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August 12, 2017 18:07

Cabinet - bedroom .How to combine , layout ideas

your home for you not only a cozy space where you live, but also in combination, and place of work?Then you just need a mini-office.It can be great to arrange the living room, but then when all around you is always something happening.Who would want to watch TV, children play and make noise, and after all for productive work needs concentration and quiet.That is why the decision to combine the office with a bedroom - the right thing.Below we look at how to do it.


Choosing a place in

apartment at first thought, but a requirement is a priority for you?Of course, to you no one bothered and it was quiet.Therefore:

  • room choose the most remote;
  • desirable that the windows are not left on the street with heavy traffic or on the playground, but as this requirement is not always possible to meet, then proceed
    from the fact that we have.As a last resort put the box of metal and plastic, which will not pass the noise;
  • door should be closed tightly;
  • walls and better soundproofing.

Design bedroom cabinet

If you decide to arrange your workspace in the most intimate room, the office, the bedroom design should be considered carefully, because every little thing can both contribute to fruitful work and detract from it.Consider what kind of material will be most suitable:

  • not to be distracted by extraneous stimuli, choose the wall light, dull tone.If painted, the plain, but prefer the wallpaper, then whether or not printed, or with a quiet, dim, small pattern.Here, of course, plays a role and location of the premises in relation to the cardinal points.When the room is oriented to the north, the walls are lined with warm colors, to the south - in the cold.If we take into account that the material to absorb sound, well-fit mats wallpaper, paintable.Well perform this function, and the walls covered with natural tissue;
  • ceiling - a tension or suspended;
  • floor carpet cover better.This material is a good sound insulator.Suitable thick and soft carpet;
  • abundance of textiles in the room, where it is planned to arrange the bedroom cabinet in one place is not recommended.It relaxes.So just hang the curtains on the window, and cast a veil over the bed.Of course, not flashy colors and in harmony with the color of the walls.This decision is favorable and for a relaxing holiday or for work.

photo bedroom - office - 294

illuminates the space

Shadows in our study-bedroom, we do not need, therefore:

  • mount spotlights on the ceiling around the perimeter.Actually for that we chose mounted or suspended ceiling;
  • as it should be according to the rules, to the left of your desk lamp set.Ideally, there should be the same and the switch.Do not forget that sometimes want to read a book or newspaper, lying down, so the head of the bed and light the dot.And shut down its desirable, not getting out of bed.At the entrance to the office-bedroom install another switch on the case you need to turn on the perimeter of the room lighting.

Note: white, bluish color invigorates.Hence, it is appropriate in the working area.The yellow light emitted by an incandescent lamp, relaxes, and this is exactly what you need for the bedroom.



When selecting furniture for the room, where a bedroom, combined with cabinet, adhere to the principle of minimalism.Remember: all unnecessary distractions.Take the essentials:

  • bed.It is desirable that the bed has performed some function such as this Italian's bed from Flou Salina factory.Here and practicality, and comfort and beauty combine perfectly.The sidewall mounted bookshelves and bed is kept in a compartment under the mattress;

Bed Flou Salina --149588

  • the bed needed a bedside table and wardrobe.That's all you need for a cozy bedroom;
  • to work if the computer, or acquire the desk;
  • another chair and working compartment features.As you can see, no bookcases, cabinets, TV and other equipment, except for a computer, no.

order not sleepy during

basic rule that we observe, furnished our bedroom - study, planning all the way to work, we have not seen the bed.Otherwise thought will flow not in the desired direction.The best way out - to isolate from each other these areas.Separate these 2 opposite to the destination space as follows:

  • put the decorative design of wood or drywall.This is a great, inexpensive and functional option.On this partition are located, and shelves for books from the working room and mirror - from the bedroom;


  • perform arch at the transition line from the work area in the bedroom.Of course, if there is enough space.Arch, in this case, should match the style of the room;
  • make rack and hoist him flowers, an aquarium with fish swimming slowly;
  • a fairly large room, you can even put doors parted, both in the closet coupe;
  • if space is very much a small, separate it from the bed can be a curtain;
  • are designers and this simple method, a combination of colors.The tone of the bedroom area richer and the working - less.Generally, the difference between the tones is at least 2 orders of magnitude.


interesting variant lay-bedroom cabinet photo is made in a not very large apartment with high ceilings.It shows a set of furniture, which is located in a small area.He released in Sweden by Matroshka Furniture.In addition to the working area, it is equipped with:

  • bed;
  • sofa;
  • table;
  • drawers.


allocate space using furniture

If you arrange the furniture properly, we can distinguish the area and without any additional costs.Here is an example of successful planning a bedroom, combined with cabinet:

  • bed placed parallel to the wall and is separated from the table a light plasterboard wall;
  • table is mounted perpendicular to and against the wall and the bed, while working, does not see the bed;

Orange accent

  • good will and such a decision, when the office occupies an area near a window, because natural light is more useful the best artificial.By the way, if there will be located and the bed, then wake up in the morning you will be faster.Get to it, of course, back to not want to go back;


  • if your bedroom is narrow and elongated, try to put the furniture so that the head of the bed was in the middle of the room.To him Put the computer table to which to attach the vertical hanging shelves.They also will share the area.However, co-exist with such a division of one who is asleep, and to those who work hard, because the noise of the rushing keys does not absorb anything.

When not enough space

If the bedroom is absolutely tiny, find a good solution is not so simple.It was rescued by transforming furniture such as:

  • folding table.When you are not working, it is a wall cabinet, hanging on the wall a little lower than usual.In the closet, place the computer;
  • second embodiment of the table-transformer is a sideboard, which has a lot of doors.Throwing the central door, see the table top and side opening, obtain support under it.Other false doors there are places for setting up the printer, scanners, etc;
  • housing some cases by simple transformations, transformed into a wide shelf.On it you can put a mattress, and a day, removing its surface is used as a desk.


about repairing a small bedroom-office and transform it into a cozy, stylish room that combines the two functions, see here: