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August 12, 2017 18:07

Pleated Blinds own hands

The interior is not only important interior decoration or furniture layout, but also the right of the window decoration.It would seem that this is the part that does not require much investment and attracts attention in the least, but it is not.


decorated harmoniously with the interior of the entire window of the room is able to create a cozy and comfortable household.Conversely, whatever the interior of the apartment, if the window looks foreign - it will spoil all the impression of the room as a whole.

Nothing decorates a window as luxury curtains, chosen wisely, in accordance with the overall style of the room.They are able to not only arrange the room and beautifully styled it, but also tell the creative beginni

ng of their owners.Today often Pliss curtains or blinds replacing curtains.It would seem strict, but this is the highlight.Today we talk about the design of window blinds pleated space, namely that they give the interior of what they feature and how to make their own hands at home.

Curtains FPGAs and blinds as an element of interior design


About shutters tell a lot do not need all of them have a view.This kind of close to the window created by the plates (vertical or horizontal) of plastic, and may be a different material.Pleated Blinds somewhat resemble and them, but it should be noted that their main advantage - it is a kind of naturalness and elegance.As a rule, such curtains are made from corrugated paper or textiles.

Today Pleated blinds - it's not only practical thing, but also decorative.Therefore, many tend to elevate their window space, both classical forms and unconventional.Still, after all manufacturers have tried, and in the shops waiting for us a wide range of curtains: different plain colors, curtains with prints, design solutions.And the price is, quite frankly, too, is an advantage.

If we talk about the universal side of this acquisition, the pleated blinds great choice not only for windows but also for decorative interior component, for example, they can refine any glass elements, whether they are on the walls or ceiling.Often in country houses have spacious terraces and a penthouse that are glazed.Such design is also great combined with pleated blinds.Of course, the list of the application of such curtains is huge, but here it is important to correct registration.For example, it is necessary to understand that if the room has high ceilings, it often Stalinist buildings house the vertical pleated curtains in this case irrelevant.Thus, the ceiling will be even higher because space is narrowed visually.

Using horizontal or vertical pleated curtains can influence the geometry of the room.This should be taken into account.

Features Pleated curtains


  1. main fabric for curtains are such kreshirovannye tissue.Their downside is typically sprayed with the tide: pearl or aluminum effect.This deposition is important, it reflects light and gives a cool room, which is especially useful during the hot summer days.
  2. Pleated Blinds necessarily exposed to antibacterial and acoustic treatment.They at times increase the protection from the sun, it becomes less heat load, improves the absorption.Thus, curtains help get rid of the so-called greenhouse effect.

Virtues plessirovannyh curtains pretty much all of them are clearly presented in a review of the people who bought them.

  1. set of materials, which are developed using pleated blinds are aluminum, high-quality plastic and steel.Accessories tend to be represented in four color shades - it is white, bronze, brown and silver.But as the desire of the buyer - the law, many manufacturers are coming to the meeting and stained items in the desired color.
  2. As for fabric pleated curtains, they comprise more than 300 different designs and colors.
  3. Dimensions Pleated blinds in width ranging from 30 cm to 2.3 m. The height of the same can be up to 2.6 m.

decor Advantages pleated curtains

photo -Pleated

  1. Since tissue is a defensefrom the sun, it does not burn under their influence.Therefore, the life of the blind at times increases.
  2. material is not fastidious, not gathering dust and does not need special care.
  3. curtains Cleaning proizodit quite easily.Fold them gently, put the roll in lukewarm water to which should be added in advance a certain amount of detergent.

Management pleated curtains


Pleated Blinds include some of the mechanisms through which is quite easy and convenient to manage them.There are 3 ways to control: hand, rope and chained.The most accessible financially a rope method.But the most practical would be chained.

Particular ease of operation would be the case if it is attached to the window sash.There are buyers who would like to further automate management of curtains.For such people, manufacturers offer electric drive mechanism.Thus, you can not get up from the couch to cover or open the blinds with a remote control.

Types pleated curtains

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There are two types of pleated blinds, unlike them is the materials used.

  1. Using tissue.According to the characteristics, reliable and durable look.The fabric can be any color as a monochromatic, or with an ornament.Moreover, it can even be transparent.The well-known model of the "Day and Night" loved by customers that day, they are lighter, and they are opaque night.Those.even in the sunrise you will not wake up from the blinding glow.
  2. Paper.This type of course is much more vulnerable than the previous one.Usually it is used as a temporary option.Such a structure can easily build their own hands.But do not forget that the production of home-pleated curtains gives them even greater fragility, as a rule they do not withstand physical pressure, because short-lived.If you randomly damage the paper curtains, it is necessary to replace them.Although having enough time and desire, you can make them yourself constantly.

Pleated Blinds own hands

Pleated sichtshutts - of-mouth

For lovers of handicrafts manufacturing of curtains with their own hands will bring pleasure.Not only can you equip your room, but also to boast to your friends and acquaintances.So, according to our instructions, you can easily make Pleated blinds in the home itself.

What you need:

  1. Wooden planks with the window width.
  2. Paper longer than the height of the window.
  3. Clay.

Glue one end of the prepared paper to the plate, using glue.

Across the width of the wedges make creases on the paper.

Then glue the other bar by the other edge of the paper.

Connect two brackets for a couple of hours.

To adjust the height, use the rope.Make holes at the edges, slip the rope into them, fix the upper and lower straps.

As you can see, do pleated curtains of paper at home does not take much time and will not take force.It remains only to attach curtains to the window opening.

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