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August 12, 2017 18:07

Floor lamp : features , photos , installation

Today, modern designs, as well as an abundance of decorative and functional interior make it possible to realize the reality of any idea.One of the main methods for creating a comfortable and beautiful room is the lighting.It is able to visually increase or decrease the space, to emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses.Ways to light up the room there is an incredible amount, and one of them is a floor lamp.How to choose the right model and what to look for when buying, you will learn from this article.


General characteristics

Floor lamps are not only functionalcomplement to the interior, but also fulfill a decorative function.They are able to radically change the atmosphere, to set the mood and emphasize the individual characteristics of the style.For example, as seen in the photos, floor lamps can give comfort room, or, conversely, to make the situation more serious and



From the title it is clear that this type of lamps mounted on the floor, and it can be done almost anywhere in the room.The only condition - the presence of nearby outlet.The main advantage of floor lamps in that they can be moved to any location depending on the needs.

variety of models is staggering.You can buy a floor lamp in Venetian style accommodation or choose something more modern and minimalistic.You can even make a lamp with his hands, giving it the desired shape!Outdoor lighting is not only functional and plays a decorative role, but also creates a more comfortable environment for the view, giving the scattered low light.

floor lamps height is typically less than 2.5 meters to fit in a standard size of apartments.The only exceptions are the exclusive models made to order and perform more decorative function.However, for rooms with standard ceilings and even some 2.5-meter model may seem too massive and disrupt the harmonious balance in the interior.So most prefer compact and functional options, such as floor lamp with a table or as a decorative element.For example, in recent years it has become very popular lamps in the form of animals or sculptures and mosaic lamps.


high design with a heavy massive shade visually reduce the height of the room and "put pressure" on the present, so the market is so much original proposals with compact luminous element on thin legs.They create a feeling of airiness and transparency.LED floor lights as possible to obtain maximum light with minimum visual cost.


The main distinguishing feature of all is the outdoor lamps lampshades design:

  1. Closed cover provides soft diffused light.Ideal for bedrooms.
  2. semi-closed slot cover has a variety of forms, because of which is formed on the walls of a bizarre play of light and shadow.
  3. Outdoor ceiling is designed to illuminate specific areas, such as outdoor lighting for reading or needlework.


Floor lamps have a number of advantages compared with other types of lighting:

  1. Easy installation - you do not need to drill the wall and work with a screwdriver to fix the lamp.Just have a nearby outlet and put the design on a flat clean place.
  2. design Mobility makes it easy to transfer coverage to another corner of the room or even in another room.
  3. Since the lamp is placed on the floor, do not need any special tables for her, shelves and other bulky furniture.
  4. Floor lamp can serve as a lamp stand, the table and decorate the room.
  5. Species diversity allows you to choose a floor lamp for any interior.
  6. You can make a floor lamp with his hands out of scrap materials - on the internet described the set of master classes, so you can save money and realize their creative potential.For example, the lamp in the photo below is made from a rack for the camera, the old drum of a washing machine and wine corks.


How to choose

If you want to decorate your home floor lamp, you should know what to look for when choosing the future of lighting.

When buying a floor lamp, consider the following factors:

  1. Sustainability - cover in any case should not be heavier than the base.Even if the lamp is a little loose, when you offend, it is not the best option to buy - at home it might accidentally catch an animal or a child during the game, creating a traumatic situation.
  2. light output - a little earlier, we have already described variations in the degree of illumination light output, so choose lamp based on the performance of the premises.If you need more light for reading in the living room, take an outdoor floor lamp, but if you want to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere, better take private or semi-closed version.The best option will be a model with the ability to adjust the flow of light.If you want a lamp, ask a model with dimmers.
  3. Floor lamp may be the only lighting in the room, so for convenience, you can buy a model with a remote control.
  4. Cost is also an important condition for the selection.LED outdoor lamps last a long time and save a considerable amount on energy consumption.They provide a bright white light and consume several times smaller than a conventional incandescent bulb.Also do not forget that the energy-saving lamps are still very popular, so it makes sense to just buy such coverage.

Despite all the advantages, floor lamps, unlike their counterparts wall and ceiling, occupy a certain, albeit a tiny fraction of the space.So do not "get involved" and overload the interior floor lamps, even if they are super-minimalist.Better complement the interior of different types of fixtures.

Types of floor lamps

Floor lamps differ in purpose, form, value, degree of illumination and many other factors.But all of them can be divided into several basic types.

Types of floor lamps:

  1. Classic lamps - lighting on a long stalk with a large shade.As a rule, it is made of thick leather or synthetic fabric.It emits a diffused soft light and plays the role of an additional light source.Under a lamp you can comfortably get to a favorite book, watch TV or do needlework.Visual eyestrain is reduced, thanks to its special lighting.This "home" type of lamp.
  2. Reading lamps are characterized by multiple light sources, which are placed at different levels.Ceiling Light provides ambient lighting, are scattered throughout the area of ​​the room, the lower the source specifically covers the desired section - Books, paper, keyboard, etc.The legs of such structures usually can be adjusted in height.Outwardly, they may resemble the model of table lamps, although in fact perform virtually the same function.Such lamps are different, minimalist decor without shades, thin legs moving and "air" laconic design.
  3. Decorative floor lamps are designed for interior decoration.Their main function is to create the right atmosphere, and lighting as the original feed or auxiliary member.There are several types of decorative floor lamps: illuminate some interesting design elements of the room, while others are themselves works of art design.Unusual shapes, whimsical options supply of light and unique models are constantly appearing on the market, although the majority of these lamps made to order or limited series.Some of them do not look like the lamp until the evening comes, and they do not light up the light, such as floor lamps, flowers.
  4. recessed floor lights can instantly transform any room, but they have one big disadvantage - they can not be transferred from one place to another, as the lamps.Such models are installed permanently and have increased demands on durability and safety.They should be installed at a depth that determines the nature and temperature lamp mode.Typically, such lamps are not installed incandescent or fluorescent lamps, since they are not able to give the right amount of light.For such powerful designs using LEDs or halogen paws.Built-in floor designs are typically more light sources and create the effect of light fullness of space.


Choosing the right lamp will allow you to maximize harmoniously complement the interior and create a unique design of the room.Bowl and stand, just as the form, perform a purely decorative role.

well chosen lamp will knowledge of the materials of which make lampshades:

  1. Fabric - is heavy, light, or translucent.Suitable for creating a cozy home environment.
  2. Plastic - such lamps are relevant for pop art, minimalism, and a loft style.
  3. Rice Paper - many IKEA floor lamps are made with rice paper.They create an atmosphere of light and unobtrusive and suitable for any room, from the kitchen, finishing the bedroom.
  4. glass with metal or wood - is used to create high-tech style.
  5. Stained glass and crystal - is used to create a rich pompous atmosphere.Suitable for living rooms or bedrooms.

combination with the interior

hard to choose just one thing among such a variety of lighting devices.However, floor lamps, no doubt, create a special atmosphere in any room.One touch, and "boring" room with a table and a bookcase turns into a stylish office worker!


Floor lamp creates a futuristic-ball situation and transform ordinary living room or lounge in the blink of an eye.This design not only provide an additional source of light, but also will serve a decorative function.Of course, afford such a lamp can only be in the presence of a large space.


For more modest quadrature can be set-mounted luminaires smaller balls, covered with LEDs spherical shades.


If you are a fan of enchanting beauty of the underwater world, set floor lamp with bubbles, or the so-called bubble column.Observing the rising air bubbles soothe the nerves and bring thoughts in order after a long day of work.

Choose floor lamp is not an easy task, but if you have to cope with it, to install the lamp in the cellar!