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December 12, 2017 00:17

Bedroom in modern style.Features and principles of

concept of modern style refers to different spheres of art - architecture, painting, different artistic direction, and, of course, design.It originated this direction in the last century and adopted a large-scale character, capturing the minds of many creative people.Modern is associated with something innovative and trendy, the design should follow the current trends and the latest developments in the creation of the interior.It is quite recognizable direction of registration of property, which is comparable to the classic or strict minimalism.


Modern interior bedroom, an overview

Modern Art Nouveau style is divided into three areas:

  • radical - requires even the smallest carry-style norms;
  • -scale decorative - you need to stick to the main line via architectural details;
  • surface-lite - using only the basic details and color and tone.

most important characteristic of Art Nouveau is a complete failure to use direct and clear lines.Used flowing, curving, close to the natural form, not symmetry diverges from the correct center and slightly displaced from that emphasizes florealnym ornament.To give the whole creation enchanting elegance, glass and porcelain is used as the base material.In this way the magic is complemented by contrast - crude materials, which are mainly metal and other similar materials.


Modern - a mixture of outstanding form in their original form, no geometric rigor, but allowed the use of modern materials in large quantities.All this makes the area one of the most free for creative imagination.Materials are mixed in any proportion - as the main acts metall, steklo, derevo or kamen.

When creating classic styles the main goal - to create an atmosphere and aesthetics.The purpose of the modern styles - to create the most functional room.On this basis, it traced the main feature of modernity - it is a transitional form between the classic and high-tech, as he Nouveau appeared in a transitional stage.It combines a classic and soft atmosphere inherent in the modern world convenience and functionality.


The most difficult task in creating Nouveau - maintain the integrity of the entire image.The decor of the room in this style is one of the most difficult for him requires a special approach and thinking outside the box.It is necessary to clearly fit into the rigid norms of standards that dictate the projects in the Art Nouveau style.The basic standards are as follows:

  • lack of symmetry, while maintaining smooth lines;
  • motifs of nature;
  • maintaining strict compliance and harmony of design details, even the smallest;
  • use coarse materials - wood, metal and glass.

Nouveau used for those facilities that have an adequate supply of the area, as the design will require significant space.One of the advantages of modern - bright colors that are used therein, they expand the space visually.All parts of the interior are arranged rationally, which will increase the size of the room visually.If you have to decorate a room with a non-standard layout, the Art in this case fit perfectly, it will emphasize the wrong line housing originality.Modern rooms helps to hide the shortcomings, disadvantages and builders plan errors.This style another advantage - it does not require a complex finishing that include alignment surfaces.


materials used for bedroom Art Nouveau

must carefully focus on materialah used in the Art Nouveau style.His feature - sochetanie building materials and prirodnogo iskusstvennogo proiskhozhdeniya.They are in harmony with each other thanks to the elegant and soft lines.

1. Derevo in stile Nouveau:

  • style tree - one of the foundations, it pola illumination are used for and how osnovnoy finishing material;
  • when used as the main background light tsvetov pepelnyh and holodnyh ottenkov, dark derevo taken in large quantities;
  • active if used in a color tone and in large quantities, dark wood is taken in small quantities;
  • light wood used in any way and in any amount, as it fits into the overall concept;
  • light wood may be used for large objects - Processing walls or floors, furniture;
  • to modernity is necessary to use only those types of wood that match each other in color and texture, otherwise violated the concept of harmony and decor.

2. Glass:

  • carries several functionalities within this style, the first - the basic elements, whose task is to create contrast with the overall color scheme;
  • glass used for mosaic on windows to create original lighting and complement the style;
  • used to create any part of the interior, even the most original and unexpected.


3. Metal:

  • mandatory element of style, it is not necessary to use it in too large quantities, since the surplus will too modern style;
  • used only for decoration - wrought iron elements, small decorations;
  • metal color is selected based on the primary color space concept;
  • for the harmonious combination of sand and beige colors with dark wooden elements using light, silver metal;
  • using cool colors and bright mosaics in the windows are optimally suited nickel silver;
  • to enhance contrasts, use dark metal;
  • for pepelno-golubogo, bledno-zelenogo and lavender flowers are ideal thin metal bends with the additions of dark wood.

4. Textiles:

  • material is optional supplement to be applied in small quantities and only for its intended purpose;
  • allowed to use textiles as curtains, furniture upholstery and fine decoration pieces;
  • as curtains for the Art Nouveau selected heavy fabrics, simple shapes to match the walls;
  • color cushions and upholstery color is selected as the active part, and complement the tone of the furniture;
  • not use fabric with images of landscapes and animals, if the room disadvantage inherent in modernity whimsical lines.


