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December 12, 2017 00:16

Decorative arches finishing : wallpaper , wood , tiles , mosaics , stone

Making arch wall niches, window or interior doors opening allows transform any interior.However, the decorative value of the arch becomes only with properly selected material finishes and proper performance of installation works.


The choice of material for finishing

for decorative arches used a huge variety of materials, each of which has a number of advantages and disadvantages.

Natural wood

arches, decorated with natural wood, give the room a certain proportion of solidity and nobility of style, combining harmoniously with any interior design, whether it is a classic, high-tech or modern.

undoubted advantages of wood construction are:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • unique pattern formed by the annual rings;
  • high strength characteristics typical of varieties of solid wood species, including mahogany, oak, walnut, ash;
  • saving presentable kind for many years.

Wood 500x450

However, the construction of solid wood and has a number of disadvantages:

  • low moisture resistance performance;
  • tendency to deform under conditions of high humidity, sudden temperature changes, and other similar factors;
  • heavy weight of individual elements of the design makes it difficult to mount on its own;
  • high cost.

Typically, finishing arches tree of valuable breeds achieved by manufacturing the finished design to order, followed by the installation of the company specialists.

Panels MDF

practically equivalent alternative to natural wood are the MDF panel, the production of which is based on compressing wood shavings.Depending on the top coat, distinguished MDF panels:

  • laminated.These plates are covered by PVC film, simulating the texture of wood and increasing the strength characteristics of the product;

Laminate 500x450

  • veneered.Finished plates are pressed with a thin layer of wood, and then the front side of the product is covered by a protective varnish.

Veneer 500x450

veneered panels differ from laminate materials of higher value and better performance.

Advantages MDF panels with respect to structures made of wood:

  • environmental friendliness due to the absence of a part of the product of harmful substances and compounds;
  • resistance to temperature changes, moisture;
  • ease of installation due to low weight of the panels;
  • low cost.

MDF 500x450

Despite the many positive sides, MDF panels are inferior arches, decorated with real tree:

  • ease of damage through the point of impact;
  • under the influence of sunlight gradually lose their original shade;
  • short operational period, rarely exceeding 5-7 years.

interior decoration MDF panels with small arches cross over several years increases the service life while maintaining the original appearance of the structure.

stopper finishing

original look interior arches, decoration which is made with the use of cork material presented:

  • panel.product basis is pressed cork, which is located on top of a thin veneer, impregnated with wax.The minimum thickness of cork boards is 3 mm.

Panel 500x450

  • roll goods, the structure of which is similar to the cork panels, with the only difference that not all the goods are subjected to a series of wax impregnation.This web material may have a diverse range of color by painting the facial and / or backsheet.

The roll 500x450

  • wallpaper consisting of a paper base and a thin sheet of veneer, glued to the base.Quite often, cork wallpaper have a self-adhesive layer, greatly simplifying the installation work.

Wallpapers 500x450


  • resistance to the point of impact;
  • prevent the accumulation of dust;
  • not lose their original shade over a long period;
  • have antibacterial properties, preventing the formation of mold;
  • lifespan is 10-20 years.

Arch of cork 500x450


  • raw wax coating rapidly deform under conditions of high humidity;
  • ability to absorb odors;
  • high price.

When choosing cork should give preference to the coating, treated with wax.

Wallpapers arch

wallpaper Finishing arches are among the most popular and, at the same time, budget option thanks to a number of preferred features with respect to other finishing materials, including:

  • variety of colors, textures, patterns;
  • ease of gluing;
  • possibility of wet cleaning with non-aggressive detergents;
  • reasonable price.

Wallpapers 500x450


  • ease of damage in the process of sticking, and during operation;
  • fading over a short period of time;
  • fragility.

When choosing fabrics should give preference monotonous non-woven, vinyl, bamboo or fiberglass.There may be a fine or abstract pattern that does not require combining with patterns on the wallpaper, which papered wall adjacent to the arch.

tile arches

Finish tile arch - a less common, but still the best-selling method.


  • a wide range of color schemes;
  • high resistance to moisture;
  • preserving the original characteristics over the years;
  • ease of maintenance;
  • duration of operation.

tile 1_500x450


  • considerable weight of the tiles require a solid arch;
  • volume of work, which requires certain skills or specialist staff;
  • high cost.

optimal choice - narrow tiles of small size that minimize waste during the tiling.

Decorative stone

especially popular in recent years acquired a finishing decorative stone arches, perfectly combined with other building materials.Artificial stone is made from expanded clay, pumice and cement with the addition of mineral pigments, the combination of which allows for a full-fledged simulation of any natural stone.


  • a wide range of colors, textures;
  • high resistance to damage;
  • moisture;
  • ease of care during the operation;
  • durability.

December stumbling 500x450


  • great weight;
  • complexity of the installation;
  • high cost.

Along with the tile, brick arch stone preferable small size, which greatly facilitate the installation in the vaulted part of the structure.

for Mosaic arch

Finish arch mosaic - a fairly laborious process, which results in completion of a fascinating spectacle.

mosaic Advantages:

  • the variety of sizes, shapes and color schemes;
  • moisture;
  • high strength;
  • wear;
  • durability.

Mosaic 500x450


  • duration and volume of work;
  • high cost.

Currently available metal, ceramic, glass and other types of tile, so choose the one that matches the style decision interior will not be so difficult.

