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December 12, 2017 00:16

Design a child's room for a newborn

Children's room in the house - one of those places that are made with lots of love, attention and care.At the same time carefully consider every detail.

Moms and dads trying to ensure its long-awaited child all the best, beautiful, fashionable and modern.As a result of such effort for a newborn baby can be "stuffed" the things without which a child could easily and without.The same can be said about the design of many rooms for kids.In this article we will look at the key points on which to focus, creating an interior nursery for newborns.

What should be the baby for infants?

  1. security.
  2. functional and comfortable.
  3. beautiful.


  1. choosing baby furniture, bedding, materials for finishing the interior, give preference to environmentally friendly models.
  2. floor must not be slippery.Not recommended for nursery use linoleum.Excellent tube, but this option is n
    ot cheap.
  3. outlets at a height accessible to the adult, but not the kid.Equip them with special protective covers.After all, the baby will soon become mobile and curious.
  4. sharp corners of tables and other furniture done safely by applying the silicone nozzle.
  5. When decorating a child, avoid using fluffy carpets, massive curtains, swags and frills.Do not abuse the soft toys.All of these things very quickly accumulate dust of various origins, and to treat them is not so simple for the purpose of disinfection.
  6. Carefully consider the location of the cot.It should not be placed near the exterior walls, windows and doorways.Sometimes, the only right decision becomes cot in the room center of the room.But it must not interfere with the movement of households in the area.

functionality and comfort

  1. observe the principle of zoning premises.You must be present: sleep and rest area, eating area, games area.And, do not forget about the almost constant presence of mothers in all of these areas in the first phase of a new member of the family life.Design Children's room for the newborn should be taken into account and a comfortable stay in the room the most important and necessary assistant.Under the area of ​​sleep and rest means the crib for a newborn and a couch or sofa bed for mom.eating area - a stool or chair for mom and baby highchair.It would be better if it is a chair-transformer with a height adjuster.The play area is mandatory carpet arena and develops mat, capacity for storing toys.
  2. Children's furniture for the newborn, if possible, is chosen "for growth."The cot must not be too small, chairs and tables must be equipped with height adjustment.Well, if the highchair can later be transformed into a chair and table for drawing.Do not forget about the quality of children's furniture.Catching up her purchase, pay attention to the environmental friendliness of the material (the best option, of course, is a tree), the quality of treatment (presence of rough seams, nezashkurennyh surfaces, swollen paint) and the strength of existing fixtures.Recently, ideally, should be made of metal.
  3. Buy practical chests of drawers and cabinets with built-in table for changing mat and plenty of drawers and compartments for storing diapers and baby clothes.
  4. you also need a shelf or shelves to accommodate cosmetic products, the first children's books and toys, rattles.
  5. Lighting.The ideal is considered horizontal lamp with a lampshade frosted with light and warm colors.It is also possible the use of spotlights, placed around the room on the walls, with the possibility of separate switching.Mandatory attribute in the child's night light is a low power, which will relieve the child from unnecessary stress during nighttime awakenings, and help mom quickly navigate in an emergency.
  6. Decorating the walls.More practical in all, for the children's use of painting or wallpapering.Moreover, the resulting surface must be washable, that is, take a waterproof paint and wallpaper Non-woven coated.
  7. microclimate.Eliminate the presence of drafts in the nursery.This room should be warm (20-22⁰C) and easily ventilated.Furthermore, control of air humidity (50-70%).If radiators desiccate it, use special moisturizers.


  1. colors.Children for newborn girls, usually aged in pink for the boy - in blue.Although it is not required.Excellent look at children's and yellow, and beige, and chocolate, and green and many other colors.The main thing is to choose pastel colors and avoid the abundance of black, gray and white.It is better to prefer warm, soft colors.
  2. not hang in the children's thick heavy curtains.Limit translucent curtains with a children's print.By the way, canopies and "protection" in the crib - more a fad than a necessity.The fabric canopy often impede access of fresh air in a crib.A soft bumpers are suitable only those which do not limit the field of baby's review.
  3. Do not overdo it with decorative items and toys.After all, at first your baby can only focus on one thing.As it grows, it is better add vivid detail, spurring his interest in new subjects.

And a few more tips ...

  • ceiling can become home to the developing jewelry, pendants and origami.After lying in bed, pipsqueak will consider all this beauty.An excellent solution may be silicone stickers as a starry sky, glowing in the dark.This piece can easily be replaced, and a nightlight.Child -mobile - pompons
  • most suitable materials for the child: natural wood, chipboard and plastic of high quality, paper wallpaper, textiles made of natural raw materials.
  • very relevant in the children's room can be real flowers.They absorb harmful carbon dioxide and release oxygen is useful.Do not choose a flowering species that cause allergies.Prefer large outdoor plants with a massive leaf rosette.

most interesting ideas of how to arrange for the newborn baby, shown in the photo:

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And do not worry, if living conditions do not allow the child to allocate a separate room.With equal success, you can equip the children's corner in his room, showing a little imagination.And for the baby most importantly - feel his loving and caring mom around.