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August 12, 2017 18:07

Wooden table with his hands

In every kitchen there is always a table.And, despite the variety of materials, people prefer to have in your kitchen is wood products.These pieces of furniture are able to create an atmosphere of comfort and harmony in your home.Today, buy a wooden table in the kitchen can be in almost any furniture store.And the range is large enough and diverse.If you wish, you can make it to order for individual sketch.


  • How to choose the size of the table
  • choice of material
  • What are kitchen wooden tables
    • selection of poles for construction
    • Selecting countertops
  • How to make a wooden table with his hands
    • design
    • Tools
    • The procedure works
  • Wooden table with his own hands: video

In either case, this piece of furniture will cost quite expensive.Therefore, many people prefer to make their own wooden table.This will save a lot.Only perform these joinery require special tools and carpentry skills.Also plays a role and complexity of the design chosen material.Thus, we consider how to

make a wooden table with his hands.

How to choose the size of the table


  1. To determine the size of the table for the kitchen, above all, you must take into account the area of ​​the premises and the place where you plan to install the finished furniture.For a family of four is enough to table size of 90 to 90 or 100 to 100 centimeters.
  2. If the room is spacious enough, you can put a large dining table size of 160 by 90 and 180 by 90 centimeters.At the same time along it should be enough space to move freely by two persons.In celebration of this table can accommodate up to 10-15 guests.If
  3. kitchen dimensions make it impossible to move the table, it is best to set the rectangular structure measuring 120 by 75 or 120 by 80 centimeters.In this case, for the long side of the table will sit two people and one on the short sides.
  4. Problems arise when you need to accommodate guests at a table in a small kitchen.For this case, fit the so-called table-transformer.In the unfolded state it reaches a length of 230-280 cm, and in its folded size of only 120 to 180 centimeters.These tables are equipped with additional inserts for table tops ranging from 30-50 centimeters, which are located in the middle if required.If they do not need to hide the special niche when the product is assembled.
  5. As regards height, it is usually only 70 centimeters.Although, depending on the requirements, size can be smaller or larger.
  6. When selecting the size of the product is best to focus on how much usable space you can take it.After all, when all sit at the table around should still be enough space to move.This eliminates the presence of inconvenience to the seated guests.

choice of material

Coffee - table - marquetry - 3

It is very important to choose the right material for the kitchen table.It depends on how much product you will last and what will be its resistance to various mechanical deformations.In addition, the type of material, of course, depends on the production cost structure.

most durable and environmentally considered products from solid wood.They are quite expensive.To make your own design of solid wood, it will need the skills of a carpenter and joiner.In addition, you will need special tools and workshop.

to the kitchen table is very important wood density.If it is soft, it is easy on its surface will appear scratches and marks.In general, to distinguish between three types of wood:

  1. soft.
  2. solid.
  3. increased density.


  1. can use any timber for the manufacture of a dining table.For example, a nut.This design is solid and heavy.Next, it must be covered by several layers of lacquer.
  2. Perhaps the best option for making the dining table is oak.It is very durable, strong and solid type of wood.It is easily processed and varnished.In operation does not deform, does not warp, does not crack, does not rot, it is very important for the table that stands in the kitchen.
  3. such tree species as larch and linden require protective coating means.Otherwise, the structure of these materials can quickly be rendered useless.
  4. Besides solid wood kitchen tables are made of particle board thickness 18-22 mm.For the same purpose using MDF and plywood.

What are kitchen wooden tables


shape and configuration of pieces of furniture, there are many.Most importantly, choose the one that would fit perfectly into your interior.

selection of poles for construction

wooden - so - rg2_enl

So, kitchen tables vary in number, size and shape of legs.What they will be, it depends on the following parameters:

  1. shape of the product.
  2. table size.
  3. type material.

Recommendations on the choice of supports:

  1. legs can make your own or buy ready-made.If you decide to make their own hands, you should know that this is a very time-consuming task.So many people buy ready-made products.On sale today you can find metal and wooden legs with decorative carvings.
  2. As for the number, then the dining table can be either one or several supports.It all depends on the form and severity of the countertop.
  3. If the table is placed on one leg, then it usually is massive.In addition, it is decorated with carvings.Products with a foot often have a circular shape.
  4. table can also be installed on two massive legs.Between them placed board jumper.Such structures typically have a rectangular or oval shape.
  5. Most often dining wooden tables are set on four legs.Such products usually have a round, square, oval or rectangular shape.
  6. As to the form of legs, it can be very diverse.

