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December 12, 2017 00:18

Illumination for the kitchen with his hands

When taken in the kitchen only the central light, then standing at the table, you are bound to close the access of light to the work surface.Of course, when it is in the center of the kitchen, it may not be so noticeable.However, sometimes such an arrangement does not work table.Anyway, even if the desk need more lighting a lamp, how much more need this light for the kitchen.That's just in the kitchen the other rules, and a desk lamp does not solve the problem.



How can implement illumination?

possible solutions task lighting in the kitchen a few.Let us mention some:

  • LED Strip (with or without his profile);
  • lamps oblong;
  • spotlights, single or sets, mortise and overhead;
  • lamps lighting kits for kitchen windows and glass shelves.

Some furniture fixtures simply screwed to the bottom of the kitchen cabinet and connected to a power out


Mortise spotlights designed, as the name implies, to be inserted into specially zasverlennye holes in the furniture.Such lamps include when designing furniture in advance.

Installation of overhead spotlights is not so complicated.To connect the overhead fixtures necessary to conduct additional electrical wiring.Connecting lamps through a transformer.

Thus, it is possible to make the backlight kitchen with his hands.Have the skills to work with electricity, not all options required.If you want to implement your own lighting using LED strip, you need to have the skills installer electrician.The tools that you may find useful: a screwdriver, tape measure, hammer, screwdriver, soldering iron.

Getting Started

Before moving on to the practical side of things, it is advisable to draw a diagram of the kitchen plan, top view (sometimes also necessary frontal plan).In terms of the lighting check, and what you plan to do.It is necessary to take into account both the practical side, as well as design points.Questions may be along the following lines:

  • whether to prevent a uniform distribution of light Line Midway accessories and other add-on parts cuisine;
  • where is located socket, power supply, switches or remote control;
  • if you will not irritate view LED strip, if it is not hidden in a special profile;
  • what color light you prefer;
  • not forget that color can greatly affect a person's emotions;
  • if you use different colors of illumination, whether they will be combined with each other and with the overall kitchen design.

Most likely, the overall kitchen lighting you have already installed: a chandelier or spotlights.What places usually require additional illumination: it is the working part of countertops, sink, stove.It is possible that the oven has lit backlight mounted in the hood.Some believe that it is convenient to make the additional lighting in the kitchen and lockers.


Once you have decided on the type of lighting, and the place of its location, you can start working.Let's see how practically to implement certain embodiments of the backlight.

LED lights kitchen with his hands

advantage of LEDs is that they save energy.Among other things, the LEDs have a long life (if used properly), resistant to mechanical abrasion and humidity.

  • Purchase LED strip.You can buy a tape of any color.Although different colors perfectly decorate the kitchen, however, this is not always practical.Many users have agreed that the best neutral white color.Sale LED ribbon or continuous strip, or segments.If you bought a continuous tape, be careful on the rules of the power supply can not be connected in series LEDs are more than 15 meters in length.Make sure that you buy the tape has no creases and visible damage.
  • Buy power supply.It is also convenient to use the remote control unit to the controller.By the power supply will need to purchase an adapter cable.Voltage power supply unit and the tape must match.A higher voltage at the power supply voltage compared with the tape lead to failure of the latter.RGB tape first connected to the controller and then the controller is connected to the power supply.


  • plug the power supply wires soldered to the Controller.All solder joints to protect the tape.
  • The adapter cables determine where plus and minus where.To do this, connect the adapter to the power supply and with the help of the indicator check.
  • Solder adapter wiring to the LED ribbon, observing the poles.After soldering, wrap insulation tape the soldering each wire separately, and then together two wires.Verifies that the connecting structure to the power supply.
  • Clean the surface to which the tape will be attached.If you degreasing detergent, remove the residues with water and allow the surface to dry.It is desirable to glue the ribbon at the bottom of wall cabinets are not near the door (in front), and near the back wall cabinets.It is desirable to depart from the wall (from the junction of the wall and the cabinet) 2-3 cm. Otherwise, if the butt sticking tape to the wall, the wall of light rays will be practicable the form.
  • Stick the tape to the bottom of the cupboard.For this purpose, double sided tape, if not bought LED Strip adhesive.If self-adhesive tape, then all that is necessary - to remove the protective strip from the adhesive side.Then apply the tape precisely to the surface.After pasted the entire tape, a little squeeze.
  • for adapter wire drilled a hole in the bottom of the cabinet.Wire output adapter in the hole.The cabinet is convenient to place the power supply unit and the controller, if the pre-supply hoses inside the cabinet was carried out.
  • Solder Wire adapter and controller.

LED Strip profile

Skilled electricians do not recommend gluing tape directly on furniture or on walls.It is preferable to use a protective screen special aluminum profile.The tape is attached to the profile groove and locked opaque or transparent screen.

Papier firmovy - layout - Bigman

Advantages of the profile lies in the fact that it removes excess heat from the heating of the LEDs and the screen diffuses the light.In addition, some sections in the grooves of the wire can be hidden.Instructions for illumination of the working area in the kitchen.

  • place Measure profile fixing.
  • profile Cut to length using a hacksaw for metal.
  • Make holes in the base of the profile diameter of 3 mm on the edges of the profile, and if the profile is long, in the middle.
  • Secure the base profile to the bottom of the suspended kitchen cabinet furniture using screws 3 * 16 mm.You can use a screwdriver, but if not, it will help a screwdriver and your efforts.
  • Measure out the required length of LED strip.
  • Cut the tape only in specially provided by the site, which is marked with the "scissors".
  • release film from the rear side of the tape, and paste it into the profile.
  • install a protective screen (light diffuser).Side profile close plastic caps.
  • profile insert fixed to the bottom of the false base of the cabinet.


possible that the profile without reason.Then fasten it at the bottom of the cabinet by using double-sided tape.

LED and fluorescent fixtures

Typically, such lamps are sold in furniture stores or stores like furniture fittings.You can choose fixtures with the appropriate parameters of length and power.

Complete with LED lamp usually already have a transformer connected to the lamp mini plugs.


All that is necessary for the installation of these fixtures: Screwdriver and furniture screws.Instruction bought fixtures prompt manner in which they are mounted: the side walls or to the bottom of the cabinets.It usually depends on the purpose of the lamp - for indoor or outdoor cabinet lighting.Photo kitchen illuminated by various lamps gives an idea of ​​the possible variants of the work area lighting.