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August 12, 2017 18:07

Design a bedroom in the Khrushchev

main difference bedroom Khrushchev other bedrooms - its limited size.Typically, the area of ​​these rooms is no more than 10 m².In addition, the width can be slightly more than 2 m. This moment should be taken into account, doing layout bedroom Khrushchev.When choosing furniture, will likely have to be satisfied with a standard set.Even if the bedroom is located in a two-bedroom Khrushchev, it does not mean that you put out there is only one bed.Anyway, there are lots of things that definitely need to be in this room.

Interior Desizhn : Modern Bedrum

Bedroom Furniture in Khrushchev

So let's understand what the furniture in the bedroom is a must, and what is desired.

standard set of furniture for any bedroom

  1. bed.
  2. Wardrobe.

agree that without these items bedroom hard to imagine.That is, without a cabinet, of course, possible, but then there

must be other elements, its replacement for storing bed linen, etc..


narrow bedroom in the Khrushchev did not allow to choose any width bed.This value should be chosen according to your size and width of the room.Slightly widen the scope of possible, removing the cabinet.Things are the same, for storage in the closet, under the bed, you can hide in special boxes.Very useful in this case would be, fashion today, a bed-podium.

Alternatively, a pull-out bed that day hiding in the closet can be successfully applied.This frees space to move around the room.


Folding sofa bed could easily replaced if a free place really quite bad.However, design experts do not support such an idea.They argue that sleeping in this case deprived of intimate comfort.

And yet, under the bed is better to have one of the walls.So you get a comfortable bed, and save room for other things.


ideal solution for the small bedroom in the Khrushchev will -Buy built-in wardrobe with sliding doors.Here traced double space saving: due to the depth of the cabinet, which can be less than the standard models, and due to the sliding door (no need, leave the seat next to the wardrobe in case of plowing flaps).Moreover, by the front of the door of the cabinet of frosted glass or mirrors, you can visually expand a small room.


Additional furniture

  1. Bedside Tables.
  2. Chest.
  3. dressing table with mirror.
  4. ottoman.
  5. coffee table.

If you need to place in the bedroom is something from the second list, choose miniature furniture, capable of transformation, and, preferably, a bespoke tailored to the specific dimensions of the room.

In addition, in the bedroom can accommodate bookshelves and television, and so on., If necessary.But all this luxury, have to hang on the walls.


interior bedroom in the Khrushchev

bedrooms Designed in the Khrushchev should differ ease and simplicity.There is no place bulky furniture, heavy drapes and dark wallpaper.It sets out the repair and decoration of the bedroom in the Khrushchev, consider the following recommendations:

  1. For the walls, choose bright warm colors.
  2. order not to overdo it with the light colors, the furniture can be dark, and the bedding and curtains warm pastel shades.
  3. not hide the window behind heavy curtains, prefer weightless transparent tyulyam.
  4. Rational Use free wall space: hang a plasma TV (if you like to watch TV before going to bed), shelves for books and favorite knickknacks, etc.
  5. Nakhodka bedroom in the Khrushchev will mirror.As wall and ceiling, they are visually expand the space of the room.
  6. For lighting use spotlights or other small lights by lighting of individual zones.

present to your attention a few examples of photos bedroom in the Khrushchev:

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This does not mean that your room should be identical to the bedroom in the Khrushchev, shown in the photo.However, to use some interesting details in the scenery of their own premises, it is possible.The main thing, whatever ideas for arrangement of bedrooms in hruschevke you did not use, keep in mind the basic principles:

  1. rationally use the available space.
  2. Strive for visual lightness.
  3. Avoid clutter in the bedroom and a chaotic heap of things.


  1. If the window you have not seen the industrial metropolis landscape and pine forest or birch grove, you should take advantage of this good fortune.In no case, do not cover the view from the window.It is better to "continue painting" in the room, painted part of the wall, or placed on a window sill fresh flowers.
  2. Bedside Tables replace narrow chest high.Its the same surface can be used as a coffee table.
  3. for visual correction of a narrow room, use wallpaper (or other decoration materials) of the same texture, but in different shades.The narrow wall dye in warm colors, the long - in the cold.
  4. If you decide to use a mirror in the interior of such a non-standard bedrooms, it must be large and placed on the long wall, thus expanding the room optically.

Creative imagination!And even a small bedroom Khrushchev would be nice cozy little world for you with a warm intimate atmosphere.