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December 12, 2017 00:17

Parquet and laminate - what to choose

No matter how much you plan to spend on repairs, approach to the choice of flooring must be very serious and balanced.This is not an easy task, not only because of the quality of the floor it depends on the comfort of residents, but also for the reason that he defines the character of the interior and creates a perception.It has long been proven that people are more likely to look at his feet than the top, but because to do so under the feet of your guests have something to admire.But here's the problem - choose parquet or laminate, for both coatings is quite beautiful ...


Parquet and laminate -general characteristics

Modern building materials market offers a lot of options for floor coverings, differing in characteristics, texture and color.But today we are interested in only one question: "What is better - or laminate flooring?".Nevertheless, these two species have many "varieties", which als

o differ and require knowledge of the case.Faced with such a variety, it's easy to get confused and take the wrong decision.It will help to understand the situation one simple item - the appointment of the future premises.

Depending on the operational load space should select the appropriate finishing materials.So, for a bathroom fit vlagoottalkivayuschey durable floor, which can not be said about the expensive wooden floor.Kitchen requirements are similar, but there on the floor will always fall food drip accidentally spilled coffee, tea or sauces ... Not every wood will withstand such "barbaric" treatment.


So, let's look for what the premises suitable flooring?Traditionally decorated with parquet living room, office and home library - it fits perfectly in a similar interior and creates the right atmosphere, where you can relax or equally well to focus on the study of folios.Parquet board looks great in a room decorated with natural wood or wooden furniture.If you want to put the flooring in the hallway, please note that this is a sector with high traffic, so you need to frequent wet cleaning, and the boards will lose its original appearance rather quickly.For this reason, in the hall is best to use a laminate.


If you want to transform the children's room, it should be understood that here it is necessary to focus on heat and wear resistance.It is possible that the baby will want to draw on the floor, spill juice stained his paint, etc.These tasks handle excellent laminate, provided that the top of it in the playing area will lay carpet or any other warm coating.You can also make a warm floor heating, but this is another topic.

laminate - to - child - room

The bedroom should be a special floor covering that protects from the cold and extraneous noise.Ideally, for this purpose I came from the wood floor was cork, but this pleasure is not available to everyone.As an optimal alternative to the spacious rooms can be put laminate.As for the more modest quadrature, here it is better to do a parquet board, piece parquet simulating the condition that it will blend in with the furniture and decoration.

Parquet - characteristics

Parquet board consists of many thin layers of wood glued together with special glue and arranged perpendicular to each other.Thus, we achieve an incredible strength and resistance to material changes in geometry.The topmost (face) layer is a valuable and expensive wood species.It can reach a minimum thickness of 0.5 mm, and the maximum - 6 mm.Basically, the market can be met with the product "valuable" layer thickness of 4 mm.


There is a special classification of the floorboard in the number of dice:

  1. -strip - looks like a conventional wooden planks and looks good in large rooms.It is, however, such a "normal" board is quite expensive, as is made of wide bands of expensive wood.The standard width of a board is 137 mm.You can also Plank meet with beveled edges.This allows you to create an imitation of seams and felt as if the floor is covered with a coating of expensive solid wood.
  2. Two-way - is a pair of wide planks laid solid stripes or divided into modules.Due to the large width of the product placement becomes solemn, if not pompous appearance, so two-way boards are suitable for classical interiors.
  3. Longstrip - the most popular option, which can be found in ordinary houses and apartments.Parquet board consists of three strips arranged parallel to each other.Usually, strips are divided into small segments, rather than long strips fit solid.With tri-band board can create an imitation parquet pattern "deck", which fits perfectly into any room.
  4. quad - parquet, which is produced from waste wood.It is characterized by very narrow bands, which is why it looks pretty gaudy.This flooring is suitable for the decoration of a country house - it creates a welcoming and homely atmosphere.

To have an idea about the advantages and features parquet flooring and understand what flooring best laminate, you must be able to distinguish the wood from which is made the main "front" layer material:

  • Oak - a classic option for interior decoration.It is characterized by pleasant "warm" shades from yellowish to dark coffee brown.It features high strength, and if damaged, it is easy to restore;
  • ash - elastic and durable wood of different colors (light yellow, dark brown or black).The core is often irregular shape, so the ash is often chosen for its interesting pattern;
  • cherry - parquet amazing beauty with a pinkish tinge.One of the main advantages of this wood - homogeneous velvety texture;
  • beech - solid wood is reddish-yellow color.The peculiarity is that under the influence of direct sunlight beech slightly changes color, becoming more brownish;
    parquet - board - upofloor - beech - kind 3 -way
  • Jatoba - exotic wood, produced in the valleys of the Amazon.Its strength is so high that the processing takes effort weight.Parquet Jatoba wood gives a very durable and has a warm hue;
  • wenge - a very popular material in African countries.It is a hard wood of dark brown color, is highly resistant to pressure and is not afraid of moisture.Not afraid of pests.Perhaps parquet wenge could be put even in the bathroom.

Summarizing, we can identify the following benefits of wood flooring:

  • naturalness;
  • environmentally friendly material;
  • high strength;
  • opportunity repeated grinding (update);
  • easy installation with no gaps;
  • base can be any;
  • insulation;
  • insulation (depending on the type of wood).

Unfortunately, flooring has its drawbacks:

  • high cost;
  • environmental factor - the product of natural wood requires a large amount of raw materials, thus increasing deforestation and rare species;
  • particular care coverage - only dregs special means for parquet;
  • risk scratching;
  • afraid of water (if the apartment with parquet flood neighbors, restore such a floor will have to "from scratch").


word "laminate" is translated as "multilayer coating", thereby fully justifying its nature.The top laminate layer is made of the special polymer materials which provide high strength transparent protective environment and allow the wood to remain beautiful and intact for a long time.The second layer - decorative.It is made in a special printing press, which creates a variety of patterns, often mimic the texture of fine wood.Next is a base layer of water-repellent fiberboard and water repellent kraft paper.

Laminate can be divided into three types according to the degree of load:

  1. High - for public and residential buildings.
  2. average - living rooms, libraries, children's rooms.
  3. Easy - rooms, bedrooms.

For each type of laminate is characterized by its decorative layer.The most common option - an imitation of a wooden surface.This is more like a high-quality laminate flooring expensive with a clear picture and correctly spaced wood pores.Its surface resembles wood, varnished or waxed.

PVC laminate

also a laminated texture, surface roughness which is specially provided for the type of natural wood fibers.This type is very similar to the floor due to synchronous execution pattern.The relief is characterized by symmetrical laminate a longitudinally extending irregularities are not repeated pattern.

today gaining popularity special kind of laminate flooring with a large smooth topography that mimics wood, processed manually.This coating will look great in a country house, or to emphasize the eco-style in the interior.

laminate Advantages:

  • forest conservation - waste is used for the production of laminates (wood chips);
  • protected against vermin, rotting;
  • moisture resistant (can be laid in the kitchen);
  • not scratched;
  • does not break;
  • does not require sanding;
  • ease of care (can be washed by any means);
  • large variety of patterns and textures;
  • resistant to UV;
  • reasonable cost.

Speaking of cost - it can vary depending on the strength of the product.Thus, there is an incredibly durable laminate that can last you almost forever, leaving on the surface of a single scratch.Therefore, the cost can be considered a "floating" advantage, because it is difficult to choose between expensive laminate and parquet board of rare wood.

parquet and laminate ,

laminate Disadvantages:

  • if you still managed to put a scratch, then it will be impossible to close up - you need to change the segment;
  • to cover the following 31 classes need to be protected from damage furniture - cabinets on legs, tables and beds need to install special protective "socks".

Here, perhaps, and all the disadvantages of the laminate.It's obvious that this is a more modern stuff, but nothing compares to the natural wood, even the most high-quality imitation.

Judging by the reviews, and laminate flooring are gaining almost an equal number of supporters, but in recent years more and more people are inclined to the choice of laminate.The fact that the ecology of the earth is in decline, raw material prices are rising, and people need more practical and universal things that would have served more than one year.However, the choice is yours - choose luxury or classic bet on practicality.