Decorative plaster

Practically the only material that allows you to create a unique masterpiece, showing a little imagination and creativity.Implemented in the form of decorative plaster and dry ready mix.This dry mixture is diluted with plain water in the proportions specified in the instructions supplied with the composition.


  • opportunity to create arbitrarily expressive or smoothed terrain;
  • ease of application;
  • possibility of multiple staining special inks;
  • no need for a careful alignment of the surface before applying the plaster;
  • low cost.

Dek.shtuk 500x450


  • ease of mechanical damage;
  • impossibility of wet cleaning;
  • repair the damaged section will be visible;
  • relatively short operational period.

Finishing arches in the flat decorative plaster - a universal method, which requires a small amount of time and minimum of skills.

plaster 500x450

Regardless of the material, before finishing work should be carefully prepared work surface so as not to spoil the end result will fall off with stucco decor and serving roughness.

Surface preparation for finishing

reliable fixation of finishing material is largely dependent on the integrity of the work surface preparation, during which you must:

  • remove protruding more than 1 cm sections, as well as keep the bad plaster, paint;
  • connecting seams, if the arch is made of sheets of drywall to cover serpyanku;
  • primed surface;
  • align the business base with the help of putty;
  • primed.

Preparation 500x450 ( 1 )

After drying the primer mixture can proceed to installation.

arch trim technology

process finishes arched doorway panels, wallpaper, stone and other materials is somewhat different.

trim panels

Finishing arches in the apartment by MDF panels, plastic, cork can be the absence of strongly rounded design elements.Installation of selected materials produced glue or with the groundworks.

mounting adhesive is as follows:

  • produce a thorough surface preparation;
  • mark out and cut the extra part of the panels to the use of the adhesive composition;
  • on the wrong side of the panel zigzag stripe applied liquid nails or specially selected for the adhesive material used;
  • applied to the panel surface and level by level;
  • 5-10 minutes after the glue cures, panel rattle on the surface with a rubber mallet, controlling horizontality building level.

Panels glue 500x450

Mounting on crate does not require alignment of the surface and looks like this:

  • in arch doorway constructing crate of wooden sticks or metal guides that are fixed to the surface using dowels;
  • top and bottom battens bolted screws start guide for installation of panels;
  • cut to size panels installed in the start guide and fixed with screws to the crate.

After finishing the ends of the arch is necessary to ennoble by bonding special corners of the same coating material.

wallpaper Finishing

technology wallpapering depends on the type of wallpaper.

For thin wallpaper without the use of plastic parts:

  • strip of wallpaper paste on the wall adjacent to the arch so that the edges of the canvas were arch border 2-3 cm;
  • on projecting allowance every 2 cm make zigzag cuts and the resulting fabric is folded tabs on the inner surface of the arch, carefully laminating roller;
  • similarly produce pasting the walls on the other side of the arch;
  • cut a strip of wallpaper, the dimensions of which correspond to the width and length of the inner arch arches;
  • pasting the inner surface of the arch produced from the bottom up, a good laminating roller to get rid of air bubbles.

Wallpaper without corners 500x450

If the length of a strip of wallpaper is not enough, the junction of two bands located at the center of the arch.If necessary, use three strips of wallpaper, engages at locations determined arc arch connection with vertical planes.

When using textile or vinyl wallpaper with frame:

Wallpaper with a 500x450 area

  • new wallpapers on the walls adjacent to the arch by arch cut boundaries;
  • cut a strip of wallpaper according to the size of the inner surface of the arch and paste;
  • if necessary, the excess trimmed stationery knife;
  • after 2-3 days, when the glue is dry, fix the selected type of corner by projecting elements of the arch.

Cork wallpaper glued flizeline similarly, the only difference is that you are using ready acrylic or contact adhesive, which is applied on the roll wallpaper, and to paste over the surface.

decorative stones or tiles

Typically, stone cladding is made not only with respect to the arched doorway, and adjacent to the opening of the wall by a symmetric or asymmetric placement.

procedure for preparatory activities:

  • on pre-leveled and primed surfaces make incisions to improve adhesion to the surface of the material;
  • intended for mounting the stones are laid on the floor and pick up the most advantageous combination of relief, drawing overflow;
  • using a wire brush clean the underside of the foam material of the irregularities.

Stone 500x450

Furnish opening produced using cement slurry or liquid nails from the bottom up.At the same time the original veneer walls, adjacent to the arch:

  • adhesive is applied to the wall and on the stone, not exceeding 1 cm layer, otherwise the tile will slide down;
  • first stone laid at the junction of the arch and wall opening;
  • top of the first stack a second stone, moving it to the side of the opening to the thickness of the stone;
  • alternation of masonry is repeated until the desired level, thereby avoiding inaccurate use of angles and framing elements in the form of corners, baseboards and other elements;
  • finish inside the arch opening also produce overlapping.

Stone 500x450

to finish top of the arch:

  • dry tile / stone is applied to the intended place of gluing;Pencil mark the excess line that is carried out several times with a knife construction;
  • breaks off unnecessary part by a pair of pliers;
  • burrs and irregularities are removed with a file and sandpaper.

After 1-2 days after tiling proceed to grouting:

Stitches 500x450

  • building filled syringe Concreting solution;
  • to obtain a pronounced relief joints are filled, before reaching the upper edge of the stone on a 3 to 4 mm;
  • to produce a smoothed relief seam is filled to the same level as the upper limit of the stone;
  • 30-40 minutes filled with smooth seams with a special spatula or the blade, getting rid of the irregularities.

tiling made similarly decorative stones.