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December 12, 2017 00:16

Decorating the walls of the kitchen decorative stone

Stone - one of the best finishing materials, which today is used often enough.Often employ stone for decoration of facades, fountains, steps, and other sites located outside the inner housing space.The thing is that this natural material in the best way is combined with other objects.Moreover, with time the stone begins to grow moss.This creates a kind of atmosphere, which is difficult to realize the many specialized materials.


Today, however, we will discuss the decorativestone, which is often used within the home.Given that this artificial material, you can get a variety of product variations.Thus, we can transform the living room, make it more cold, or vice versa - a warm and attractive for residents and visitors to the apartment.The home interior stone can be used almost anywhere, especially if the product has a neutral app


In this article we will talk about the use of decorative stone wall for decoration of dishes.The tendency for such designs is a relatively new, but has already managed to conquer the hearts of many landlords.The fact is that with proper approach we have really unique design, which emphasizes the solidity of the stone and the inviolability of the kitchen space.

Features of use of decorative stone for walls

Many people mistakenly believe that, based on ornamental stone, there are only a couple of options for wall decoration.However, this is not the case.You can find hundreds of sites that thousands of finishes of walls, and this without the slightest exaggeration.The fact is that the market can find a huge variety of decorative stone.Accordingly, we are able to create an original design using some form of stone, its color and unique texture.

Also, many people think that if you need to furnish your entire cover stone wall.Obviously, this is a serious misconception, because it is more expedient to make installation of stone only in some parts of the wall.This will emphasize the subtlety make design decisions.However, there may be exceptions.Everything depends on the execution of the work or the scale.

As for living rooms, there is a decorative stone often emphasized fireplaces, aquariums, doorways, as well as places where the plants.Around the same way you can decorate with any other object, located in the room.The main thing - do it in moderation, so as not to spoil the room.

There are some restrictions on the use of decorative stone, and first of all it concerns kitchens.The bottom line is that the narrow room very bad combination with large decorative stones.In such cases it is better to restrict the usual finishing materials.A large stone in a modest room can significantly reduce the space (visually), then the room will look more compact, and therefore uncomfortable and limited.

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Advantages and disadvantages of decorative stone

Positive aspects:

  • original appearance.It is possible to talk to the manufacturer about the creation of decorative stone on the basis of their own ideas.It is the perfect solution, as a result, we can get a unique cuisine style.In any case, each company has a huge gurneys, which presents a variety of options decorative stone.
  • shock resistance.Even decorative stone, unlike many other finishing materials, practically does not react to shocks.On a material does not leave any scratches or dents.Even if the stone will hurt, it does not look the room will not be affected.It is likely that some people will take damage as a successful design course.Surely this is the main advantage of stone - he looks good in any condition.
  • Sustainability.It is obvious that the stone is a safe material which can be used in completely different areas.This is good news, as many finishing materials are many shortcomings in this regard.

Negative side:

  • lifetime.In this case, many decorative stone compared to natural material.Indeed, artificial stone will serve far less present.But do not think that the service life is too limited.It may be tens of years, while the natural stone has no restrictions in terms of the period of use.But do not forget that natural stone is not so cheap.

remaining shortcomings of the decorative stone is not so serious.However, it must be said that in many ways an artificial product of inferior natural stone, and it must be remembered.



surface Before you start laying decorative stone, it should be borne in mind that, first we need to accurately process the surface of the wall.At this stage, the process is no different from what we have at the time of facing walls tiled.Accordingly, you first need to level the surface of the wall.

Since we carry out repairs in the kitchen, you need to bear in mind that the readability is not necessary to equalize the wall, but only those areas that will dispose of decorative stone.

However, many builders allow some curvature of the surface (small), which has a positive effect on the final result of work.In addition, you need to pay attention to the durability and reliability of the wall, as the weight of stone finishes can be created by simply collapse.

First you need to carry out plastering walls.It is recommended to use a reinforcement in the form of grid construction.This decision will significantly strengthen the wall.Accordingly, there is no fear about weight stones particular limitations in this regard should not be.

can also sheathe plasterboard wall, however, the material thickness should not exceed 12.5 mm.Attach sheets of material to be in three places, it will significantly increase the reliability.

