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December 12, 2017 00:17

Finishes of the attic

Attic - is a special kind of attic, which has quite a large area and makes it possible to equip the house extra room.If you insulate the roof properly, use imagination and some effort, the attic will be cozy and stylish living quarters.About finishes the attic with his own hands, the types of materials used and the peculiarities of the process of warming the room will be discussed in this article.


  • Warming of the attic as a first step to the arrangement of the room
  • Types of materials for walls and ceiling of the attic
    • Finish attic lining
    • Wall Block Houses
    • Decorating the walls of the attic plywood
    • Finishplasterboard attic
    • finishing the ceiling of the attic
  • finishes
    • attic bedroom in the attic
    • decoration in the attic room for children
    • Kitchen attic
  • finishing the attic.Video

Warming of the attic as a first step to the arrangement of the room

roof trim attic insulated materials depends on whether similar activities were conducted outside of the construction

at the stage of construction of the building.In the event that the roof was insulated earlier, the inside can be just oblitsevat paneling, plywood or plasterboard by filling the space between the sheets of material and framed with a thin layer of insulation.For this work fit the roll materials with foil surface, which will warn the condensate falling on the slopes of the roof.

It also happens that the roof had not insulated.In such a case interior will be more time-consuming and labor-intensive.Initially, the slope of the roof should be fixed waterproofing material that will protect the room from the ingress of moisture from the outside.Such a film is attached to the inner surface of the roof directly on the crate.It is best to fix the counter-using membrane.

waterproofing film can be coated with insulation.It is advisable to use for this purpose a light porous material is sufficiently large thickness.Pitched roofs to be warm in several layers using a roller means.As for sheet and plate materials, they are not suitable for roofs of complex shapes and configurations, but will be quite relevant in the case of wall finishing the attic.

Thermal insulation can be done in several ways on the roof.For example, if the rafters are located a short distance from each other, select a heater with a slightly greater width.In this case, you can put the material between the rafters and did not fix it.But if the rafters behind each other to a considerable distance, the heat insulating material will additionally be fixed to the roof surface wooden bars.

If the roof is insulated by means of mineral wool, it is necessary to paste over plates paroizoliruyuschey film, after which it will be possible to fix the cotton wool on the inside surface of the ramps.So as not to spend extra time and effort, it is better to buy a heater with a vapor barrier.The disadvantage of mineral wool is considered to be its ability to strongly accumulate moisture, causing the material decays, deteriorates and loses its beneficial properties.Sometimes, for thermal insulation of buildings using foam, however, and it is not considered the best option, because in case of fire starts to produce very harmful toxins into the atmosphere.If the insulation of the roof is applied polyurethane foam, you can save time and money by not finishing the construction of a waterproof membrane.

insulation layer can be applied directly on the waterproofing film, but it would be better to provide these materials between the short distance.In such a gap will permeate the air, preventing moisture build up in the walls and roof slopes.

wooden crate, which will be fixed all the materials to be processed required impregnation, protects wood against fungi and microorganisms.

Create attic living room also provides insulation floor.Performed similar work with a suitable loose material, for example, expanded clay or expanded polystyrene chips.Incidentally, the expanded polystyrene not only has good thermal insulation properties, it is also waterproof and is much cheaper than their counterparts.Before fill the heat insulating layer on the floor, it is necessary, as in the case of roof lay waterproof film.On top of the film is going to design of lag, and after the floor is poured insulation.Then all this is covered with a solution of the concrete and the concrete is still liquid, it keeps reinforcing the stack.The final stage of execution considered screed and finishing decorative floor finish.

Similarly, you can make the room not only warm, but also partially soundproofed.A good waterproofing will allow arrange the attic, even a kitchen or bathroom.


Types of materials for walls and ceiling of the attic

Finishing the attic in the house should begin with the selection of a suitable material.Modern manufacturers offer potential customers a very wide range of products, but the most popular materials for decoration are considered attic: boards, Block Houses, plywood and drywall.Let us analyze these options in greater detail.

Finish attic lining

cheap, easy to work and care can be considered material plastic battens.Color and pattern in such a cladding is different, so you can use it to implement a variety of design ideas.Decorate the walls with plastic panels may even be new to the construction business, since the installation of the material is carried out simply and easily.However, there have bunks and disadvantages, the main of which is considered to be brittle.This lining does not make a strong physical effects of a stroke, it may crack.

more comfortable and stylish looks in the finishing of the attic wall paneling made of natural wood.This material has a unique pattern, beautiful natural texture and warm tone.In addition, the tree - an environmentally friendly and healthy material.But the disadvantages of wooden bunks considered it a fire hazard, poor resistance to water and moisture.Furthermore, wood can attack various parasitic forms of life, while the synthetic materials are indifferent insects and microorganisms.With these shortcomings helps fight careful care of the tree, which includes periodic processing special impregnations.But wood is not only in the room creates a special cozy atmosphere, but additionally warms the room.


Wall Block Houses

Perform finish walls and ceiling inside the attic is possible using Block Houses - material that simulates natural wood beams.Unlike natural wood, Block Houses more resistant to adverse weather factors, high humidity, temperature fluctuations and mechanical stress.This lining will not crack over time, does not rot from water and will not be damaged by beetles, carpenter.Mounting material is carried on the wall easily enough, even a person who does not have such skills, is able to carry out the work after reading the detailed instructions.

have Block Houses and one small drawback.Since the details of the material have a considerable thickness, they conceal a little space of the room.


Decorating the walls of the attic

plywood Plywood - a cheap and relatively easy to use and which allows you to align even the curves and walls to create on their basis for further decoration.Sometimes plywood and used as finishing, but by itself, this material does not have a special appeal.But plywood convenient to paint, decorative plaster cover or drape fabric cutting.

