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August 12, 2017 18:07

How to furnish the nursery

this momentous hour has come, and your family was born baby.While he was still quite small and is always close to his mother.And when the child is a little older and stronger, it can settle in the nursery.


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  • How to furnish the nursery
    • What should be the bed
    • cabinet and other furniture
  • How to beat small children
  • Room newborn
  • Kids for children from four toeight years
  • Children from nine to sixteen
  • tips on arrangement room

As long as the baby is sleeping with mom and dad in one room, you can start preparing the nursery.Many designers recommend to prepare the room for the baby in advance, because it is not always the parents have enough free time after the birth of a baby to think about every detail.And even more, to make repairs in the next room, noise and dust - it is wrong.



Children for the child, this is the place where he will not only sleep, but also to spend their leisure time.

The room is divided into several zones:

  • bedroom;
  • place to study (office);
  • corner for rest and physical development of the child.

What should be the premise:

  1. room have to be light for the child.It is best if it is located far from the front door.It is also not desirable that the room had a balcony.
  2. The child should be warm floor, preferably made of natural materials with a protective coating against knocks and dirt accumulation.
  3. The area for games is better to lay a natural carpet.


  1. It would be better if the walls are covered with soundproofing material in advance.And on the walls pasted wallpaper.Good recommendations received new cotton material for the walls, which retains the heat in the room.It is also allowed to paint the walls in the nursery paint or do artistic painting.


  1. Instead of the standard lighting - chandeliers, it is better to mount the ceiling spotlights.But in the place where it will set the table for the class, you need to put a desk lamp.And in a recreation area - a nightlight.Do not forget to place the correct switches.They should be located at a distance of one meter from the floor, to school-age child could himself turn on and off lights.


  1. At arrangement of a child's room consider color scheme.Each color may have a different effect on the child's psyche.So, heaven and purple can contribute to the development of the child's intellect, the color green and the surface of the sea - are responsible for the development of speech, orange and bright yellow would contribute to the development of creative abilities of the child.According to psychologists, the brighter and more saturated will be a children's room, the more intense will be working brain child.But do not forget about the golden mean - if you overdo it with vivid colors, the child, on the contrary, can become aggressive and will tire quickly.Therefore, when you make a child, it is better to use some bright details - carpet, toy or pillow.
  2. walls and floor should be a neutral color, and carpets, curtains and light fixtures can be changed.


8. Manufacturers of children's furniture offers a wide range of transformable furniture, which will "grow" with baby.

How to furnish the nursery

furnish a nursery does not take much, if you know the basic rules of arrangement and selection of furniture for the baby:

  1. Furniture for children's room should be comfortable.If parents bought baby playpen, and a three-year child continues to sleep in it, cross-legged - it's wrong.The bed should be comfortable.This rule also applies to the selection of furniture for studies: a table and chair should match the growth of the child.
  2. furniture should be as functional.
  3. Security - in the first place.In children's furniture should not be sharp angles and other details that will serve to move and disturb the baby.

What should be the bed

If you have the opportunity, it will be better if the child grows you will change the bed.For toddlers (two to five years) bed must have bumpers that the child during sleep to fall on the floor.

Bed board 1

school children can buy a classic bed to increase the space of the room and pay attention to the physical development of the child.

bed student

If you want to save, then you should buy a bed-transformer with a dresser.Such furniture "for growth" has a number of advantages: the child can sleep in the crib from birth, but if you remove the drawers, then it can sleep up to seven or eight years.


For a child up to a year is better to buy a bed:


Basic requirements to the bed in the nursery:

  • bed must be made of environmentally friendly materials.The best option for the child - furniture made of wood;
  • in bed to buy a quality mattress.Do not choose a mattress "for growth."Let the baby sleep on a quality mattress.When choosing give preference to products with orthopedic effect;
  • an important element of the bed - railings.They must be so high that during sleep the baby fell to the floor.For very small (from one to three years), the railing must comply with the growth of the child.If the child will rise to his full height in a dream, the railing will not allow it to fall out of bed;
  • bed should not have sharp edges.Choose a model with rounded corners;
  • if the family has several children - to save space better to buy a bunk bed.When choosing a product please note that on the second floor there were protective railing.

How to furnish the nursery you can see in the photo:



cabinet and other furniture

How to furnish the nursery so that every centimeter of space has been claimed?Designers are advised in addition to the bed, put a wardrobe in the children's room, and if space allows, the multifunctional wardrobe.It fit all the baby items and toys can be placed on the bottom shelf.


In addition, the walls can be added to nail a shelf, on which will be placed toys.

for kids need to buy a low table with small chairs - it is desirable that the furniture was plastic or wood with no sharp edges, as well as a strong and sustainable.


When equipping children's room parents doubt - whether a child needs a TV?On the one hand - yes, while parents are busy, the child can be distracted and watch cartoons or developing transmission.Thus, he will learn about the world.But on the other hand, psychologists recommend to abandon the TV in the nursery.This is especially true of children of preschool age, because it is still unknown, the impact on the child devices.And to view developing the transmission on TV for a short time, you can let the baby in the living room.

How to beat small children

If you care about the health of her child, then do not buy furniture for growth.Size bed, closet, desk and chair must match the growth of the child.

main feature of children's furniture - functionality.In this and you need to focus in a small room.For these facilities, you can purchase modular furniture that saves space.

small room -modern

As soon as the child will grow up, you can rearrange the furniture and change its height.

If the children's room has a small area, and two children will be staying in the room, it is better to buy a bunk bed.Choose the design with easy steps, no sharp angles and fragile items.

Room newborn

The newborn room should not put a lot of furniture.A minimum of decorative elements and furniture.

The newborn infant must be playpen, baby changing table, dresser, wardrobe, and a resting place for Mom.

newborns BR

Kids for children from four to eight years

At this age, is also undesirable to overload the room superfluous furniture.The room should be a bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, shelves and drawers, as well as furniture for the classes.Do not forget about the mirror.

If space allows, it is possible to equip a sports area.

Excellent room space saving modular furniture:



Children from nine to sixteen

good solution for older children - Set in the children's furniture with a podium.Its height should be no more than a meter.In the space formed can be equipped with cabinet - to establish a chair and a table, set the shelves.If the bed is located under the podium - it saves space.


And such an option for children's furniture will save a lot of space: at the top "in the attic" is the bed, and at the bottom - a place to study.


tips on arrangement room

  1. not recommended to buy furniture with large bright pictures, especially the figures of animals.Psychologists say that children get tired faster.It is better to choose a monochromatic furniture.
  2. Do not buy furniture for growth.Among the large cabinets and shelving child will not be able to feel like the master.
  3. to children are not painted on the walls and furniture, buy a special easel or highlight area for creativity.
  4. If space allows, you can build special boxes on wheels for toys.