Regarding the fixing of the decorative stones, the most commonly used for this purpose tile adhesive that holds considerable weight of the material without any problems.You can also look to the silicone adhesive, which in recent years is engaged in the construction of more and more often.Particularly effective are different liquid nails.Many people know that the adhesive tightly secures practically certain construction elements, therefore, no restrictions in the use of liquid can be nails.

In many cases, one can observe the use of classical grout.It is also a good option, but only when the stones used in the process is relatively small.Often a mixture of different plasticizers were added, and the PVA glue (building).Such a solution greatly increases the strength of the cement.If done correctly, the solution turns homogeneous and thick enough.

Other preliminary steps:

  • We need to create a small sketch, with which we will be guided around the existing workload.Obviously, it is better to take care in advance, as it depends on the amount of the required stone, and building materials.Also at this stage, you need to decide in what type will be finishing.In some cases, the stones are placed back to back, and sometimes creates a small seam.From this it depends on many things, for example, the number of required rocks.Frankly speaking, the second option is a bit more pleasant appearance.Moreover, it is a truly reliable option for mounting on a wall of stone.
  • also does not hurt to move sketch on the wall itself.It should be borne in mind here that the most important - the accuracy and correctness of all components finishing coating, otherwise the process may further unexpected problems arise.
  • also necessary to limit the places where the finish wall finishes.For example, in the field of decorative stone plinth should not be, so you need to create a small border to prevent the error.Often used for this special profiles which are arranged around the entire workspace.In such a situation to make a mistake, certainly not succeed.Profiles are mounted directly to the wall, and after work they can be easily removed.

Then immediately proceed to finish the walls.


Decorating the walls with decorative stone

In this case, the need is the minimum necessary tools and materials.First of all it is a spatula, by which we will apply the grout on the artificial product.

In that case, if there is a stone laying butt, should be tightly pressed against the building elements to each other, and you can slightly rotate the stone until it is fully located in a particular place.

If you decided to create a small seam between the decorative stones, for it is better to use plastic crosses.I'm sure many are used during the laying of tiles.Here, all about the same, but the size of the crosses should be larger, not to get not very harmonious.Of course, it is necessary to control the distance between the stones were similar, otherwise it will affect on the overall composition.

process of finishing decorative stone wall starts from the first row, which must be placed at the bottom.Accordingly, to start to apply the grout width on the row.

subtleties of the process of decorative stone laying:

  • should be borne in mind that often resembles a decorative stone, brick, so stacking is necessary to produce approximately the same way.Accordingly, the rows are arranged with a slight offset, which is very nice to look within the home.
  • If the decorative stone resembles a natural material, it should also decorate the wall with a slight offset.It should be borne in mind that the number of dimensions of the elements should be approximately equal.Only in this case, you can be sure of quality results.
  • often required to cut the stone.Here it is necessary to use the most ordinary grinders.It is necessary to ensure that the cut material does not affect negatively on the overall decorative trim component created.It is advisable not too often resort to such manipulation, as the appearance of the finish can vary greatly.

stone placed in rows, but it is worth bearing in mind that the cement slurry prepared last about 15-20 minutes, and then it becomes unusable.Therefore it is necessary to mix the cement in small volumes.


particularly seriously need to treat laying decorative stone with the big weight.In this case, several rows can be displaced under the effect of a large weight of the material, so it is necessary to carry out the process is not too fast.It is best to make two rows of masonry and stop.Later, when the cement hardens, it is possible to continue the process.

Once there was a laying of the series of decorative stone, it is necessary to wait some time before the mortar dries.Often, it takes 2-3 days.Then you can safely remove a retaining profile, which kept the first row, and the crosses needed to create seams.

Accordingly, the last stage of work - is the grouting.It is better to use grout of about the same color as the stone.Application of the product comes with a sponge (the easiest and safest option).Of course, one can not avoid the presence of any gaps or gaps between the stones.Also it does not hurt to put a primer on the decorative stone, as this material is not protected from external negative influences.