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August 12, 2017 18:07

Bed loft with his own hands

For owners of small apartments relevant issue is the economical use of space.Bed loft - a convenient and practical solution that will help rationally arrange the room.The cost of a loft bed is quite high, it is much cheaper to make a loft bed with his hands.About tips and rules of manufacturing loft bed will talk further.


  • general concept of loft beds
  • Species bed loft
  • Adult loft bed with his hands
  • Children's loft bed with his hands
  • recommendations on making the bed loft

general notion ofloft beds

bed loft - a variation of bunk beds with a sleeping place, which is located in podpotolochnye space.First floor loft beds are used to set the desk or cabinet to accommodate things.


The second floor is home to a bed location.To get to the second floor, set a ladder or steps.Depending on the arrangement, the stairs are divided into drawers - drawers to locate items;ladders type that with ease, are removed from the bed, if necessary;ladder inclined type, which make it easy to get

on the bed and installed in the majority of children's loft beds.

advantages of using the loft bed:

  • convenience and practicality - can rationally organize the space "small home";
  • versatility - use loft beds to accommodate things, the location of the desktop and other accessories;
  • compact - will establish a bed in the smallest of spaces;
  • comfort - bed loft beds are located near the ceiling, so sleep on the very comfortable bed;
  • brightness and modernity - installing loft beds are quite modern solution, and the self-assembly of the bed gives the right color choice, shapes and designs, depending on individual preferences;
  • versatility.Bed loft - the perfect solution for both adults and children.

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Species bed loft

Depending on the destination distinguish loft bed:

  • adults,
  • children.

Adults loft beds are usually double, and children's designed for one person.Adults loft beds are more discreet design, and children have a bright color, a lot of design elements Safety and round corners.

Depending on the size and shape of release:

  • mini loft - bed, designed for children from the age of three, these beds do not exceed one meter in height.To protect the child from falling use special design elements;


  • loft bed with the presence of the boxes has a lot of built-in drawers and shelves for the location of items;
  • loft bed with a working area presence - in the upper part is equipped with beds, and the lower part is designed for the arrangement of the workplace or playground;
  • bunk bed loft has two beds, be sure to lower advances and is separate from the bed;
  • loft bed located under the ceiling - is the French version of the device loft bed attachment is done directly to the ceiling, and the principle of operation is similar to the elevator.


Adult loft bed with his hands

Before you begin to assemble the loft bed, you should make a drawing of future construction.

adult bed involves the production of a double bed loft with his own hands.

Decide on the type of securing a berth:

  • traditional, consisting of four pillars,
  • stoychasty assuming mount two columns to the floor, and the two angles to the wall and to the ceiling space.

amount of material for the manufacture of a loft bed depends on:

  • length,
  • width,
  • height,
  • interval between the floor and bed,
  • length and width of the bed.

These factors must be considered before making a loft bed.


dimensions depend on the space available and the size of the room, on a mattress sizes.

For making the bed will need the presence of:

  • screwdriver,
  • drills on a tree,
  • jigsaw,
  • gon,
  • roulette,
  • building level,
  • screwdriver,
  • pencil,
  • brush,
  • Allen,
  • sandpaper.

Assembly instructions loft bed with his hands:

1. With gon do the markup parts necessary for the bed unit.

2. Saw all the necessary details, with sandpaper get rid of sharp corners.

3. The following is to make holes for fasteners.

4. Start with the back of the compound that serves as a support.For good measure, connecting parts, wear them on the dowel.

5. After drilling all the holes begin to assemble the elements.To do this, apply a screwdriver to the hexagon.


6. To bed stand not scratch the floor, use pads made of rubber or plastic.

7. Assemble the bed is achieved in stages.Checking evenness mounting with the level.

8. After assembling the two backs, set the beams that connect them.

9. To fix the beams using bolts.

10. Install all the beams and guides.

11. Leave space for a ladder, depending on the bed drawing.

12. After checking the design on evenness, adjust the bed, and then tighten the screws if necessary.

13. To enhance the design, use metal corners.

14. Proceed to assemble the ladder.

15. Install plywood strips to supplement bed.Instead, you can use strips of sheet chipboard.

16. To bed was presentable, use paint and varnish.

17. At the end of the day after application varnish mattress set.


Children's loft bed with his hands

materials used in the work:

  • 3,2 m board 3 cm thick;
  • 210 cm plank thickness of 2 cm;
  • timber 4x5 cm 16.7 m;
  • 2,2h2,2 beam - 4.5 m;.
  • 2m beech timber thickness 3 cm

connecting fasteners:

  • screws with countersunk heads presence,
  • dowels,
  • beech or oak wedges.
  • PVA glue,
  • matt lacquer,
  • nails for finishing.

to work, you must have:

  • jigsaw,
  • grinding machine,
  • screwdriver,
  • electric drill,
  • hammer,
  • line,
  • pencil,
  • roulette
  • ,
  • brush.

loft bed with his hands drawings:


Sleeper - is the foundation of a loft bed.Size bed depending on the child's growth.If the child is not older than five years, it is better to set a low loft bed.

The structure includes a loft bed bed ladder and the base.

to bed for a child has a high level of reliability and durability, it is necessary to provide connection-finger-type grooves.

Items that are not subject to disassembly should be collected using PVA glue.These include side parts, fencing, and the ground under the mattress.To connect components using collapsible semicircular wedges.For application markup, use cardboard stencils.

After cutting and polishing headboards try to collect them without glue to inspect construction to evenness and correct connections.


After correcting inconsistencies begin to assemble the bed with glue:

  • back away from the edge of the cross member 3 - 22 cm and paste it stands 8 for connecting the lower crossbar with a rack using screws and glue;
  • set foot, insert a 9 bar in the hole designed for racks, promazhte all connections with glue;
  • side portion 12 to be glued to the beam 3 with glue and dowels;
  • depart from the lower edge of 0.5 cm, connect the bars with longitudinal support type 2 boards to strengthen the connection using screws;
  • longitudinal wall bed collected in the same way as the back;
  • to collect podmatrasnuyu grill, use two longitudinal parts 5 and 11 parts 4.

field assembly parts wait for the glue has dried, and then proceed to the execution finishes.

Grind all connections and cover the surface varnish.Collect all the elements for a bed frame via semicircular wedges.In podmatrasnuyu frame, place the rack, and then install matras.V case berth at the top of the bed, set the ladder and safety elements.

Bed Base - a structure consisting of side frames, which bring together the longitudinal parts and racks.

With finger joints collect basic modules.Cross members 15 are arranged at a height of 31.5 cm, 60 cm, 98 cm.

Assemble base with drilled holes.

Proceed to assemble the stairs: make slots 3h4,2 cm, set crossbar beech.

Set bed in the rack, attach the ladder and safety elements.


Recommendations on making loft beds

1. Securely fasten the safety elements and stairs to avoid falling out of bed.When the device stairs, note the weight of the child or adult who will climb it.

2. To reduce the cost of manufacturing, use bed-density wood chipboard instead of solid timber.

3. The most useful timber for making the bed - natural pine.a bed service life exceeds ten years.Pine releases aromatic oils and has a pleasant smell, which has a positive effect on health.

4. You can use curtains for additional decorating loft bed.


5. When calculating the bed drawing note such factors:

  • design size,
  • installation location,
  • destination: children or an adult bed,
  • height bed,
  • functional features,
  • bed design,
  • number of racks.

6. When using chipboard for giving the bed an attractive appearance, use a special self-adhesive film.