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August 12, 2017 18:07

Satin wallpaper features , characteristics and rules of gluing

Repair - it is troublesome and expensive.But if you really want to change something in their home, the simplest thing you can do on your own - it's boring-stick wallpaper.If your choice - satin wallpaper, then before starting to work on the disposal of old wallpaper, you need to carefully plan all - to acquire the necessary tools vymeryat desired number of rolls, calculate how much glue needed, as well as pick up a nice color to your fabric.This is the most pleasant chores, because it is thanks to a huge choice of varieties of patterns and colors, wallpaper, and satin are popular and have a positive feedback.


  • What are the satin wallpaper?
  • How to glue satin wallpaper
    • What is needed for the work
  • Preparing walls
    • How to glue silk-screened on the old wallpaper
    • As wallpaper glue on paint
    • How to hang wallpaper on drywall
    • As wallpaper glue on plaster
    • As wallpaper glue on the concrete
    • How to align walls
  • How to prepare
  • glue How to prepare wallpaper
  • Stages of work
    • How to glue satin wallpaper on the ceiling
  • Video: nuances of wallpapering on the wall

What are the satin wallpaper?

wallpaper called a special web material, which is designed to furnish indoor walls and ceilings.A wall of this material is applied using a special adhesive.Wallpapers have a different basis - even this paper, whether it is vinyl, whether it is a fleece.In addition, the wallpaper have a different outer coating.

Most often distinguish the following categories of wallpapers:

  1. Paper.
  2. Vinyl.
  3. Fleece.
  4. Textile.
  5. Velour.
  6. Under painting.
  7. Steklooboi.
  8. Photo wall.

Satin wallpapers related to "vinyl" category wallpaper, as they are also called "flat vinyl."One more very common name satin wallpaper - silkscreen.


Satin wallpapers are made using a variety of hot stamping patterns on the surface of the wallpaper.With this method, it is possible to translate into reality, even the most bold and unusual design solutions.Despite the figures, the surface of the wallpaper is always smooth and silky to the touch.Satin wallpaper can be either matte or pearl or sputtering.

One of the misconceptions consumers (which, incidentally, often fueled by negligent sellers) - satin wallpaper made of silk thread - hence, they say, and the name "silkscreen".In fact this is not so.Of course, thanks to the latest technology, often satin wallpaper mimic silk fabric, but it is only thanks to a very sophisticated and, of course, expensive way of handling the vinyl.Most high-quality satin wallpaper made in Germany.

How to glue wallpaper satin

Silkscreen refers to serious types of wallpaper.In general, sticky satin wallpaper is similar to mounting conventional Non-woven cover, but has its own characteristics and rules.For example, due to the lack of any relief on the satin wallpaper, you must carefully prepare the surface on which will be applied to the web.For example, on the walls, it is desirable to make at least bespeschanku.

satin - stretch - ceiling - 2

most basic contrast satin wallpaper on the other - the adhesive must be applied not on the wallpaper and the wall, as well glue dry cloth on the moistened surface.

What is needed for the work

  1. Wallpaper.
  2. Clay.
  3. soap solution.
  4. Scissors.
  5. knife.
  6. Plummet.
  7. Primer.
  8. Pencil.
  9. line.
  10. spatula.
  11. level.
  12. Rule (of metal).
  13. sandpaper.
  14. roller (rubber).
  15. Brush.
  16. dry cloth.
  17. structural paper.
  18. water.
  19. Cookware To glue.
  20. Ladder.

Preparing walls

How to glue silk-screened on the old wallpaper

first step is to remove from the walls of old wallpaper.

  1. Thoroughly moisten the walls with soapy water and leave them to 45-50 minutes.
  2. If the wallpaper is very thick, it is better to add a soap solution of dry adhesive.
  3. well to moisten the wallpaper, make incisions on them.
  4. Remove old wallpaper spatula.

As wallpaper glue on paint

If the wall on which you plan to stick satin wallpaper, paint is applied, it is necessary to get rid of it only in one case - if the painted surface is old and peeling.If w paint well kept on the wall no chips and cracks, then wash the surface carefully enough and stick to it polotka.

In that case, if the paint is old, it is necessary to get rid of it - with the help of the reactants, and then clean the surface with a brush for use on metal.

