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August 12, 2017 18:07

Illumination for the cabinet - how to make

Often when buying a new wardrobe people do not think about the necessity of interior lighting.But lighting is of great benefit, since often all cases (classic or closets) occupy not the most lit place in the room.To find the right thing in the closet, it is necessary to approach close to the shelves, shifting the contents or include additional lighting.This problem is easily solved by installing lighting for the cabinet.


can resort to the classical scheme of lighting fixtures and connect to the switch.In this case, each time you want to open the closet and find the right thing, have to be distracted and include backlight manually, and then do not forget to turn it off.These actions are delivered a lot of inconveniences and take precious time.

best option for lighting closet is automatic lighting.Visually lights look like this: when you open the cabinet door, the light

turns on automatically when a door is closed - is switched off.Depending on the choice of lighting can obtain an additional source of light in the right place.

How to choose the backlight

In modern cabinets coupe presented at the Russian furniture market, install halogen lamps (Italy, Poland Production, Germany and China).

In organizing the lighting halogen lamps cabinet should pay attention to such moments:

  • bulb temperature can reach five hundred degrees Celsius, therefore it is necessary to adhere to fire safety regulations;
  • halogen lamps is very capricious, and it is better not to touch with bare hands.Otherwise, the surface may be formed on the fatty stains, which subsequently lead to the melting of glass;
  • lamps are very sensitive to voltage drops, so it is recommended to include through the stabilizer, and some types of halogen lamps can be operated only through the step-down transformer;
  • if the lamp will operate continuously, they will break down quickly.In addition, the continuous operation of lighting in dynamic lighting mode leads to a reduction of their service life.


alternative to halogen lamps can be LED lights (Led), which not only refresh and diversify interior of the premises, but will cover the interior of the cabinet.Often it is used to illuminate the walls, cabinets and other furniture - beds, cabinets, shelves, cupboards.

The picture shows the cabinet lights LED ribbon:

LED Backlight

LED backlight consists of several elements combined train.This type of lighting will provide the necessary momentum of light (to change the color and intensity of luminescence).

If you compare two versions of light for furniture - LED or halogen lamps, the LED system is considerably more expensive.But even the high price does not stop buyers, because the lights will justify itself in the course of operation, and saves energy.

Advantages of LED lighting:

  • low power consumption;
  • serve more than sixty thousand hours;
  • resistance to repeated switching on and off;
  • high resistance to shock and vibration;
  • compact;
  • possible to adjust the light intensity;
  • low operating voltage;
  • not heated and meets the rules of fire safety;
  • clean, because the materials do not contain mercury;
  • has a low operating voltage;

use of modern LED lighting will provide for seven years of continuous operation.

How to make the backlight closet

To organize internal cabinet lighting fixtures are designed Steinel company with built-in motion sensor.Choose a model equipped with an ultrasonic sensor, which performs switching light when the door is opened, not when one is nearby.

Experts advise in self-connected lighting defined in advance with the installation diagram.You can take the cable under stress - in this case, the motion sensor will simultaneously also act as a switch.But in most cases, when you need to make the lighting in the cabinet, the power supply cable is not withdrawn in advance, and the possibility to install lighting in the right place - no.With such a problem often faced by the owners of the cabinets.

electrical cable can hold in two ways:

  1. Open - on the ceiling and wall.
  2. Closed - using a special cable channel.

How to install lights in the closet closed way:

  • , measure and cut the cable channel the right length;
  • secure with screws in its base ceiling.

Channel cable

  • lay the cable in the cover and close it;
  • connect cabinet lighting to electrical cables, performing a serial connection of white wire (phase), and blue (zero).Work in a power outage;


  • later in the lamp, you must install the lamp and turn on the power supply to test it in the work;
  • if lighting is connected correctly, you can set the light-scattering cover.



How to install halogen lamps

lighting halogen lamps are often used for the organization of lighting in the closet shelves.The stores are sold ready sets consisting of three or five lamps.Pick up a set of suitable size for the lighting of the cabinet shelves.

The standard package includes the backlight:

  • transformer;
  • halogen lamps;
  • wire;
  • connector;
  • switch.


before installing halogen lights should be familiar with the scheme:

Driving halo

When choosing a step-down transformer should take into account such parameters:

  • input voltage;
  • power (total power of lamps connected to the transformer).

addition, learn the rules of such lighting installation:

  1. transformer capacity should be higher by five percent than the sum of the power of halogen lamps.
  2. The output transformer should issue twelve volts.For example, if you want to connect five lamps (power of each lamp is twenty watts), a voltage of twelve volts, it is necessary to multiply the number of lamps to power and add to the resulting figure of five per cent.Accordingly, the transformer capacity will be 105 watts.
  3. take into account relevant operating voltage connected lamps.
  4. length of wire to connect the lamp to the transformer should not exceed two to three meters.If you take the longer length wire, power supply over long distances can be reduced.
  5. necessary to consider that during the operation of the transformer it will heat up, so it should be located at a distance of twenty centimeters away from heat sources (heater, battery).

Phased works on connecting fixtures:

  1. To prepare a place in the halogen lamp, it is necessary to use an electric drill and cutter wear (crown).
  2. Drill hole depth of five to ten millimeters, and then turn the cutter and dosverlite hole.Without this technique, you can pull out of the closet wall piece of chipboard.
  3. connect the lighting elements into a single string on a flat surface.
  4. to connect the lamps need to connect the lamp between them and connect them to the transformer.
  5. To perform a parallel connection, you must use pads or terminals.

Run illumination in the cabinet with his own hands will be easier if you look at the connection process to the photo:

process process 1 process 2 process 3

Backlight LED ribbon

tape sold in the shop of electrical goods in the coils of five meters or footage.To illuminate the kitchen cabinets is enough to buy one roll LED strip (LEDs density - thirty pieces of one meter), the required number of terminals for the wiring, connector and controller on the remote control.To power the tape, do not forget to buy the cord with a plug.


Examine circuit mounting tape, shown in this photo:


How to Install LED Strip:

  1. connected in series with the power supply cord, and then the power to the controller unit.Note that the controller fit two short and fine wiring.Connect them securely to the power supply can be so: Strip the insulation from the wire by ten millimeters and apply solder.Now you can not worry about the reliability of the contact.
  2. On the controller you see four wires of different colors.Wiring must be connected to the controller of one color ribbon.To connect, you can use a soldering iron, but it is best to cope with this task terminal blocks.

Feed - terminals

  1. At this stage, the assembly need to test the LEDs.
  2. Now you stick LED ribbon inside the cabinet and connected to the wiring.

LED strip lights finals

Cabinets Backlit photo:

spot light


light shelves