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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to select an ironing board : types and characteristics of the models

The modern apartment ironing board - it is no longer a luxury but a necessary and useful accessory. If our mothers and grandmothers often ironed linens on any smooth surface, today offers to the hosts a wide range of variety of ironing boards, which significantly accelerate and facilitate the ironing process, and sometimes perform additional functions.

This thing helps to cope with fatigue and save power during the execution of a monotonous and often tedious housework like ironing, and therefore the question of whether, how to select an ironing board , is extremely important in housewives.

How to choose a good ironing board

How to choose a good ironing board

becoming the choice of the ironing board, it is recommended to start to pay attention to a few of its characteristics: size, weight, way of folding, height, coverage and options.But all this at a time.

weight and mobility

Most owners are not able to withdraw under a separate room, ironing room and have it in any convenient location.Some owners of houses and large apartment

s is room for ironing laundry, well, for those who have such a possibility does not, weight, size and mobility boards play a very big role.

The best option - a folding ironing board average weight.Too light board should alert you - most likely, its structure is made of durable material.The mobility of the ironing board is also important - it must be easy to take shape, fixed to the desired height and placed in the desired position.

Ironing board photo

Ironing board in the interior

size and design

All ironing board size can be divided into modern and classic.Classic board often have dimensions of 110 * 120 * 30 and 38 - they fit better in an apartment with small dimensions as compact as possible in storage, and a small area is enough for ironing small items.However, such boards are not too comfortable for bed linen ironing, because it will have to drag all the time.

Modern is ironing boards worktop more - usually 140 * 148 * 40 and 45.Dimensions ironing surface with almost no influence on the stability and compactness of the entire model.

selection of the ironing board

correct choice of the ironing board

When choosing the ironing board and you should be interested in its construction.More often than not in stores you will find a folding ironing board classical model with rounded corners.They are usually made from plywood with a thin layer of foam rubber.It is important to use a high-quality model with a solid surface that does not rassohnetsya not sag after a few days of work, so do not buy the cheapest model.

what a good ironing board

What a good ironing board

Stability and legs

Stability folding ironing board usually defined legs.When unfolding the board, that is, in working condition, they should advocate for the working surface of the edge of the board.

Before, how to select an ironing board , should also see how the legs are attached to the ironing surface.Better to give preference to the board, where the legs are connected by strong bolts or welded at all, as the model with rivets, though cheaper, but threatened in the future to make the mechanism sustainable.Sami feet is best to choose from chrome-plated metal with small rubber caps that prevent scratching the floor, as the wood less durable and can ignite and painted peeling over time.

Also note the locking mechanism.Typically, manufacturers offer a stepwise and seamless.Smooth lock allows you to select any convenient height you, but it is less reliable, while the speed will provide great durability.

What better ironing board

What ironing board better

Choose a cover for the ironing board

Cost boards are also very dependent on the quality of the top coat.Cheaper models are covering their cotton materials, the more expensive and high-quality - a special, often a removable cover for the ironing board from heat-resistant material.

Cover - cover for ironing board

cover - cover for the ironing board

Additional features

Modern boards are also a number of additional features that facilitate your work - temperature resistant stand-tray under the iron, cord lock, the plug (it is useful to notpull cord for extra iron), net for things as well as small table rollers for ironing sleeves and fine linen.

Ironing board with steam generator and laundry chute

Ironing board with steam generator and laundry chute

How to select an ironing board: modern range

addition to traditional folding, modern industry offers us a wide range of alternatives ironing boards.About them we describe below.

board ironing board

This option is most suitable for small laundry ironing, as well as very well help solve the problem of storage.This board is usually a working surface of classical or reduced size on small legs as sanochek or as a two-sided boards of different lengths and widths, whereby it can be put on a table or other surface.These options are very inexpensive, practical, they can also be used as a supplement to the main big board.

Board ironing board photo

board ironing board

Built folding ironing board

This board - a real godsend for small apartments.As a rule, it is set in a small special cabinets or inserted into the dressing room, you can also order a board as a wall mural or painting, where its rear surface is an element of decor.However, there is such folding ironing board quite expensive.

ironing board built into the wall

Ironing board built into the wall

Built-in ironing board in the laundry room

Built-in ironing board in the laundry room

Folding ironing board built into the wall

Folding ironing board built into the wall

retractable ironing board

This model also helps to save space in the apartment.Typically, it is installed inside the wall of the furniture, and also in cabinets.This board is equipped with a special mechanism that allows it to go from the box on special rollers, like a shelf for the keyboard.When ironing is finished, it is easy to back into place, freeing you from worries about its storage.

Pull-out ironing board

retractable ironing board built-in wardrobe

Pull-out ironing board in bathroom

retractable ironing board in the bathroom

Ironing board retractable

Ironing board retractable

Ironing board, dresser

Such boards are very similar in principle to the swaddling chests of drawers -they are located on top of the chest, can fold out to a comfortable size.In fact, this ironing table, followed by ironing clothes is quite convenient to produce, in addition, it fits perfectly into the interior.Chest of drawers with ironing board can be made of wood, rattan and other suitable materials.This is very advantageous for the discovery of many housewives.

Ironing board , chest of drawers from rattan

Ironing board, chest of drawers from rattan

Wooden chest of drawers with ironing board

Wooden chest of drawers with ironing board

Unusual ironing boards with additional features

If you have extra money and are willing to make a really high-quality and durable purchase, you will come in handy ironing boardswith features powered by the mains.They have a fan that can guide air in various directions, allowing for more securely hold the fabric on the board.This active ironing board with a steam generator is very convenient for ironing things elastic, as well as for delicate synthetic fabrics with a slippery surface.And it helps to be steamed and dry clothes - in general, this model has many advantages.

ironing board with a steam generator

Ironing board with steam generator

Often housewives are concerned about how to choose and where to buy good quality ironing board.In order to serve you for many a thing, it is best to look for it in specialized shops of household appliances or to order from the online store.Suffice rare and expensive items, as well as those that require specific work and adjusting to suit your interior, you can even order a special studio (as a rule, is built and folding board).

Listen to our advice, and your purchase will be successful!

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