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December 12, 2017 00:17

The kitchen in a wooden house

Wood as a building material used for centuries.Today, with a large selection of building materials, wood and does not lose its popularity and relevance.This is due to high-performance, environmental performance and aesthetic natural material.And special attention is drawn to the kitchen in a wooden house.


Features kitchen facilities in a house made of wood

As in any residential building, a wooden house occupies a special place in kitchen.Since this room often performs several tasks, its design has to be functional, practical and comfortable.

As a rule, the kitchen is divided into several zones:

  • work area that is used for cooking;
  • space dining destination;
  • often performs kitchen and living room feature.


Based on these features to stay in the kitchen room was comfortable and convenien

t, some important aspects must be taken into account in the design:

  1. ventilation system, lighting, arrangement of plumbing, a refrigerator and stove are of particular importance in the room wooden kitchenat home.Thus, the plate should be equipped with a good hood or placed near windows.Refrigerator advisable to put in a dark place.
  2. In that case, if a house is built not so long ago, having communication, it is necessary to take into account the possible process of "subsidence" of the structure.From these considerations, the pipes and the wires are placed on a special frame.Therefore, in considering the interior of the kitchen facilities, care should be taken to make data communication as negligible as possible.
  3. is also necessary to take measures aimed at the preservation of wooden material.Kitchen space is a place of high humidity.Wood is known, it is not resistant to moisture and quickly collapses under its influence.For this reason, the material should be treated with special trains.This measure will contribute to the preservation of wood, make it easier to care for.In addition, make fire resistant material.
  4. Woodworking increase the service life of the building material, but will not be able to protect it from damage due to constant contact with fat, food and moisture during cooking.Therefore, the apron - the most vulnerable to this impact position, it should be protected by finishes.

There are several best options like finish.Consider in greater detail.

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apron apron is the part of the wall in the kitchen, which is located between the hood and sink.Those.. This longitudinal zone, which is at the level of the working segment, where the hostess is engaged in cooking, washing, etc. Make a quality finish apron can be made of such materials:

  1. Plexiglas - a material that is different enough high strength and transparent structure.The latter feature will help make the interior of the kitchen in the wooden house more than the original.For example, under the plexiglass can be placed for effect lighting.
  2. to protect the apron can also be used glazed brickwork.This material is easy to clean, retains visual appeal even after years of use.Besides tile has another advantage - a relatively low cost.
  3. Another option quite spectacular finish is a mirror.The interior, complete with such an element will look quite profitable and extraordinary.Besides mirror visually increase kitchen space.This option is ideal for small spaces.But it should also be noted that a lack of material.Behind the mirror is necessary to constantly and carefully looked after.When this material is exposed to such scratching.Therefore, care must be careful, otherwise this finishing prematurely fail.


kitchen facilities Lighting

An important aspect of kitchen design in a wooden house is the lighting.Since the tree has the property to absorb the sun's rays, it is necessary to provide extensive coverage.If it is a kitchen having a small footage, in this case only one or two large window openings of average size.

When creating artificial illumination should ensure the presence of the scattering and spot light.The scattering illumination is achieved by mounting fixtures into the ceiling.Spot light should illuminate the main areas of the kitchen facilities.For example, a place for cooking or dining table.To achieve this effect, you can by installing wall sconces or hanging lamp.

We develop floor plans

There are 5 options, in accordance with which the plan can be carried out of the kitchen room in a house made of wood:

  1. The first option is a linear layout, which involves placement of furniture along the walls.It is ideal for narrow rooms.It is necessary to take into account that the working surface along its length must not exceed 3.5 meters.Otherwise, this will be difficult to move around the room.
  2. If the kitchen is not is large, the best option would be L-shaped layout.This option will enable the most practical to use the angular space.At this point you can put the sink.When
  3. kitchen decoration in a wooden house can be used in parallel plan.It involves placing the working areas on opposite sides of the room.This design solution provides more freedom of movement around the room.In this type of plan the sink and the stove is recommended to install near a wall and put under another refrigerator.
  4. If kitchen area is large enough yardage, better use layout U-shaped type.
  5. The last option is called the island.It can create by using each of the options listed above, but with a twist.In the center of the kitchen to place the table.

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Style solutions for the kitchen in a wooden house

Kitchen Renovation in a wooden house has its own requirements for the design of the internal style of the room.Let us consider the most appropriate ways to create the interior:

  1. Kitchen in rustic style - this option provides for registration of the main space of the tree items.Furnish apron can be performed using a tile corresponding hue.Furniture for this stylistic direction to choose carved in Old Slavic style.For greater saturation of the interior, you can add a variety of stylized details.For example, a samovar, straw ornaments, wicker items.Curtains should be selected with motifs of folk embroidery.The same applies to the tablecloth.Kitchen cabinets can be arranged with the help of patterns.


  1. Eco-style involves design objects of natural origin, with a clear preference for natural wood.This material can be used for finishing the kitchen walls.It is also possible embodiment of the lining "Brick".As the flooring, choose a laminate, and furniture made of solid wood or laminated chipboard.Of course, when you create a modern interior can not do without the use of plastic and glass, but their presence in the design should be minimal.


3. Quite interesting style decision will imitating hunting lodge.In this case, the basic material design also serves a tree.The style feature that characterizes this area is the presence of a fireplace lined with natural stone.Furniture can be stylized antique or modern type, but in the dark, severe tones.For illumination it is possible to be limited to one lamp on the center of the ceiling and two sconces.Hunter's style does not provide bright lighting.A special style will add richness accessories - stuffed animals, antlers, gun, etc.

chopped - wood - home -kitchen- in - st_1
4. Country style involves registration of premises interior design details that differ the most natural look...Permissible surface roughness and uneven lines.For such a design is typical interior styling antique.At the same time welcomed the absence of any frills and decorations.Making a choice in favor of this style, it should be noted that the massive pieces of furniture which are specific to a country, the most successful will look like in a spacious room.So if we are talking about a small-sized kitchen, it is not necessary to dwell on this design decision. - aparments - Woody - Appartment - s

  1. classic design style cuisine involves the creation of the late XVII-early XIX centuries.Most successfully this direction reflects kitchen sets with a facade made of ceramic, natural wood.Equally suitable material for the manufacture of the headset in a classic style will be walnut wood, oak, mahogany and rosewood.Further stylistic elements can act consignment ornamental cornices and grooved.Saturate the interior help frosted or stained glass.In addition to the color of natural wood, classical direction will correspond to the facades, painted in a palette of ivory or sand color.To complete the composition of kitchen furniture can be issued or gilt bronze fittings.


Small kitchen in a wooden house may well perform two functions - the working area and a living room.The space can be divided into zones, using a multi-colored flooring.Also, the kitchen can be identified by placing a small podium.Divide the room help and the lighting.For example, the kitchen can be equipped with a bright light, and the living room to give shade.Choosing furniture for the living room, should support the stylistic direction of the kitchen space.

main stylistic trends can be seen in the video: