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August 12, 2017 18:07

Aquarium with his own hands

you have decided to get fish, but this requires an aquarium.To go to the store and buy the container - is expensive.It is much cheaper to produce aquarium with their own hands.The more that you do this on their own aquarium, which will suit you in both size and design.


  • Tips professionals
  • glass Choice
  • How to work with glass
  • Getting bonding
  • As glue tank
  • About stiffeners

Where to start, how to makeAquarium right?This question is asked by many novice aquarists.Before heading out to the pet store and buy fish, as well as everything needed for an aquarium, you need to clearly understand what kind of shape is your mini-pond.

Aquariums come in such forms:

  • rectangular;
  • round;
  • oval;
  • square;
  • corner.

considered Standard capacity rectangular shape and unusual - panoramic aquariums.

Round aquarium looks particularly, it will blend in well with any interior, but to do it yourself at home, you can not.In order to give round shape glass, special equipment is necessary.

Corner or you can make your own panoramic tank, and without special skills to work with glass.But still, if you have never done it and want to make a quality fish tank, it is best to start with a rectangular shape.It is easier to manufacture and easier to maintain later.

Tips professionals

aquarium lovers of exotic advised to collect a rectangular design ways:

  1. When the wall (glass) are based on the very bottom.
  2. When the walls are located directly around the day.

Both the first and second option considered equally strong in the case, if the technology is observed in the assembly design.But, there are some deviations.So, if you decide to make an aquarium 50 liters or more, then it is necessary to collect the second method.Optimal

container size is 90 by 50 by 50 centimeters.This size allows include most species of fish, provided that they are matched by size and compatibility.

gaining popularity model aquariums, which have no ties and obortovki, but to build such a structure will be more difficult.

Professionals recommend positioning the overflow column in the left rear corner, and its holes - the same level.

will also be more convenient if the upper edge of the Bude column is slightly lower than the edge of the vessel wall - only 50 millimeters.This slight discrepancy will allow to keep the water level is slightly lower (about 35 mm) of the glass edge when the work started in the return pump.

material for aquariums is a glass and plexiglass.From Plexiglas experts do not advise to build aquariums, as it becomes cloudy over time.

glass Choice

Perhaps one of the critical moments in the creation of the aquarium is to choose glass.You must select a specific variety, marked from one to M M-eight.And one of M will be considered a higher grade.If you want your aquarium served for a long time, choose a glass of not less than a third of the brand.To create a container at home fit window glass, which can be purchased at any steklomasterskoy or in the building supermarket.

choosing glass, pay attention to such things: it must not have any cracks or tsarapinok nor any inclusions.

Once the glass is selected, it is necessary to determine the thickness.there are special tables to select the thickness of the glass.When you came into the store, you have already decided on the aquarium size.Calculate the size of the tank will the following formula: length multiplied by the width and height.Thus, a volume.This table will help you know the amount of your future aquarium.

glass scheme

How to work with glass

If you have a bit of material for the construction of a home aquarium, consider the collection of glass dimensions, which will serve as the bottom (it will be exerted more pressure).

Also, if the front reservoir wall (face) has a greater length and height, then you must use the glass "top ten" - a width of 10 millimeters.Thus, experts recommend to the manufacture of the tank houses for about 200 liters in volume, with dimensions of 100 by 400 by 500 millimeters, operate with the glass thickness is not less than eight millimeters.

to cut out the glass, such tools are needed:

  • line;
  • marker or pen;
  • glass cutter;
  • Clippers on the glass;
  • soft tissue;
  • fabric gloves.

Before working surface should be wiped from the divorce and possible contamination, wait until the glass is dry.

glass Cleaner

When cutting glass is necessary to adhere to the size, "allowances" do not need to.

When working with glass, you need to reduce the size of the width and length equal to the length of a double thickness of the glass, as well as plus four millimeters on allowances for glue.

it was easier to cut out the glass, must be purchased Roller glass cutter.They are easier to work, as it slides on the glass gently, without "skips".Observe utmost caution!

nuances of work:

  • consider when cutting glass thickness;
  • cover for the tank is also made of glass, which is glued on the perimeter of the adhesive tape;
  • when working with glass cutter is necessary to work with the pressure that the glass broke well, and does not crumble;
  • if you do not press the glass cutter to the glass, then it will crack and cut it will be difficult;
  • preferably in advance to practice on small scraps, not to spoil the fragile material.

After you have spent on the surface of the glass cutter, immediately necessary to break the glass, rather than waiting until it "cools down".To do this, put the glass on the table so that the fault line fell on the edge of the surface and confidently breaks hand.Do not forget to wear gloves or wrap a cloth brush.

Tip: if you get glass in specialized stores, you may be offered a service the cutting material, which is often already included in the purchase price.So do not give up on professional services.

Getting bonding

After the cutting of the glass produced, the edges to be processed.Remember that the cut edges can not oshkurivat, because then they will be impossible to bond with each other.To connect the joints using a special silicone adhesive which is harmless for the fish and other inhabitants of the aquarium.

To glue lay not exactly, it is necessary to work with the "gun", which will make a thin and smooth glue line.

glass, etc.

As glue tank

Before you work with glue, every vessel wall to be treated with gasoline or turpentine, wipe with a soft cloth (not synthetic).Work on the table and under the bottom of the future reservoir lay the old wallpaper or several layers of newspaper.Keep in mind that when working, when it began the process of solidification of the adhesive, construction can not be moved, so choose a comfortable place where the aquarium will not interfere with anyone until dry.

  1. Apply adhesive (or sealant) with a thin even layer.
  2. On the front wall, apply sealant along the lines on which it will be attached to the bottom.
  3. sealant thickness should not exceed the thickness of the glass.
  4. Make sure that the adhesive layer is smooth, with no gaps, as it is fraught with the occurrence.
  5. Once the adhesive is applied, you can set the front of the aquarium on the bottom.Try to work without pressure, so that the liquid does not "crawled" to the sides.
  6. If the glue treads out of the window, do not rush to remove it immediately.
  7. Make sure that the first sheet of glass (front part) is not left without support, and only then proceed to the next bonding walls.
  8. When gluing the side of the aquarium panelets apply glue to the ends of the first side walls.Keep in mind that the glue small aquariums as difficult as or more.


About stiffeners

ribs that impart rigidity needed for strength.To begin this phase of work, you must wait a day or a little longer until the glue dries well not.During drying, you should not move and knock on the design.

stiffeners are thin strips of glass, which will serve as an additional strengthening of the aquarium walls.In the presence of the ribs, even when a large volume of water tank will not undergo transformation.

standard size strip is no more than five centimeters and the length is calculated based on the formula of "three-quarters of the length of the front of the grid."

Experts recommend sticking a strip perpendicular to the side walls and the front wall of the tank, and only from the front and rear walls.

To attach the strips must be laid next to the aquarium side.A strip of glue and fluff in order to attach each.Leave to dry for a day.

After the tank is dries, the excess adhesive is removed with a thin sharp blade or knife to the outer side.

e glass

All work on the construction of the tank is made.It remains to wait for about five days until it finally dries and only then proceed to fill the water tank.In this uncomplicated case also has its own nuances.Try to fill the water gradually, gently pouring it slowly.After filling the reservoir to the brim, leave it for a day.If during this period the flow was not found, so you can operate it.

Often novice aquarists are wondering what to buy for the aquarium?To this question you can answer in detail at a pet store, but be prepared for the fact that the list will consist of ten or more points.

In these photos you can see the types of aquariums:

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