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August 12, 2017 18:07

Features wooden plinth

Plinth need for decorative and protection.In addition, he often lay in the cable that was not visible wiring.It can be made from both natural and synthetic materials.On peculiarities of application and installation of the wooden plinth talk further.


  • Species plinth
  • details on wooden baseboards
  • requirements plinth
  • assembling wooden plinth
    • Tools
    • Installation steps
    • How to install a wooden plinth on a brick wall
    • Asattach a wooden plinth to the concrete wall
    • Installing wooden plinth on the wall of drywall
  • Rules care wooden skirting

species plinth

installation of wooden skirting boards

following types of products:

  1. Plastic.
  2. Wooden.
  3. Metal.
  4. polyethylene.
  5. laminate.
  6. MDF.


  1. The type of the plinth selected depending on the material used for the surface of the flooring.For example, carpet, ceramic tile, laminate or linoleum is recommended to use a plastic plinth.It is suitable for rooms with high humidity, office space and offices.For sale is a set of variants of colors and shades of the
    building material.Each of them is different moisture resistance, aesthetics, resistance to household chemicals.Furthermore, they are strong and durable.Just do not use them with wooden floors.Among the shortcomings can be noted that they are insecure, because of what is necessary to fix them additionally.should buy the necessary plugs and connectors for plastic moldings.The price of products is relatively low.
  2. few more plastic Plinth.They are most suitable for dry areas.It is best to install them for wooden floors and parquet.They are environmentally friendly, reliable, durable, wear-resistant and durable.Metal
  3. baseboards made typically of stainless steel, aluminum and nonferrous metals.They are best suited for kitchens, hallways and bathrooms.These materials are durable and moisture resistance.Only the prices are quite high.
  4. also commercially available polyurethane plinths, which are flexible, resistant to mechanical damage, temperature and humidity.In addition, they are easy to clean.Thanks to all these properties, these materials are very suitable for bathrooms.
  5. Skirting Laminate not need additional hardware.They are suitable for most laminate floors.
  6. appearance and properties with similar products made of laminate skirting boards MDF.MDF panels are used for their manufacture.They are considered more durable than wood.

To make it easier to choose a plinth, it is recommended to follow some rules:

  1. He color should be combined with walls, floors and doors.
  2. The product is suitable for the type of flooring and tailored facilities.
  3. Note stock length of the article under the trim.
  4. In some cases, a complete view of the room can be given through the plinth, which is slightly different from the color of the flooring.

details on wooden baseboards

Cabin - balcony - wood - paneling - I

Tree man used as a building material since ancient times.It has earned its reputation thanks to such properties as durability, strength, and environmental friendliness.Moreover, this material is easy to process, that allows to give it the desired shape.

only, any wood does not tolerate exposure to moisture.Therefore, it is not necessary to lay wooden flooring and skirting boards in rooms with high humidity.A particularly easily deformed under the influence of unfavorable conditions softwood (cherry, lime, walnut).Hard rock more resistant to such indicators, but they are much easier to crack when dry.

Plinth is best to buy from the same material as the floor covering.If possible, should be ordered strips of wood from the same manufacturer that made the floorboards.Thus the more likely it will be that the products with the same color deck.

Plinth floor can vary in pattern and color.Most often, these boards are manufactured in the form of a triangle or so-called "evroplintusa".Last characterized by a small area of ​​the sole of a bar.It is convenient because it allows you to move up the furniture almost flush to the wall.On request, you can make any design skirting boards, for example, with a small notch, which effectively "hide" it leads.


There are two types of products: from veneer and solid.

veneer products cheaper than from the array.Often, as a basis for their manufacture is used pine or spruce.Veneer fine wood laid over a base.Its appearance is as good as products from the array.

Skirting array are usually made of valuable wood or softwood.These products are resistant to mechanical abrasion and durability.At the same time it is difficult to establish.The price of this plinth is determined, above all, the cost of wood species, which is used as a basis.In addition, the price affects the build quality.The cheapest wooden plinth is the material of pine, and the most expensive - of oak.

Today on special technology produced baseboards made of oak, maple and ash, which have increased flexibility and elasticity.Such products should be stored in sealed containers because they solidify outdoors.

Plinth can buy today at any hardware store.

requirements plinth

Wooden plinth: photo


polyurethane - view

wood - plintus1


When buying any finishing and building materials should be guided by certain quality parameters.So, there is a standard for the plinth - a GOST 8242-88.It states what is required of the product.Plinth wide and must meet the state standards.

Thus, according to this standard, the product must:

  1. have a smooth and flat surface with no signs of decay and defects.
  2. be environmentally friendly.
  3. well dried.
  4. durable.
  5. Have moisture quotient of not more than 16%.

Plinth high processed on milling machines with which the product takes shape.It can be tinted and coated with a protective varnish or having natural natural coloring.

Besides Russian parameters of quality European standard exists for this timber.Thus, according to him have such a product on the back side of the grooves must be present, made specifically for the cable.They meet the requirements of the German Institute for Standardization, or DIN.These standards are now used throughout Europe.

assembling wooden plinth



to work need the following tools:

  1. Hacksaw on a tree.
  2. Building Area.
  3. Mitre.
  4. Roulette.
  5. screwdriver.
  6. Self.
  7. Pencil.
  8. countersink.
  9. Electric drill.
  10. Plugs or butterflies.
  11. long nails.
  12. wooden baseboards.

Installation steps

for self-installation of the wooden plinth need at least basic skills in working with wood as a building material.More important to follow the installation instructions.

Mounting wooden skirting the following:

  1. To measure the wall.Clean and prepare all the corners of the room.
  2. Drill holes for screws.Between them should be about 80-120 centimeters.
  3. Screw screw and drown his hat.It is necessary to keep the distance from the floor covering in the 15-20 millimeters.
  4. All joints and lubricate the product installation places a special putty for wood.
  5. If need be, the paint and varnish product.
  6. Plinth veneer can be attached to clips or glue.When using the first method needs to be absolutely flat wall.

Now tell about the stages of the installation in more detail.

How to install a wooden plinth on a brick wall

setting - skirting - 2

First, let's remember one important rule - do not mount the plinth at the date of acquisition.The material should be given time to adjust to the room where it will be installed.Therefore, to put it better, at least from the beginning of the second day after purchase.

Work procedure:

  1. begin assembling the best with the inner corner of the room.To do this, you need to know its dimensions.They operate using a tape measure.
  2. obtained measurement result is transferred to a schematic on the plinth.Then the material with a hacksaw or a circular saw cut a piece of the desired length.
  3. It is important to dock plinths with each other.To do this, first of all, their ends should be cut exactly at 45 degrees.But sometimes there is still a gap due to the presence of low-quality and rugged corner of the room.Violation angle geometry is observed quite often.The appearance of cracks in this case is not a reason to throw away the cut piece of the plinth, because the gap can be zashpatlevat.For large size intervals is recommended to adjust the joints of the material using grinders.
  4. If it is known beforehand that the room has uneven edges, the layout should be done a little differently.It should be between the wall and the floor in the corner of the plinth to put a stick, then closer to the dock on the floor is drawn marking line.This must be done at both sides of each corner.After that you should cut off a piece of the required length and draw a layout at the end of the rail.
  5. as the top point, you can use the top corner sticks resting on the opposite wall.The bottom line will be the point of that was done with the markup.These two markers to join and trim the strip line perpendicular to the floor.If you make a neat cut, the gap should not be.Mouldings join hands with each other, if in relation to the length of the walls, trim the length of the plinth will be maximum.
  6. In some cases, the entire length of the room requires two skirting strips.To the middle joint was not visible, they must also connect at an angle of 45 degrees.If enough of the wall skirting, it is connected to the other corner of the room only.
  7. Sometimes it may even need more than two segments on one wall.That in this case turned out beautiful and strong coupling, it is necessary to cut off the baseboards at 45 degrees.This joint, treated further with sandpaper, almost not noticeable.If the cut at a right angle, the joints will be visible.

Important! It is said that the quality of connections depends not only on how to cut off the plinth, and also on the quality of the product.So you should carefully examine the material even before you buy at the store.Thus, the entire length of it should have the same thickness.In addition, the product must be free of knots and chipping.

How to attach a wooden plinth to

setting - skirting - 4

  1. concrete wall First you need to mark the drill locations, which will include fixing dowels.This is done quite simply.If the wall is flat, it is enough to make a mark every 50 centimeters.In the presence of defects on the surface, and the fasteners, respectively, these holes will take longer.According
  2. made markup drilled holes.If the brick wall in the done connectors will be placed plastic dowels.When attaching the skirting boards to the wall using screws or "butterfly".
  3. Secure wooden skirting boards to the wall just enough.It is only necessary to consider some important points.Thus, the anchor bar is allowed only after the joints are carefully adjusted.Furthermore, it is important to have a dowel hole correct depth - it should not exceed the length of the dowel more than one centimeter.
  4. To comply with the specified depth, you can proceed as follows.Measure out the required length on the drill and mark this distance with the help of duct tape wound.Next on the baseboard should be made to deepen the heads of screws and dowel screws, so that then they were not noticeable.The diameter of the drill should be slightly larger than the cap attachment.Hole under the bonnet can also be made by means of a countersink.
  5. When the plinth will be well fitted, it remains secure.Then it is necessary to proceed to the exterior.To this end, the surface Strap first cleaned of impurities and then puttied, varnished or painted.The varnish (paint) can get to the wallpaper or flooring.In order to prevent this, the surface should be something to cover.

Installing wooden plinth on the wall of drywall


Installation sequence in this case is the following:

  1. With a pencil mark on the wall of the place where the screws are screwed.
  2. The same markup you need to do on a wooden plank.
  3. Drill in the bar at the marked locations holes with a diameter equal to the thickness of the nails used.Accordingly, choose the appropriate diameter drill.In order not to spoil the floor when drilling under the bar need to lay a wooden board.
  4. Take countersink holes and make a small indentation.This is to ensure that the cap screws or nails plunged into the plinth.
  5. Finally, fasten the baseboard in place.

Rules Care wooden skirting


  1. can not be too hard to humidify the plinth.
  2. When washing your vehicle should be applied to the sponge, not the product.
  3. to remove dust is best to use a dry or slightly damp cloth.
  4. As a means to care, you can use household cleaning and degreasing spray soap dish.
  5. If the floor is processed aggressive detergents, then right after that you need to wipe all the smudges.
  6. Stubborn stains can also try to remove the abrasive powder, but this should be done very carefully.