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August 12, 2017 18:07

Interior living room with fireplace

Earlier fireplaces used for its intended purpose - a heated room, now this piece of furniture carries an aesthetic function, adorns the room, adds to the comfort and warmth.Fireplaces installed in any room - in the kitchen, but most living place chosen for him.Living room with fireplace requires a special approach in the design, since the open fire did not fit into the standard interior of modern living.Electric fireplaces or other modification of this equipment, offering a modern market - each of them is suitable for a certain type of interior.


  • Species fireplaces for living
  • Styles living room with a fireplace room
  • tips clearance fireplace in the living room
  • Several lounge design ideas with fireplace

Species fireplaces for living

Modern fireplaces are presented in a variety of modifications, which are very different from the classical forms.There are options for apartment buildings or private homes, whose characteristics do not allow to install a real fireplace.There are e

ven hanging fireplaces, which resemble the shape of a flying saucer, but if you do not get distracted by the radical design, the following types of fireplaces are distinguished:

  • kaminy power - ideal for multi-family buildings, are very diverse in forms and modifications, close to the original.Electric device is safe, easy to maintain, it will not cause garbage in the house, which inevitably occurs when the wood laying in the fireplace with an open fire.In addition, such a device does not only simulates an open flame, but also exudes real warmth;


  • fake fireplaces - an imitation of the fireplace, it is fully consistent with the shape and structure, but does not involve breeding of an open fire.This fireplace easy to make your own hands, into the cavity of the fireplace firewood stacked that most brings him closer to the original.This fireplace easy to simulate the flame setting on the back of the mirror and put in front of him burning candles.This design looks very nice, is not demanding on the design of the house itself, and does not require installation of a chimney, and other merchandise;
  • nastoyaschee kamin nA drovah - such structures are installed only in buildings where there is a fairly large room with a strong floor suitable for installation design.Pros fireplace with wood are indisputable - the soothing sound of crackling wood, warm and soft light.When decorating the fireplace of the need to pay attention to the decoration chimney and portal, to provide a place to store firewood, which is made in such a way to fit into the composition and did not spoil it;


  • gases is nastoyaschee fireplaces - in the interior of the living room look just like wood design.The only significant difference - no need to provide a place to store firewood as fuel acts coming into the fireplace piped gas.The portal of the gas structure often has an imitation wood, gas burner provides an open flame, heat, and other nice attributes of the fireplace;
  • corner fireplaces - the best option for the living room a small area, usually angular designs models have a small footprint, and taking into account their position in the corner, takes a minimum of space.Such structures are presented in a classic wood-embodiment electronic.


Styles living room with a fireplace room

planning the installation of the fireplace in the room, you need to provide and repair of the premises.If such is not planned, the fireplace is made in accordance with the general concept of the room.In general, there is no clear structure design boundaries, here the only existing rules relating to fire safety only when you install the fireplace with an open flame.It is necessary to determine only the general concept and style of the fireplace, and then the project is created using all imagination.Photo Living room with fireplace will help you choose the best idea.In general such areas are allocated clearance fireplaces:

1. Classical style, the main features:

  • fireplace does not stand out, the humble minimalism;
  • classic room is created or in a restrained design, or in the style of irresistible luxury;
  • material portal - stone or wood, stucco and without unnecessary elements in this case;
  • placed over the fireplace large accessories - pictures, mirrors, lights, lamps and so on;
  • if you create a luxurious classic, the decoration of the fireplace used luxury materials - real stone, decorative plastering materials, art parquet;
  • designers recommend to install a fireplace in a classic room only if it has no obvious stylistic direction or it contains impurities of other styles.


2. Kamin in stile classic high:

  • allowed a very luxurious area - moldings, Venetian plaster, stone carving, half-columns;
  • desirable to use bright colors in the interior;
  • preferred size of the room - from 25 m2;
  • work especially well on light, because it should not just give light, but also to emphasize the scale of the room.

3. room with fireplace in a country style:

  • such styles best suited for the decoration of the room of a country house or villa;
  • kamin in stile kantri fit into the room with a high ceiling, from dereva or rough stone finish;
  • fireplace is set in such a way that the design looked massive and protruding from the wall;
  • allowed rough and smooth lines of stone masonry fireplace;
  • issued fireplace hunting trophies, products made of natural skins, forged elements, weapons;
  • to adapt the fireplace to the flat country, its design is less massive and smaller clearance in this case - an artificial stone and wide wooden beam, which acts as a shelf.


4. A room with a fireplace in a modern style:

  • ideal for square-shaped room, a fireplace in it to stay along the wall or in a corner;
  • allowed bizarre and incorrect construction of the line, as well as the very design concept sketches unusual fireplaces create the artists by reservation;
  • allowed and ordinary design, living room with fireplace in this case is complemented by stained-glass windows, which are suitable for this style of decoration is allowed and stained glass of the fireplace.

5. Gostinaya with kaminom in laconic style:

  • in this style may be minimal finishing the fireplace, the main highlight of the acts form design and material of its manufacture, for example, metal or a special glass for fireplaces;
  • design with open fire, will fit into the room in a minimal style or high-tech.


6. Kamin in baroque stile:

  • living in such style is created as a separate hall with a fireplace, because the room should be no residential;
  • fireplace made bizarre, artsy and lush;
  • portal is made with mosaic, depicting landscapes and animals;
  • optimally in this style use white marble or imitating his material.

7. Kamin stile in bionics:

  • as close as possible to the nature of the style;
  • architecture chimney completely absent angles, lines and static;
  • fireplace and the entire design space created as a work of art, allowed delicate decorations, natural tones and materials.

8. Kaminy in the tile stile:

  • uneven and irregular lines;
  • allowed curvilinear elements made of coating materials;
  • of decorations - carvings, mosaics, stained glass, paintings.


tips clearance fireplace in the living room

  1. fireplace installation rules in the room:
  • fireplace is not recommended to be placed in the outer walls, as in this case, it will heat not home, and street, andWe can not have the structure between the two windows;
  • most optimal arrangement is to install the fireplace against the wall, which is perpendicular to the window;
  • furniture is spread so as to create a cozy corner in his world.
  1. Tips decorated rooms with fireplace:
  • positioned near the fireplace sofa and chairs at a small distance from each other, will create a place for spiritual conversations.Upholstered furniture put next to each other, and the coffee table between them.On both sides of the fireplace a bookcase, shelves, tables or cupboards;
  • if you plan to install in the living room with fireplace TV, it is placed perpendicular to the wall with a fireplace.It is strictly forbidden to hang the TV above the fireplace, as the high temperature will spoil it;
  • for correctly handling the fireplace all the accessories necessary to select a material of manufacture and the colors that are used in the interior;
  • over the fireplace optimally place the big picture or mirror frame to occupy the empty space on the shelves are arranged various jewelry - jewelry boxes, figurines, vases;
  • if the classic interior of the room, all the furniture fireplace molding lines and other attributes have to be equal, if the interior of country, or high-tech, all lines must be asymmetrical.The same applies to the placement of ornaments;
  • necessarily be placed next to the fireplace, shelves, tables, etc., to make it more comfortable to spend time with him.


Several design ideas living room with fireplace

1. Traditional room, with the addition in the form of jewelry made from vegetable elements supported on ceramics and painting images of flora and fauna.Be sure to supplement the interior with fresh flowers.The room is made in light and cream colors, all the attributes of delicate and thin, as close to the furniture antique.Sam fireplace done in classical style of standard materials and classic forms.

2. Play with purple and gray colors, they fit perfectly in the interior.Sam fireplace accented by a pure white color and metallic finish steel color.Painted in bright and unusual color of the walls will be a great addition to any room, especially good in this case look fireplaces in the interior of the spacious room.Excellent complement the bright wall a large mirror in the original frame.Fireplace itself is made of dark metal, stocky and large furniture in the color of the walls.


3. Another great combination of colors - green, red and white.The predominant chosen any of them.All attributes are selected in such a way that maintained the overall color scheme.Portal fireplace is spacious and open, it is laid out from a brick, which is then not decorated.The outer part with wide slats, moldings, preferred color - white.Upholstered furniture, cozy, one must have a plurality of curtains, blankets and other knitted material.Allowed registration of the sofa cushions in a variety of common schemes.

4. The small space optimally arrange chic style with marble fireplace.Bright room is made out of paper wallpaper, which are well in tune with the smooth marble surface.Fireplace itself is small and neat to occupy little space.Furniture is high, with the right lines, as a whole maintained a high-tech style.

5. Another great combination - sea waves and light wood.The celadon walls are made and additional elements, upholstery.All wooden elements are made of light polished wood.In addition to these colors allowed to use neutral colors that will make the interior of the room simple and calm.Fireplace itself is performed at the same time in the classical rectangular shape, closed, covering the portal septum slightly convex.Upholstered furniture is broad and squat, registration of live or artificial flowers.

6. Another soothing and natural alternative design - beige, green and yellow colors.Suitable for rooms with high ceilings.Fireplace made of stone, dark wood furniture.For registration you must use the natural scenery, the highlight will be a large canvas depicting a birch grove.

7. For high-tech style is necessary to use iron as the material of manufacture fireplace, on both sides of it are installed shelves with lots of books.Under the sound of crackling logs are very pleased to read an interesting book, thus, living room transformed even the library.The interior is done in monochrome colors - white, black, gray and all shades in between.Simple wooden furniture, lamps with large shades, watches with large numbers.In the design of the fireplace allowed patterns of forged elements.