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August 12, 2017 18:07

Cardboard boxes for the move : where to buy , how to pack

People say that moving fire worse.Of course, this statement is far from the truth, but on the level of stress and excitement of moving is not the last position in the international rankings, and the percentage of affected when moving valuable items can be very large.

Can I avoid this?- you ask.Why not?!The key is to ensure maximum safety of your precious things, and help in the most common cardboard boxes for moving .If you come to the process of packing things intelligently, creatively and with a pleasant sensation of things to come, you can not just do without the stress, but also to deal with all of your scrub to packaging, throwing out unnecessary things and spread out as efficiently as possible.However, why cardboard boxes?

If we look at the entire global industry, it is packed into that 99% of goods purchased by you?That's right, in the carton, proper weight and dimensions of the product.After all, such a container is able to minimize the damage to the goods, logistics and packaging costs, and

most suited for marking goods.That is, using cardboard boxes when you move, you simply use the experience that empirically grasped the whole world.

Cardboard boxes for moving

cardboard boxes for moving

Let's take a look at the advantages of cartons more carefully.

  • Cardboard boxes - the least expensive packing material.
  • They weigh little.
  • cartons easily label that will help to better navigate the location of different things and ways of handling them.For example, the words "porcelain set" is able to greatly reduce your desire to bang the heavy box on the floor.
  • minor bumps and scratches things packed in cardboard boxes, not so terrible.
  • in cartons things are protected from dust, moisture, dirt, deformation and other adverse conditions.
  • perfectly stacked boxes, they can be put on each other, without the risk of damaging things inside.This significantly saves space, as the high column of boxes will take less space than anything else.
  • Cardboard is one of the most durable and eco-friendly materials, easy to be utilized in, but at the same time, has high strength.
where to get boxes for moving

Where to get boxes for moving

Now that the advantages of the use of cardboard boxes at moving definitely worth puzzled with the question: where to get the boxes for moving?But this - a little later.

Looking Cato boxes for moving

So, you realize that when you move, you will need a cardboard box, and the question - where to get them becomes extremely important.Solutions here is not so much.

  • Option one - beg in the store.Not very nice, especially the box on the product can not withstand the weight of your equipment or even - to keep the smell of what lay before them.Clothing with croutons with horseradish smell - something spicy, but it may annoy ... The advantage of this method only in its absolutely free.
  • Where to buy boxes for moving, if not in the construction and furniture retail stores.The advantage here is that you can feel the goods, inspect it, to consult with the seller and immediately pick up your chosen cartons.Most often, these products can be purchased at building supermarkets, hypermarkets the IKEA, stores selling household goods.However, it is quite possible that the price of cardboard boxes there are very "charged" so that, if the urgency recedes before commercialism - go to the next option.
  • best option to buy cardboard boxes for moving will order them in a specialized online store.There's more variety, better price tag and the delivery is expected, because the sale of boxes for moving - their core business activities.But it suffers from the urgency - of the request and delivery takes at least a day, and often two - three days.
  • If you use a company moving services, then, as a rule, they will offer you their own packaging, making it easier, but you will fly into penny.
where you can buy boxes for moving

Where can I buy boxes for moving

But, in the end who is looking for - he finds, and once you figure out a place where you can buy the coveted cartons, should learn more about what types ofcardboard boxes, there are some tricks of the package.

We organize the move - so different boxes

Any cartons, including, and designed to move, can vary considerably in size, material density, and performance.In addition to standard boxes, there are also a large cardboard boxes, modest size and highly specialized.Let's get acquainted with them closer.

  • Carton standard sizes.Perfect for packing collectibles, books, kitchen utensils and other metal, not so overall things.
  • large cardboard boxes.The most suitable packaging for clothing, bedding, a large textile, interior parts and other bulk, but not very heavy equipment.
  • Specialized box for clothes.They are made of more durable cardboard and are often equipped with a crossbar.This helps maximize the careful storage of your favorite suits, sweaters and pants.
  • Specialized box art and the PC.It provides durable and suitable for the storage size of the computer technology and is designed for your desired dimensions.
  • Specialized box for fragile dishes.This box is "sharpened" for the safe transport of glassware, plates, glasses, cups and other kitchen utensils.Accompanied separators having three levels to the cells (mostly two-level cell 9, and one by 16 cells).The distinctive feature of these boxes is their high strength.
  • ยท specialized boxes for transporting paintings and mirrors.These boxes are made of components that you can configure them precisely to the size of the product.
cardboard boxes for moving

cardboard boxes for moving

cardboard boxes for moving

cardboard boxes for moving

In addition to this information, keep in mind that you need more and tape (to seal the box with the contents), a marker (sign packaged box), bubble wrap (it is necessary to wrap all fragile items, and after moving it with pleasure can pat, removing accumulated stress) and, possibly, rope, if the boxes are not provided with handles.All empty boxes to be filled in a film or a soft cloth.

And one more thing: if you do not know where to attach cardboard boxes after moving, then read our article on how to make furniture out of cardboard.

Where can I buy boxes for moving

Where can I buy boxes for moving

Good luck moving!

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