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December 12, 2017 00:18

Whitewashing with lime walls

lime undeservedly neglected nowadays.Meanwhile, sometimes a lot cheaper and more practical to use for decorating whitewashing it.The walls, once covered with lime to be painted with latex paint should be cleaned from the old whitewash, proshpaklevat and soak the soil.Often easier and cheaper to whiten them again.Besides lime has antiseptic qualities.Thanks to these features whitewashed walls and ceilings with lime is recommended in schools, hospitals and kindergartens.Whitewashing is used for interior and exterior work.


  • Where applicable whitewash lime
  • equipment for whitewashing the walls lime
  • Lime consumption at whitewashing
  • How to extinguish lime for whitewashing walls
  • Prepare wall surface for whitewash
  • Procedure whitewash walls lime
  • Whitewashing walls with lime.Video

Where applicable whitewash lime

  1. lime used for whitewashing not only living quarters.Garage, cellar, various outbuildings and paddocks for the animals are whitewashed with lime mortar.Hydrated lime is no
    t only gives a fresh white walls and ceiling, but also disinfects the premises.
  2. Whitewashing with lime is used for painting fences, garden and at work podbelivayutsya trees.Lime is not afraid of dampness, whitewashed walls in a basement or cellar, do not require secondary whitewash few years.After drying form a solid crust on the surface of the white-washed walls, which clogs the small cracks and seal the plaster layer.
  3. layer of white lime in bathrooms, showers, basins and baths, thanks to the resulting film on it, protects the wall from moisture, becauseit is not only strength, but also moisture resistance.
  4. During the preparation of lime for whitewashing the walls are sometimes added organic dyes.The diluted by mixing slaked lime with a pigment can achieve any desired color saturation.

equipment for whitewashing the walls lime


to work you will need:

  • a bucket of water;
  • brush or CEILING;
  • protective clothing (rubber gloves, goggles, gauze bandage or respirator);
  • whitewash wall paint roller is not recommended.When applying the second layer of whitewash roller begins to "pull" the previous layer;
  • whitewashing the walls by spraying saves consumption of mortar.Used for electric or pneumatic spray guns, sometimes adapting horticultural mechanical sprayers or even vacuum cleaners.



Special - head - on vacuum cleaner

Lime - enough caustic solution and remedies for pobelochnyh works should not be neglected.Whitewashing with their hands - not so much difficult as a dirty job.Before working in the room floors and furniture covered with foil.

Lime consumption at whitewashing

  1. Quantity consumed lime depends on the application method, surface porosity and texture of mortar.When covering walls whitewash brush consumption increases.For masonry or walls made of porous materials require more lime.On average, half a liter of medium consistency whitewash leaves per 1 m2.The sale is quicklime, pushonka powder and lime paste.
  2. Lime pushonka diluted at a ratio of 1: 3.If dilute a pack of 2 kg of slaked lime powder fluff in 6 liters of water, the resulting solution is ready for whitewash enough for 12 -14 m2 wall.Lime powder is filled with water and mix.Complete disintegration time of dry lime powder - from 0.5 to 2 hours.From time to time, the mixture is stirred until smooth.Remaining lumps of lime are kneaded and the solution is filtered through a fine sieve or a gauze filter.
  3. Lime paste - diluted with water 1: 3 and after thorough mixing, ready for use.As a result of mixing the solution obtained, comparable to the density of the liquid with the consistency of yogurt.
  4. is important to achieve the required density of the solution.Liquid mortar gives a pale surface saturation, and too thick can start to bubble and fall off when dry.


solution of lime for whitewashing the walls in a closed container and at zero temperature has an unlimited shelf life.Quicklime has the form of small lumps, and can also be stored for a long time to dry.

knead - lime

How to extinguish lime for whitewashing walls

  1. Prepare a metal container for slaking.In the process of slaked lime generates heat, bubbling and splashing.So take care and remedies.Rubber gloves and goggles will not prevent.Lime brine droplets that fall on the skin, can cause chemical burns.
  2. Break up large chunks of quick lime, put them in a metal container and pour three parts water.After contact with water quenching process begins.The first 10-20 minutes, the solution behaves aggressively - the boiling effect is created with the formation of steam.During this period, the capacity can cover or move.
  3. stirring occasionally lime mash - leave at 6:00 for raskisaniya and sludge.After settling undissolved elements, small stones and particles of debris are removed by screening through a fine sieve.
  4. lime milk is almost ready for use.To make the best qualities of experienced professionals added to the lime brine salt and drying oil.At 10 liters bucket mash 30 g.linseed oil and 100 grams.salt.Sometimes add a little bluing.Salt and blue on a white background give a solution, and drying oil strengthens adgeziynye properties.As a result, the whitewashed walls not stain clothes and have a fresh white color.


Surface preparation for whitewashing walls

  1. walls to whitewash lime dry cleaned with a stiff brush from dirt, dust and friable particles old whitewash.Large cracks or damaged areas of plaster shpaklyuyut and aligned.Grid small cracks tightened during the whitewash solution and after drying will not be visible.
  2. Yellow stains from water drips rub clean with a damp sponge with white.Good help in removing stains mold or mildew, copper sulfate solution.The surface of the walls should be absorbent and processing of soil mixture, creating a protective film, it is not recommended.
  3. start whitewashing the walls is better in cloudy weather.So better to visually identify the correct strokes for manual whitewash brush.Additionally Lime does not like rapid drying in direct sunlight.

Priming - brush

Procedure whitewash walls lime

Indoors floors and furniture sheltering film.Wear work suit, hat, rubber gloves, goggles and a respirator.

whitewashed walls , spray

  1. gun to a solution of lime is carefully filtered.Spraying start a circular motion from the top corner, holding sprayer nozzle at a 90 ° to the wall at a distance of 15 - 20 cm. It is necessary to choose the best mode to not show streaks.For the second layer lime wash is enough to give the first layer to dry out a bit.
  2. In manual whitewashing brush pre-soaked in hot water for half an hour.Natural fibers are softened, and lime mixture is better and more smoothly falls on the surface of the walls.Right from start to whiten the top corner and away from the window.Emerging smudges wipe the brush on dry areas of the wall.The light from the window to determine the direction of movement of the brush to smooth whitewash without bands.

to whitewash the walls of brick, outbuildings, fences or trees used CEILING.

Whitewashing walls with lime.Video