Plywood is often used in the finishing of wooden attic, where it is necessary to hide the level drops below the walls of flat sheets of material.In addition to the low cost of such cladding features easy installation, light weight, as well as environmental friendliness, because the main raw material in the production of plywood wood stands.

But among the downsides of the material can be identified the same characteristics that are inherent in a wooden wall: fast flammability in the case of fire, the instability to water and high humidity.


Finish attic

plasterboard Plasterboard, as a material for interior decoration, for today is very popular.The reason lies in a multitude of advantages it possesses.These advantages include low cost, light weight, fire safety, environmental friendliness, ease of operation.But the main reason that the drywall is so popular is the ability to create a variety of sheets of material structure and shape, so that any designer can realize the most daring ideas.In addition, drywall surface is perfectly smooth, it is not necessary to thoroughly prepare for painting or plastering.Under the structure of a material can be hidden communication, and they will not spoil the interior of the premises of its irrelevance.

Lack of drywall is that it easily absorbs moisture.But even with this feature can be managed by purchasing a special type of waterproof material.

finishing Drywall carried out very easily.Zashpatlevat space must first join individual sheets, and when the filler is dry, it should be polished with sandpaper, after which the surface is ready for final processing decorative.


Finishing the ceiling of the attic

trim ceiling in the attic room is practically no different from the design of the walls, in addition, in many types of attics ceiling may be absent, and the roof slope will serve both the wall and the roof.

In decorating the attic, you can use the suspended ceiling.It is quite expensive, but looks stylish and luxurious.Installers Stretch ceiling structure can create not only with smooth but also with a curved surface.Particularly spectacular view of this ceiling attached correctly chosen lighting.In addition, manufacturers of stretch film can be applied to customer for their products anywhere any pattern, ornament or photo.Stretch ceiling is very well combined with the multi-level structures of plasterboard.


Finishes attic

bedroom in the attic

owners attics often arrange in such areas is a bedroom.To make such a beautiful and comfortable room, it is necessary to listen to some of the recommendations:

  1. Bedroom in warm tones are always relevant.In such an interior will be very appropriate wood, such as wood paneling with natural light shade.Arrange clapboard ceiling, paint the walls in white, beige or pastel green, and curtains and flooring pick in the wood tone.
  2. You can try to create a bedroom in a hunting style.This design is used rough, untreated wood of dark tones, as accessories matched products made of natural skins, colorful hand-made rugs, quilts and bedspreads in a "patchwork" style.Furniture for a bedroom should be a little rough.
  3. Interior decoration of the attic could be a bright and juicy, but not too varied.If the furniture and walls in rich and fresh colors, to emphasize their beauty can be using the white ceiling, painted with glossy paint.
  4. Furnish white bedroom furniture is desirable to complement the contrasting tones.By the way, the white walls and ceiling - a good solution for areas with limited space.
  5. Wooden beams can be a major focus in the design of the interior bedrooms.If the ceiling of the room white, the beams can be painted in a dark brown color.In this case, the same group must be present in other interior elements, such as in floor finishing, the details of furniture or accessories.
  6. attic walls can paste over with beautiful wallpaper.In this room, a bedroom, it is best to use a gentle floral patterns and bright colors of the material.
  7. effectively looked in the design of this room and fabric drape.They add a room of comfort and romance.
  8. Do not forget to pay attention to detail.Curtains, rugs, bedspreads, cushions, mirrors and other accessories must be combined in style and colors, with a total finish bedrooms.Various little things, such as lamps, vases, lamp fill the room a homey feel.


decoration in the attic room for children

room for children involves brightness and diversity of colors.any finishing materials can be used in a similar interior: wallpaper, wood, decorative plaster, paint, etc.All of these finishes can be combined to create original designs.When making a child also should take into account some of the subtleties:

  1. Young children may be willing to draw on the floor or on the walls.Accordingly, the material for finishing is better to choose those that can easily be washed in case of need.
  2. color scheme in the design of a child's room may be different, but here is not superfluous to take into account the child's wishes and his psycho.For example, the active pranksters better to choose muted soft colors, as bright colors excite the mind and without restless child.If your child is old enough in order to voice their preferences, listen to the wishes of the child.
  3. children's rooms can be zoned in the bedroom and play area.The place where the baby will rest, should have to relax.Tranquil shades of the interior - the best option for the sleeping area.Game of the room, you can make colorful and bright, saturate colors and a variety of items.
  4. When finishing the attic and take into account the way enters the room sunlight.If most of the day the room is illuminated by the bright rays, avoid using in the interior too saturated colors.
  5. through the windows located on the north or east, the attic gets enough light.In such a situation for the finishing room suitable warm colors, which make up the deficit in the sun room.
  6. For windows located on the west side, it is necessary to provide blackout curtains or blinds because the setting sun can interfere with the child to sleep.


Kitchen Attic

As it is surprising, but in the attic can be equipped with not only the living area, and kitchen.To realize such a venture is possible only in the event that the floor area can accommodate all the necessary equipment and furniture.Of course, the kitchen can not do without good ventilation - this feature must also be taken into account in the planning room.

As for the interior, then it is possible to listen to this advice:

  1. that the kitchen has always been a light, ensure that natural light entering through the large windows.
  2. Furniture in the kitchen should be set about a vertical wall.If you place it under the ramp, in the cooking process will often bump on his head.
  3. predominant shades in the attic kitchen should be bright colors.They will add the room space, make it light and comfortable.
  4. If the kitchen and dining area is provided, the dining table is best to put the windows.


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