Textile - wallpaper - 1024x768

How to hang wallpaper on drywall

Although the drywall - a perfectly flat surface for wallpapering, glue satin them undesirable.Pre-need to process the necessary surface primer, putty and then - start and finish, and then again with primer.

As wallpaper glue on plaster

Do not glue the silk-screened on the bare plaster.Pre-need to remove the top layer of lime, and all chips and cracks zashpatlevat.Prepared in this way the surface should be washed with warm water, then sanded.

As wallpaper glue on the concrete

strictly contraindicated Satin wallpaper glue (like so many others, by the way) on the concrete, as the spots may appear on the wallpaper.Before wallpapering, concrete must be plastered and then primed.


How to align walls

If the satin fabric will form ugly, then all your efforts will go down the drain, so it is how you prepare the wall, it depends on the work.

  1. Carefully check the surface on which you will paste screen printing.
  2. Remove the plaster, which keeps bad - it is better to re-putty than glue wallpaper.
  3. walls that you leveled by putty, you must be well cleaned - using nazhdachku.
  4. Before wallpapering, once again wipe the wall of dust and dirt - for this purpose, use a primer.
  5. Old coatings that were on the walls, often hide mold and flexible, so you need to carefully prepare the wall.
  6. have satin wallpaper base paper - it can bloom and fall off, if the walls are not properly prepared.


How to prepare adhesive

  1. For gluing satin wallpaper buy special glue for vinyl wallpaper - it is based on PVA.But the suit and the usual adhesive for "universal" wallpaper.
  2. Carefully read the instructions and dissolve the glue, as it is written - in accordance with the proportions.
  3. Do not wait until the glue swells - put it on the wall, where it dries out a bit.This coupling of wallpaper to the wall is very high.

How to prepare

wallpaper Once the walls are ready for wallpapering need to prepare themselves wallpaper.


  1. Basically, with one roll of wallpaper, for which there is no need to pick up drawing out three or four bands.
  2. If you want to select Picture, then with a single roll of wallpaper will not work more than three bands.
  3. Measure the wall, measure the required length of wallpaper and add a little bit - five to eight centimeters in stock.
  4. Cut strips fold the pile, face down.

Stages of work

  1. first strip of wallpaper glue must be near a window, and then continue along the perimeter.
  2. docked best with the top edge.
  3. strip of wallpaper is applied as closely as possible to the ceiling, and then straighten the top - down.
  4. If you do not want to warp, glue the front page with the slope or level, everything to be exactly perpendicular to the ceiling and the floor.
  5. All the other bands should be placed strictly butt.
  6. If the wallpaper with a pattern, choose a pre-pattern wallpaper and arrange in the order in which they should go.
  7. gets wet, satin wallpaper can be stretched, and dries - shrink.Do not stretch the wallpaper on the joints because they can remain gaps - the gaps between the strips.
  8. Ideally satin wallpaper glue necessary to overlap - at least one millimeter.
  9. Under wallpaper joints can prokleivat paper strip.
  10. wallpaper on the walls are smoothed with a roller - due to this, it is possible to expel the air.Roller need to move from the center to the edge strips.
  11. If you have not noticed, that was air under the wallpaper, you need to puncture the bubble with a needle or pin, and then a little pressure on the bladder, so that the air went out.
  12. Keep the corners connected by two bands - here it is desirable to make a joint overlay - its depth depends on how smooth the corners.
  13. When you pasted the whole room, you can start cutting off excess wallpaper - first with a sharp knife to cut all unnecessary under the ceiling, and then near the floor.
  14. Leave the room for a few days to dry wallpaper well.
  15. Once the wallpaper and dry the walls dry out, you can nail the baseboard and glue border on the ceiling.


How to glue satin wallpaper on the ceiling

Wallpapering the ceiling - this is a very time-consuming work: firstly, to do physically, it is inconvenient, and secondly, difficult to smooth the fabric, in the third place, it is not visible irregularitiesand error.

  1. Before gluing satin wallpaper on the ceiling, you need to stick special structural paper.
  2. Wallpaper glue on the ceiling of the window deep into the room.Due to this, it is possible to visually conceal the joints.
  3. Do not glue the wallpaper on the ceiling on your own - to invite for these purposes assistant - will work together to advance faster and better.
  4. Once the wallpaper will be pasted, you will need to provide a leak in the room, otherwise defects may appear on the drafts.


Video: nuances of wallpapering on the wall