Selecting countertops


Another important part of the table is a table top.It can be made of solid wood, chipboard or even of glass.Obviously, the most reliable and attractive are the massive construction with top made of solid wood.Tables made of chipboard nothing remarkable not stand out.

optimum thickness for the table top is considered 25 millimeters.If you are using chipboard smaller, it should be set below the raised table top of a sheet of plywood.It will serve as reinforcement.

Form countertops is not as diverse as design legs.Basically isolated round, oval, square and rectangular tables.



Round fit not for every room.These advantages include the following:

  1. will look good in the dining room and large kitchen.
  2. This design allows you to experiment with the support.It can be used as one leg or three, and four.The two can not be used, since this table will be unstable.The most reliable considered construction on four legs.

Among the shortcomings should be noted:

  1. Roundtable requires more space.In a small kitchen with it will be very crowded.
  2. This kind of countertop is difficult to do on your own.

oval tables can be of different sizes.You can pick up a little for a compact kitchen, but the most popular still are products of medium and large sizes.If the home is not enough space, you can buy an oval extension table.Its worktop is divided in half.In the folded article can have a circular shape.

Oval table:


But not only oval tables are sliding.This capability can also be structures in circular and rectangular.The simplest is to produce a rectangular table.After all, it does not require round the corners with the help of tools.

Sliding table:


general, may be different and sliding mechanisms.One of them is the rollout worktops on metal rails.Between the two halves to the unfolded state is inserted into a special section, which is located in the middle of the table and folded can be stored under the table top.

quite popular tables with a glass top.Glass in this case is usually tempered.This surface is very difficult to scratch.Construction on wooden legs with glass top suitable for rooms in Art Nouveau style, minimalist or high-tech.Feet in this table are attached by special fasteners.

Glass countertop:

zhstolik_Standart - 1_69Y03B

derevyannyy_stol_so_steklom - 500h426

There is more table-transformer.When folded, it is a small compact nightstand.In the unfolded form behind it can fit up to 15 people.Such structures typically have a rectangular shape.

Transforming tables:


Wooden tables: photo (rectangular shape):

stol_na_dvuh_nozhkah - 500h287

How to make a wooden table with his hands


Design wooden table shows the following details:

  1. The edge of the countertop.
  2. longitudinal strap.
  3. feet-stand.
  4. transverse stiffeners.
  5. supports.

First of all, it is necessary to sketch on paper sketch of the future products with exact dimensions.

drawing wooden table looks like this:


Focusing on the existing scheme, it is necessary to saw wood for the necessary structural elements.


For further work will need the following tools:

  1. Hacksaw.
  2. Jigsaw.
  3. Drill a small capacity.
  4. Planer.
  5. milling machine.
  6. Large paint brush.

From the materials required:

  1. Bolts 8 mm.
  2. sandpaper.
  3. Lac.
  4. Furniture panel.
  5. thick boards 21-22 mm.

The procedure works


  1. First of all, it needs to shape sawn detail.Start with the best legs.They will be straight with notches.Their design can be made using a jigsaw.Then you have to grind and give them a rounded shape.
  2. leg-supports design consists of two horizontal and two vertical uprights.Between themselves, they must be connected by means of conventional bolts, which are sure the lock nut.
  3. When both vertical-support legs are attached to the horizontal must be between the posts in a groove to insert the longitudinal link.This will lock the two vertical supports.

Once the legs are ready to install the worktop.To do this, perform the following sequence of actions:

  1. Put wood panels.
  2. Set horizontal stiffeners in areas where you plan to fix the uprights.Their width should match the dimensions of countertops.
  3. over the bar ribs secure the top with screws flanging of wooden bars.You must first fix the strip on the long side of the tabletop.After that it is perpendicular to the beams.Mounted using screws.
  4. free space between the worktop and fixed beams is better to close the trim strip made of wood.This is done as follows:
  • done in the bars and strips hole boring machine;
  • insert them smeared with glue dowels;
  • on protruding dowels should be put on the trim.

In order to complete the assembly of the table, you should use the screws to fasten the legs to the table top design.



Wooden table with his own hands: video