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December 12, 2017 00:16

Interior design small bathroom

apartments in houses, which were built in Soviet times, does not differ a great footage.In particular small area was reserved for the bathroom and especially the question is relevant to the "Khrushchev".And, despite the fact that modern developers offer spacious apartments, not all have the opportunity to purchase them.For this reason, do not lose the urgency solutions to increase the small square footage by design decoration of the room.


  • color solution for small space
  • Making surfaces indoors
  • Adjust the lighting
  • Choice plumbing for space optimization
  • Furniture design rooms
  • Obtaining additional space through redevelopment
  • Sequence of redevelopment
  • recommendations to conduct redevelopment

color solution for small space

Before starting repairs transformations small bathroom, it is desirable to prepare a design project of the premises.This sketch suggests the full picture on the bathroom paper after all the repairs.And the first thing you should pay attention - this colo

r scheme of the room.

visually enlarge the space bath melenko size of the room will help correct color.To do this is to comply with the main design techniques:

  1. the best one in the case of a small-sized bathroom will be neutral pastel colors.
  2. To avoid "compressed space" main elements can be identified with the help of bright colors that will perfectly contrast with the basic background of the room.
  3. decor details should choose soft colors.This will be the best solution, because the interior, executed in bright colors too, can look blankly, and too bright colors will have the kind of tasteless.
  4. When making a floor, you can use a little bit of relief tiles that will contrast with the main color palette.
  5. It is advisable to adhere to the principle of minimalism, using only a 2-3 pitch into the finishing room.


Making surfaces indoors

small bathroom design starts with thinking through the interior solutions for surfaces.Finishing the floor, walls and ceiling can significantly affect the visual perception of the bathroom.In order to achieve visual increasing the space you can use these guidelines:

  1. ceiling and the floor should be formalized in the light spectrum.Well in this case fit tiles of natural shades.
  2. There are a variety of options finishing the ceiling.You can use the design in graphic style or stained, and glossy, suspended or hanging options.
  3. Please note that the floor and walls should be decorated in the same color palette.
  4. to the bathroom the best one will finish with light tiles with the addition of accents that can be created by using a dark ceramic.
  5. is also possible to use in the design of large-sized ceramic lining, since fewer seams create the impression of a monolithic wall.
  6. Pretty good looks and mosaics.It will help to place emphasis on certain areas of the room, hiding a small yardage.
  7. Mirror Wall will allow visually double the small space.
  8. Remember that in the process of finishing a small-sized bathroom is not necessary to apply a complex tiled masonry, because it would look too bulky.Also, you do not need to use a darker color in the decoration of borders.
  9. choosing flooring, you should pay special attention to its anti-slip and water repellency.These properties are linoleum, waterproof laminate and ceramic tile.

small bathroom Photo:


Adjust the lighting

a significant role in increasing the visual bath small size plays correctly configured lighting.To visually expand the space, it is possible to resort to such tricks:

  • of opportunity to make a big window in the wall or in the ceiling.Even if it is the only source of light, still can help achieve the effect of the visual space;
  • give preference to the combined coverage, made in several levels.It can be lights built into the ceiling, placed near the mirror or the worktop.


plumbing Selection to optimize space

in a small bathroom area it covers basic furniture and bathroom.It is therefore desirable to consider the most functional interior.To this should be taken into account such details:

  1. recommended to install the shower instead of a bath, which takes its size scarce space.In addition to the small size of the cabin still has an additional advantage in the form of brackets and shelves for bath accessories.A model with glass shutters further increase the space bathroom.Consolidated Version shower and bath also become a convenient solution.
  2. significantly increase the space in the room will allow to sink, fastened to the wall.Formed underneath space can be used to accommodate a washing machine or pedestals.
  3. for small bathroom plumbing should choose the type of corner.Today's manufacturers offer a wide range of this type of sanitary equipment.However, note that in this case it is necessary to take care of additional waterproofing of the walls, on which it is installed.
  4. effective and useful solution is a glass shell, which also will serve as a decorative role and help to increase the space.
  5. When choosing a washing machine should pay attention to the model with a horizontal load of laundry.In this case, the surface of the machine can be used as an additional shelf.


Furniture design rooms

small room dictates the condition of having a minimum, the most essential set of furniture.But at the same time it should not lose its functionality.To maximize the room was spacious the following ideas for its design, you can use:

  1. In the bathroom, you can put a small cabinet under the sink, as well as a pencil case, a few shelves or niches in the wall.
  2. no less useful attributes to save space will be safe with reflective door, located on the wall.He will serve at the same time place to put things and mirror.
  3. When repairing small bathroom furniture should be chosen only light shades.
  4. Also suitable furniture made of glass and shiny surfaces.
  5. To optimize space in the room the most appropriate option would be placing the furniture on the wall.
  6. If the choice is made in favor of outdoor furniture, it should be on high legs.
  7. unprofitable will look at a large number of small bathroom accessories and various parts.


Obtaining additional space through redevelopment

Visually increase the space in the room as possible and by redevelopment, connecting bathroom and toilet.This will enable a more rational place plumbing by increasing the usable space.Also, repair and finishing combined sanitary zone will be cheaper.Combining
bathroom and toilet involves the elimination between the two rooms available partitions and bookmark one of the doors.More area can be significantly increased by non-residential premises, in particular corridor.This redesign is necessary to issue the BTI in the service and utility companies, in whose jurisdiction is located the house.

Before starting work, should provide hydraulic accommodation.As often after the dismantling of old walls of communication become a hindrance for further repair in the room.The output in this situation may be specially designed metal frame, which is used to mount all the necessary plumbing and conducting pipes.
12 - bath Khrushev

Sequence of redevelopment

  1. should first remove the old plumbing, piping and lining material.
  2. Then dismantle the baffle connecting bathroom and toilet.
  3. Then install a new sewer and water systems.
  4. To ensure good ventilation in the room you need to make a hole in the bottom of the wall.Insert it in a small piece of the tube (6-7 cm long), which is to go into the kitchen or the hallway.
  5. then spend a conductive system.In this case it is better to use a three-conductor cable.Earthing and install additional switches and sockets.
  6. Using primer is necessary to perform the processing of the combined space of the wall.
  7. Then fill the floor with bitumen or tar, this will provide additional waterproofing.Then we make a concrete screed.
  8. Once the surface of the floor is dry, do laying finishing material.the most appropriate option is ceramic tiles for the bathroom.
  9. Then make out the ceiling.Perform finish using the selected material with the above tips.
  10. then proceed to finish the walls.The most suitable materials for this purpose are ceramic tile or plastic panels.
  11. Install plumbing and connect it to utilities.
  12. After this bath is ready for furniture arrangement, securing lockers, mirrors, shelves and other accessories.

recommendations to conduct redevelopment

  1. should draw up a project plan and calculate the necessary building materials prior to starting work.
  2. It is mandatory to take care of the premises waterproofing.Remember that hidden work of the waterproofing is necessary to arrange an additional act.
  3. Communications should be placed so that in the event of urgent repairs to them had free access.
  4. Much of the bathroom is occupied impractical placed pipes, communication and heated towel rails.To optimize the space should be replaced with iron pipes with plastic materials.
  5. If you plan to laying floor heating, heating should be carried out only by means of electricity.When using plastic material is necessary to take care to comply with all fire safety requirements.
  6. also determine for water supplying and discharge system separate niche.Subsequently, this gap will be hidden by decorative materials.

ideas for design of small-sized rooms can be seen in movies: