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August 12, 2017 18:07

Shelve your own hands

Nothing decorates the room fills the warmth and how beautiful furniture.No, not a bulky cabinets and wardrobe in question , small slides and all kinds of fashionable decorative corner shelf to fully cope with this task.A bulky cabinets remove far away or even get rid of them for good, and instead of them to hold numerous family stuff using built-in wardrobes and create a room atmosphere of minimalism.But now is not talk about it, let's see how you can create a decorative corner shelf own hands .Moreover, the shape of the shelf and its design we have also come up with themselves.

To start collect the necessary tools, materials and fasteners for the manufacture of shelves with their own hands.

From the tool you will need:

  • hand circular saw;
  • jigsaw to round the corners;
  • drill;
  • special drill for SCREW;
  • iron;
  • allen keys.

material - it's only a sheet of laminated chipboard, melamine adhesive edge and konfirmat to connect parts of the shelf.

marking and cutting of particle board is probably the

most important step in the manufacture of shelves with their hands , the correct implementation of which depends on the appearance of the finished product.It is important to all, is taken into account every millimeter.Slightly trim without having to spoil the evenness of the region, then it will be impossible.Everything has to happen on the first try.

Wall shelves with their own hands

Wall Shelves own hands

are factory laminated chipboard cut into a special machine with two cutting blades located above and below the material being cut.That is why it turns flat cut, splinter-free on both sides.At home, this is not achieved.Therefore, cutting chipboard must be done taking into account the front and reverse side.Replacement blade for cutting is better to choose with a fine tooth comb, they are not doing so badly chipped.

When assembling parts for products already cut, you can enjoy their ennoblement, the ends of the parts need to paste over melamine edge.It can be purchased at any hardware market or in a specialty store in different colors and sizes.Glued it is very simple.On its back side has already applied layer of thermal glue, so you just have to make the necessary length of the edge-to-end DSP and its warm iron.Then let it cool down, and the excess, protruding on the edges, cut the sharp razor or sharp knife.

Corner shelf with his own hands

Corner shelf with his hands

Then proceed to the shelf assembly process.Not having some experience, you certainly can not do without outside help.Have someone hold the mating parts in position while you drill the hole.

Shelf with their hands

Shelf own hands

Then connect the future of the shelf using SCREW - a special furniture screw with coarse thread and head for internal hex wrench.Similarly, the assembly is made all the other parts of the corner shelves.At this stage, the most important is the accuracy of the connection parts, if one of the parts will be at least a millimeter play for another, the overall appearance of the product much spoil.Assembly works better to produce on a level surface to avoid misalignment and inconsistencies.

for fixing corner shelves will need to provide specific hardware.It can be purchased ready-made at the store, but you can come up with something of their own.This is usually some "ears", bolted on the top shelf, for which she hung on the wall.

Shelves with his hands photo

rack with his hands photo

functionality of this type of shelves are enormous.They can be used as an exhibition gallery for your favorite photos, books, small paintings, figurines collection.You can organize a petting zoo, posting on her houseplants.Actually, to put on a shelf, made with their own hands, can be anything you want, because that's why its production and performed by you personally devised the scheme.

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