door accessory.

By appointment

First of all, the handle can be divided into two types: for input and interior doors.The first should be not so much aesthetic as reliable and durable because they bear an enormous burden - such pens have to push the heavy door.But, despite its strength, nothing prevents d

oor handles for entrance doors to be beautiful, for example, have a non-standard shape or be painted in a contrasting color.In the end, open the front door to the apartment is unlikely to be without pressure on the handle, so we can say that it begins with the introduction of guests to your home.

Entrance door handles photo

Entrance door handles photo

The original door handles for entrance doors

original door handles for entrance doors

Unusual door handles for entrance doors

Unusual door handles for entrance doors

handles for interior doors are less massive appearance, they intended it should be more elegantand beautiful.But reliability has not been canceled - Imagine you come into the room, closed the door and then broke the handle.How to get out?

Handles for interior doors

handles for interior doors

About what material to prefer when buying pens, to serve for a long time, we'll talk a little later, but for now let's look at types of door handles on a functional purpose.

in functionality

All knobs are divided into two major kinds:

  • movable handle with a lever latch;
  • stationary.

first associated with a latch or lock and have a swivel mechanism, and the latter exist independently from the castle.

movable handle in turn may be turning (also called "noby") and push.Probably all seen round the door handle in the form of a ball with a castle in the middle, which opens the door to a simple twist - so this is a real example of Knob handles.They are usually mounted on the door to the toilet room or the bathroom, with its outer side can shut down a key, and with the inside - or the button latch.These pens are very convenient and easy to use.

door handle with lock

Door handle with lock

Lever handles are design with lever - pressing the knob moves the latch falevye through which the opening or closing of the door.If we compare them with the rotary knobs, there should be more effort to open the door.

Door handles photo

Doorknobs photo

Unlike the mobile, stationary pens have rotary mechanism - such a door handle with a lock is absolutely not related.She just needed to pushing and pulling it to open the door.Stationary handles are often found on the input metal doors in shops and offices, for convenience, they are provided with a door closer that closes the door for a visitor logged.

Beautiful interior door handles

Beautiful doorknobs in the interior

The design of the door handles photo

design door handles photo

By Material

material from which made door handles may be different (for example, plastic or glass), but the most commonhandles made of wood and metal.

Wooden handles look beautiful, here to him any comments there.Only now made of various tree species (mostly from securities), such handles are afraid moisture, so not suitable for use in the bathroom.But in general, this door fittings are ideal for wooden and veneered doors.

Door handles of wood

Door handles of wood

with metal handle is also not so simple - they can be made from different alloys, so their performance is significantly different.The most reliable and functional handles are made of brass.They are durable, resistant to temperature and humidity, in addition, has a pleasant tactile properties and a variety of designs.Aluminum and steel pens are not as durable as brass.They are less pleasant to the touch and are less aesthetic, but nickel-plated or chrome-plated door handles look very good.

Door handles with lock

door handles with lock

Door handles photo

Doorknobs photo

Door handles for glass doors

Door handles for glass doors

How to choose a door handle

before heading for the door handle to the store, we must take into account thevarious factors.

First, the handle must be consistent with the overall interior style.For example, if the room is decorated in the style of hi-tech, the luxurious gilded handle with fanciful elements here will look ridiculous.It is better to get to the premises in the Baroque style, and for high-tech prefer concise chrome handle.If you choose to handle the interior, decorated in classic style, it is best to pay attention to the bronze door handles, which are organically fit into this style.

Beautiful door handles photo

Beautiful door handles photo

Metal door handles Photo

metal door handles Photo

Second, the handle should be approached to the door and its elements in color.The visible part of the door locks and hinges are, therefore, the handle should be combined with them in color.Agree, it will look ugly chrome handle on the background of the gilded door hinges and the same castle.

Types of door handles

Types of door handles

original door handles

As in the high-fashion world, door hardware industry, too, there are fashion trends, and manufacturers of luxury doors necessarily collaborate with world-class designers.

In ordinary life, as a rule, occurs in all three types of handles, made in classic, modern and retro style.But the design is not limited to the door handles, and the light appears original model of a human arm, a pistol grip or corkscrew.

Door handle gun

Door handle pistol

The original door handle in the form of a gun

original handle for the door in the form of a pistol

Handle Handset for notes

Handle Handset for notes

Door handles in a hand Photo

Door handles in a hand Photo

Beautiful pen with twist mechanism implementedin the form of reduced many times over the globe, glow in the dark bulbs, clothes pegs for the note, or a large round nose gnome.

Beautiful round door handles

Beautiful round doorknobs photo

The original door handle in the form of clothespins

original door handle in the form of clothespins

original design of the door handles is called hardware Numlock Handle.You know how it differs from conventional pen?However, it has a built-in combination lock directly on the handle.Agree, very convenient device for those who dream of personal space.

Door handle with combination lock Num Lock Handle

Door handle with combination lock Numlock Handle

Or here's another example of a similar situation - the door handle, which completely disappears from the reverse side, if it is to pull over.A non-stick, as you know, the door will not open.

Door handle that hides

Door handle that hides

Install doorknob

As a rule, we change the handle in two cases: if it is broken, and if the coming installation of the new door.Depending on the door handle device is different and a method of installation.For example, if the door was you bill (outer) knob, in the case of replacement of an old invoice buy it rather than mortise.Although they are very difficult to confuse.Basically, the internal flush handle is used on sliding doors.

Now a quick look at how to install door handle.To mark the start location of the handle by the standards it is on the level of 90-100cm from the bottom of the door.Next, drill a hole with a drill for basting and insert a pin into it, which subsequently cheat pens.This method is applicable, in the case of overhead pens.

In other cases, the handle can be put together with mortise lock.In general, their installation is performed almost the same as the installation of overhead.Drill a hole, they established ties, which are fixed once and two handles.Or, each handle individually fastened 3-4-bedroom self-tapping screws.

Rarely any door handles are installed separately from the castle, so the works and these are usually combined.

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