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August 12, 2017 18:07

Moving into a new apartment : rituals, beliefs , organization of transportation of things

If you will soon be moving to a new apartment or a new house, then our article can be very helpful. Read about what are the signs and moving rituals, how to organize the unpacking things in new home.

can you say that when you move into a new apartment is enough common sense and a clear plan, a list of actions and a list of things you need to pack?In fact, the move - it's quite a serious experience, and better to learn some of the nuances, to do the right thing and as well as possible to settle down in a new place.

you ask if you will come in handy in this case, if you move to a safe place?Of course!After all, you will live there for a while, maybe even very long.We recommend even read our tips on how to equip a safe place and make it more comfortable.

Moving into a new apartment

Moving into a new apartment

As we have seen, to move from one place to another - is not easy, responsible.Do not forget, all carefully packaged, safely drop off and, finally, put in its place - it's just a dry presentation of the sequence of acti

ons, and how many labor-intensive processes behind these words ... And yet, most people find the same time, even for some action,usually we call it rituals.

While some rituals when moving to a new apartment is not devoid of meaning, while others are puzzling and lightweight shock - there is no single answer as to how to treat this.You can walk out of curiosity for a few of them, at least to smile, or may be interested.

Moving into a new apartment conventionally includes three stages:

  • action on the old place (collection of things, loading);
  • transportation;
  • action at the new location (unloading, placement of things).

Here's a chronological order and consider some rituals when moving.

One of the curious rituals is advice from Feng Shui teachings, to which more and more people listening lately.You are invited to bake a loaf, cake, cake or something in this spirit of dough according to the recipe of your choice.The only condition - the shape of your baking needs to remind the house.Eat it is recommended immediately before the move, thus you as if in carry very essence of the house where you lived.

Another moving ritual - from the category more mystical.The vessel, preferably made of glass or ceramic, you are the salt in the old house, mentally imagining how it absorbs all the energy of your life in this house, all the emotions, negative and positive.Give salt to stand in a dark place for a while, presenting during this as your old house is cleaned from all that has been.At sunset the day the salt in a deserted place should bury and leave without looking back.After this you must wash your hands.

As for rituals in a new place, the most beloved of them - it's a housewarming.It is useful and pleasant in every way - the new home will help to get acquainted with future neighbors, and psychologically adapt to the new location.Not surprisingly, this ritual not only caught on, but moved into the category of mandatory.

also recommended that upon arrival at the new place of residence to announce his presence by making several successive operations.It is necessary to open the windows in every room, turn on the light in each of them, pour some water.This ritual is useful in that you at the same time check the serviceability of equipment and devices.

is endless enumeration of rituals that are united by one common feature - they are designed to attract well-being in your new house, and the maximum to preserve the good things that were in your old house.You just need to remember that the best rituals it can only make you do.

Rituals when moving into a new apartment

rituals when moving into a new apartment

Moving into a new apartment: interesting signs

important sign when moving, especially when you enter the apartment after the old masters, is to get rid of the accumulated negative energy there.To do this, it is very important immediately after moving to do spring cleaning, thoroughly washing their floors, wiped dust in all the places.

More from our grandparents, we know that in a new building above the entrance door you can hang a horseshoe horns should make it down.This sign is the fact that in the new apartment or house reigned happiness and prosperity.

But from evil and impure in the old beams hung in houses St. John's wort - a so-called guardian.

signs, according to which the relocation must first run a cat in the house, your new home will be welcoming.Therefore, they say that the cat must go myself, you just put it by the door.The cat is generally associated a lot of will and even superstitions.Some are looking at its behavior in a new place, remember the place, she was chosen.For example, in the place where the cat slept for the first time, put the bed.But this is not always correct, as is the bed and the bedroom feng shui principles, and other signs.But what if the cat is asleep in the kitchen or bathroom?Of course, there you will not sleep!

General cleaning after moving into a new apartment

General cleaning after moving into a new apartment

How to pick up their houses from the old to a new apartment

unlikely that today, many pay attention to this fad, but in the old days without homes in the new home did not pinched - it needed to lurewith them by any means.

general house - it's your friend and pal, which not only protects the house of trouble, but also takes care of the household.And when you are friends with them, you probably noticed that you live well.It is therefore important when moving to pick up his friend - a brownie in your new apartment.The easiest way to do this - it is after collecting things to put in the front door of the box, which will be composed of soft things, and then leave it for at least 10-15 minutes.Your house definitely gets into the box and go with you.And some beliefs lead us to believe that in order to move along with his house-enough to grab a broom from the old apartment.

way or another, but after arrival it is necessary to let the brownie.Put on the same entry box and open it.Then pour the milk into a saucer and put it on the floor.Brownie certainly will eat out of your caring hands, the more that he could have the road and hungry.

How to pick up their houses in a new apartment when moving

How to pick up their houses in a new apartment when moving

What things to unpack first when moving

So, the car with all your acquired good drove into the yard of your new home.But too early to relax.You have to unload and placement of things, it depends on how successful will move into your new apartment.We hope that you prudently numbered boxes with your stuff, and the most prudent and even wrote a list of all the things on the box for convenience.Then the final phase of the move will not cause problems and does not take much time.You only need to decide which items to unpack first.

The first thing to unload the car all the items that will interfere with the callout of furniture.It can be delicate chandeliers, TV, indoor plants, etc. - all of which can temporarily stay in the ground or on a bench near the house.Now you can make and deliver the furniture in the house.As you make furniture, it should immediately unpack and inspect for damage on the road.It will be easy if you have on hand at gatherings composed inspection certificate.Furniture is recommended to collect, if needed, and place with the help of porters immediately to where it will be in the future.It is better to plan in advance and included in the relocation plan.If you are treated with no plan, just keep this information in mind and monitor each parish movers furniture, giving them guidance on the placement of objects.

you can walk with a damp cloth on the outer surface of the furniture and wipe the shelves in the closet if needed.

Next entered the box - things of which you can immediately lay into place, the good furniture is ready to take them back.This will help you unspeakably your lists, which we mentioned earlier.

Cardboard boxes for moving

cardboard boxes for moving

After initial placement of furniture and unfolding of things out of the box, it's time to get rid of unnecessary packaging is now in the form of countless piles of boxes and packaging material.Once cleared of maximum space, it is useful to wipe the floors.However, it must be done after the installation of cornices, installation of blinds or curtains hanging in the windows.

question, what kind of things to unpack first has lost relevance, and it was the turn of those things which forlornly await their fate on the street.Make television, plants, vacuum cleaner, tables, ottomans, chairs, in general, all that is left.When the last item entered, and your act of the whole list of items is checked, is still time to cast the master's eye and sign the act of performing work with peace of mind to let go of movers and stay in their homes.

The more organized you arranged the furniture and display items, do not forget to clean up garbage in the form of packaging material, the faster will be able to drink tea in the new home environment after moving into a new apartment, and congratulate yourself on the successful completion of it.

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