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December 12, 2017 00:17

How to make a rocking chair with his hands

rocking chair in the house - a symbol of comfort.There you can relax, read a book.For home or office there is a large choice of armchairs: light and elegant rattan, respectable wooden covered with leather.But it is only appropriate in the house and in the garden there is a place for a home-made rocking chairs.Make a rocking chair with his hands - not a very complicated task, but putting it in the shade under a tree, you can relax in it after the summer works.


  • material for rocking chairs
  • We make a rocking chair made of plywood
    • tool
    • We buy material
    • Design
    • Produce side parts
    • bars supporting
    • Fix the strap
  • How to make a rocking chair made of wood
    • Material
    • perform markup
    • runners
    • Assembling side designs
    • what sit
    • Final assembly
    • making

material for rocking chairs

rocking chair with their hands for use outside the home do:

  • of wood;
  • plywood;
  • frame made of metal and sheathe tree.

What not to do is to bind a cloth seat, hitting one time under the rain, f

inishing lose their form.

Consider the case of manufacturing a rocking chair made of plywood.

We make a rocking chair made of plywood

rocking chair drawings, you see, made of plywood:

how - do - rocking chair - his - hands - 2

What is needed for its production?


to work in a fun, be reserved in advance instrument, namely:

  • jigsaw;
  • disc sander;
  • screwdriver;
  • tape;
  • drills for wood;
  • a square with a long measuring ruler;
  • pencil;
  • brushes.

We buy material

best material is:

  • larch;
  • spruce or pine;
  • oak.

But they are expensive, and oak larch process difficult, so focus on the plywood, which, due to its plasticity, is processed easily and cost less.Buy:

  • sheet plywood 30 mm thick.Suitable sheet size 1,52h0,8 m;
  • screws and SCREW;
  • glue joiner;
  • bars 5h2,5 see.

From these materials we will produce a rocking chair, a photo is shown below.

photo - design --- rocking - out timber


order not to make for yourself a large supply of wood to the highest bidder, before the cut blanks rocking chair, make a drawing and specify all sizes.You can also use the services of search engines on the Internet and download the finished, liked drawing.For self-drawing, use the following tips:

  • need graph paper to fit an assembly drawing and detailing the scale of 1: 1;
  • portable part drawings on a sheet of plywood, keeping accuracy.Cutting is done in such a way as to waste as little as possible;
  • cut out parts, using an electric jigsaw and router.At the same time on the details to make the holes for fastening;
  • grinder we clean cut site.

You can go the other way:

  • take thick cardboard;
  • rascherchivaem on it a grid like the one that is available on the graph paper;
  • emerges necessary elements;
  • The lead is cut.We get patterns that have and use to transfer the outlines of future products on the plywood.

Produce side parts

When manufacturing side parts that resemble a boomerang shape, perform the following:

  • on a sheet of plywood impose a template and draw out its outline;
  • take the jigsaw and Scrollsaw workpiece;
  • grinder handle cut line;
  • act in the same way with the second sidewall.

Note: if you plan to make a rocking chair in the form of the sofa, so that it fits 2 people, you will have to prepare 3 sidewalls, one located in the center and two on the sides.

rocking chair - his - hands - 10

bars supporting

bars need to back mount, so:

  • layout for them on the sidewalls must be carried out very precisely.Before they drill, make precise measurements;
  • have holes in the center of the sidewall;
  • for fixing using glue and joiner SCREW.

Fix the strap

Each bar will be mounted on a pair of bars:

  • start with the top strap and fasten it with screws;
  • in the same way assemble the remaining parts.The frame is made.It remains only to treat the product with an antiseptic, to dry, cover the stain and varnish or paint, and camouflage hats SCREW plugs matched the color of the wood.

about such a rocking chair reviews from your family and guests will be the most enthusiastic.

rocking chair - his - hands - 8 - e1406746773399

Note: for rocking chairs can be made foam mattress construction and upholster with leatherette.

How to make a rocking chair made of wood

If you prefer around reliability, for the manufacture of furniture rocking chair, use the tree as in the pure state, or in combination with metal.wooden rocking chairs Manufacturing technology is the same as in the manufacture of its plywood, but has its own peculiarities:

  • when choosing the material, do not take the board on which there are knots;
  • not suitable wet wood.

Consider the example of manufacturing a rocking chair from wood simple structure.


for lateral structures need to be reserved:

  • bars of rectangular cross section 3x3 or 3x6 cm;
  • sidewall seats are L-shaped and have required the board section of 2x9 cm in the amount of 4 pieces.

perform markup

If you have a radial arm saw, then it you really just can make a layout for the connection details rocking chairs in the tongue:

  • first Scrollsaw using templates, cup, vertical racks,one runner;
  • decompose blank on a flat plane, and outline the places where they will be connected to each other;
  • on radial cutting machines in these locations make deep cuts 1/2 the thickness of the bars;
  • using a chisel remove the excess.



critical parts rocking chairs are made of wood skids.If they are not carried out correctly, it can tip over, and along with his chair.Experts advise:

  • curvature on the back is barely perceptible.This increases the resistance;
  • front runners on the radius of its larger and very front part is slightly shorter.It does all of this with a band saw;
  • since the edges are fixed uprights, the thickness is chosen such that the strength was not broken at the junction;
  • curved surfaces carefully polished;
  • be tested by rocking runners on a flat plane.If somewhere rocking jerky - sanded again.

Assembling side designs

At this stage we are ready to build parts for the side structures rocking chairs:

  • armrests;
  • uprights;
  • runners.


  • glue them together;
  • stifle the place where the glue is applied clamps;
  • reserve until the glue has dried;
  • knife cut off the ledge and congealed glue;
  • grind sandpaper.

What sit

boards on the seat is placed at an angle, to ensure a comfortable stay in the chair.So:

  • mark up the board;
  • zapilivaem at an angle slightly greater than 90 degrees;
  • seat consists of a 2 L-shaped frames made of boards and tubes of cardboard.Where the parts in contact, connect them overlap;
  • must be fixed on a tube of cardboard, and for that we need a hole in the frames L-shaped.Planting tubes must be quite thick, so perform the same hole diameter as the tube;
  • ready to fill the hole and glue tube is inserted.Sunset of the hole is 20 mm on each side.To drive the tube first in one frame, and then the other and tightens it all together.


Final assembly

Now we have come close to the most complex and important stage - the assembly of the product.We carry it so:

  • temporarily collect rocking chair made of wood with the help of clamps;
  • mark up the point where the A-shaped frame side in contact with the seat;
  • clamps remove and drag these points to the second side structure;
  • drill at these points through the holes;
  • that includes nuts and washers, which are carried out under the chamfer;
  • again need clamps to define the seating line of contact with the side portions;
  • this line drill holes.This drill comes in a cardboard tube;
  • inserted through the holes in the tubes with metal rods threaded, they are reinforcing the structure.Pre-opening in the frame and pass the tube smeared with glue;
  • if the rod acts and circumcised him flush with the frame;
  • wearing washers, tighten the nuts on both sides of the key at the same time;
  • side design also contract the metal rods, fixing them with locking nuts.


rocking chair ready, we can only give it a beautiful look.To do this:

  • take sandpaper and eliminate all irregularities;
  • if there are cavities that are not eliminated by means of emery, then eliminate them by applying a carpenter putty;
  • putty dries, and again require sanding;
  • seat cover primer after drying grind and repeat the procedure once again;
  • inflict paint in several layers.

all, the task is completed: a rocking chair, which cost a fraction of a commercially available, ready.They are no worse than this here, made by professionals:

rocking chair 01