Nouveau Colours

mounting Color is a key factor in creating the atmosphere of the interior style.Modern for that permits the use of virtually any tsvetovyh scales and aktsent done ottenkami, soft and zabelennymi if pritrushennymi ashes.This makes it easy to create an atmosphere of a measured, calm and softness inherent in the Art Nouveau style.Mounting Color selected in three stages:

  • choice of dominant color;
  • active color choice details that will set the emphasis;
  • consolidation with additional colors.

1. Background or dominant color.

sets the tone for the entire composition, under it all chosen to complement and active colors.It is necessary not to forget about the fact that the shades of dominance held only active items that are allocated most effectively when the background as much as possible light.The most popular color for modernity:

  • hourglass;
  • zhelto-persikovy;
  • bely novaho;
  • lnyanoy;
  • slivochny;
  • limonno kremovy;
  • akvamarinovo-bely;
  • bledno-vasilkovy.

One of the best examples of design - a combination of expressive shades with splashes belogo or persikovogo.Home style color concept - playing with colors and shades, expressing the soft lines.Never use excessive amounts of cool colors, it will make the style more like a high-tech.If you choose a more soft and warm finish available, then they will be easier to enter from the glass parts with bright colors, dark wood and metal.


2. Aktivnye tsvetovye elementy.

Art Nouveau is a simple way to create a harmony between a light background with bright colors - choose only one color, but in different tinting schemes.For example, limonno kremovy-mounting Color fona and additional elements in sunny yellow colors.Objects are placed according to the rules of minimalism - strictly, two large facility diagonali and 2-3 small between them.Allowed classical arrangement - the transition from tsvetov svetlogo to the brightest, which is determined by one zone.

Tsvetovaya palitra in moderne constructed without the use of specific canons.If you want to delve into the classical style of a branch, using sero-goluboy, tabachny and korichnevo bardovy-mounting Color.To build the original atmosphere, choose the most temny and pestry ottenok fonovogo finish available.Are permitted to experiment with the placement tsvetovyh details.It is only necessary to take into account that the mounting Color used to highlight non-standard lines, bright dopolnitelnyh tekstur.

3. Dopolnitelnye tsvetovye tekstury.

To use a modern style in the interior in klassicheskom its manifestations, opt for soft peach color, you must stop as the main background and the tree or colorful mosaic as an additional element.Additional elements are used to highlight the kind of material in the decor.One of the defining style accents - the use of glass, wood and metal.Therefore, additional colors are selected in such a way as to emphasize the most expressive parts, complete tsvetovoy ansambl background and Active tsvetovyh inclusions.

If osnovnogo finish available Active and elementa selected naturalnye, natural color, complete them better svetlym derevom, melhiorom, mozaikoy on oknah of the brightest parts okrugloy form.If you use mounting Color, daleky From prirodnogo, verily complement its temnym derevom, stalyu, farforom and other holodnymi and temnymi details.This will help add to the overall picture sharpness and strengthen tsvetoperedachu.


lighting Art Nouveau style

osvescheniya to perform in the framework of the style, you need to place two types of devices - basic and dekorativnye.Dekorativnye devices are used for vydeleniya-One or neskolko details pridaniya aktsenta CAUTION and switching between objects.Osveschenie - this is a good opportunity to correct the mistakes made when creating osnovnogo interera.The base of the light is divided according to the purpose to:

  • basic elements - lampy nastennye and napolnye, svetilniki with otrazheniem sveta from ploskostey room;
  • background - muted and diffused light on the ceiling, his main task is to eliminate shadows in dalnih uglah;
  • tselevoy - recalibrate the device with uzkonapravlennymi luchami light used to illuminate a specific area of ​​the room.


to create art nouveau concept, carefully studied lighting design.The first kind of devices mounted on the ceiling, in tsentre komnaty, the second - just above urovnya to eyes, on perimetru third - below for urovnya kolena illuminates corners.As a supplement shall be permitted layout window, followed by mounted lighting with a warm and diffuse light.

Lighting in Art Nouveau style has its own distinctive features.This intricate combination of form and structures of metal, fine marble, dereva, insertion of colorful glasses.Also, this style is characterized by equipment intricate shapes and asymmetrical lines.Actual use floor lamps with a basis of dereva or metalla with fragile drip steklom.It is important to choose the color of the foundations for the basic tone of the room.

as target devices using table lamps with non-standard curves, large shapeless or elliptical shades.If the light from the bright glass, it is suitable for use as an accessory.The main lighting devices using graceful chandeliers with wicker winding patterns, they are the perfect complement of style.


Nouveau furniture

should be given a good deal of attention and furniture when you make a bedroom.Art Nouveau involves the use of functional and compact furniture which is complemented by massive parts, creating a textured image.There is also guided by the rules of minimalism.

bed in the bedroom creates the main focus.Bedding should meet the tone of the overall concept, but have contrasting inserts.Tables and chairs are selected on the low legs, height less than 50 cm. The coffee table is placed between the bed and the room vhodom.Shkaf - massivny, large, located on the far side of the room.You can use closet to save space, it must be the door and steklyannymi tsvetnymi.