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August 12, 2017 18:07

Entrance hall , living room : photos, design ideas

How to start a theater know everything.And here is where our apartment begins?If you ask this question to a woman, she is likely to tell you that from the kitchen;man, in most cases, will prefer a room in which there is a cozy sofa and a TV.But in fact our apartment begins with an entrance hall, moreover, that it is and ends.It's the last room, which we see when leaving the house, and the first with our return.But it has long been somehow so happened that the entrance - one of the most awkward spaces of our homes.In communal apartments perform its role common corridor in khrushchovkas it is so small that it and a separate area is difficult to call.And in today's homes it is not very favor - sometimes there is a feeling that there is an entrance only to be separated from our apartment stairwell.


visual tricks to increase the hallway


But whatever it was- long and narrow, is more like a square

, high or low, it is still there, so, we, using the achievements of modern design, should try to change it so that it became more pleasant, cozy and comfortable.

Given the limited space here does not place a lot of furniture, but without the minimum is still not enough.In the hall, at a minimum, there must be room closet for coats, preferably built as takes up less space;chest of drawers or cupboard for shoes;ottoman, on which you can sit and Razuvious shoes, if still left a little space will not prevent another shelf for small items - gloves, hats, shoe brushes and creams.Placing furniture is worth remembering that the passage must be at least eighty centimeters, otherwise you will be constantly on something stumble and never get rid of injuries and bruises.


There are many ways to visually enlarge the hall.Among them almost first - increase the quantity of light.A few wall sconces or spotlights and you will immediately start to feel that your hall became more.The second way - it is the right choice of colors.There is better to use light colors, it is desirable that the floor is darker than the walls and the ceiling are much lighter than the latter.And thirdly, in the hallway hang a large mirror, a full-length or longer, combined with the light, it will give an incredible depth of the room.And in the end a few more details.Designers are advised not to use in the interior hallway small details, especially in large quantities.Better use of figurines and vases are medium in size, and if you love to decorate the walls of pictures, it also give preference to large format.

Yet no matter what visual tricks we did not use, physically increase the hallway we do not succeed, no mirrors, no wall figures are not extended.What to do?It remains only to combine this room with some other.Preference is most often given to the kitchen, but today we turn our eyes to the other side, in the living room.

Combining: Pros and Cons

Design - hall -living room - 1

But before you start to radically change the layout of the apartment is to weigh both negative and positive aspects.

Many opponents of this option argue that the living room from the hallway is clear the dirt in both areas.In fact, this is the least of the problems - the carpet by the door is able to solve it practically instantly.Yet, the factor of the street from the accounts do not have to fold.Summer still all right, but in winter, when the window comes down to minus thirty, keep in mind that coming home, we will let the cold air in the two areas, because now we have an entrance to the living room are combined, and between them there is no door that hedelay.Also, when such planning possible drafts, so the first is to make sure that when you open the door you do not will blow from the living room, and then how to redevelopment and improvement of interior or lead to poor health.

Design - hall -living room - 1 ( 1 )

regards external factors, it is almost all the flaws that you may have.But there are a few domestic, no less important, which definitely worth a look.

If circumstances are such that someone from the family members have to use the living room instead of the bedroom, to combine the best just to forget, because this man is completely devoid of personal space - not so nice all the time to be in sight, and if someone else-That goes too early or returning too late, even restful sleep becomes a distant dream for him.

The final argument against.Look carefully to him and his family members.If you order in the hallway if outerwear after coming hung in the closet, shoes and folded in drawers or at least neatly in the corner, if all the other parts of the wardrobe also have their place, then everything is fine, you can start to redevelop.If not, get ready for what will soon become your second living room hallway - a jacket or coat comfortably settle down on the couch, hat and gloves occupied table in the corner to find a place a wet umbrella.

None of the above you are not scared?Then it's time to explore the positive aspects of combining the hallway and living room.


Speaking half in jest, such a plan will allow you to always being in the living room, to see who has come or gone.But seriously, it's in the first place - an increase in space as the entrance area and the whole apartment as a whole - that is, open space.Now the hall will not put pressure on your walls.But the main advantage of such a combination in the world.As a rule, the brightest room in the apartment - living room.The entrance hall is almost devoid of daylight.By combining them we overclocking gloom hallway sunlight.Now you can not only save on the electric light, but also decorate the hall greens, as before, and did not dare to dream.Just imagine a huge number of vases, hanging on the walls, a big palm tree somewhere in a corner, to be pleasing to the eye, when you come back tired from work.

Divide and conquer


After weighing all the pros and cons, you can start to work.But you still have doubts.If you just can not imagine how your apartment will change after the remodeling carried out as will later appear hallway Living photos made by professional designers, will come to your aid.Moreover, they help and advice with regards to the need for the planned your purpose materials.

Now, when we combined the living room from the hallway, it's time, oddly enough to hear it, do their division rather zoning.After all, though, we now have space and would like one, the function they still perform different.Sometimes you can use the original design - entrance hall, living room, as well as some other areas, for example, the kitchen, are made in one color.This option, of course, has the right to life, but still they should not be abused.And sticking to one style in the interior should still keep in mind that the kitchen should have kitchen, living well, and, accordingly, you know.


this purpose is to divide the room into separate zones, so that later it was easier to navigate in space.To do this, you can use:

  1. Paul.
  2. ceiling.
  3. walls.
  4. Curtains.
  5. furniture.
  6. partitions.

In our case, it is easier to divide the room into functional zones flooring.In the hallway lay the tiles, but this should be done only if there is a floor heating, otherwise there will be cold feet, but if there is no such, prefer laminate - it is able to resist both physical damage and moisture, which is bound to be present in wet and rainyweather.But in the living room can be used carpet, parquet or laminate the same, but different colors.If you want the floor in the hallway did not differ from the floor in the living room, separate them with a low podium.


Ceilings can be stacked, suspension or tension.Using ceiling design allows not only to zoning, but also, if necessary, hide some engineering systems like cable, wiring or ventilation ducts.

If you have no desire to change sex and you are concerned that after the repair of the ceiling will collapse on your head, handle the walls - it's cheaper, easier and more reliable.Here also there are many different options.Enough, for example, just paint the hallway and living room in different colors and the problem disappears.You can also use wallpaper.The same principle is same or different in different areas, or in one of them to hang wallpaper, paint and the other wall.Another example - can be used in the hallway a wooden panel, then when you return home you will emerge feeling that you are from a village, or a country house some miracle suddenly caught in a city apartment.Invent, dream, try, experiment.Here the main thing - to stop in time, the family budget tends to dwindle.

Yet there is one, is perhaps the cheapest option zoning, using curtains or tulle.In this case, you will be able to choose any color or pattern, and hang these accessories can be anything you like.Not as costly and delineation of zones with the help of furniture, however, provided that you use a pre-existing.Originally will look bar set on the border between the hallway and living room.If you do not want to come to visit you friends and acquaintances are not quite correct perceived this design element, use the shelves, rack or flat aquarium.


And last on the list, but not the least is the partition in addressing zoning problems.The partition between the hallway and living room should not only share space, but also look aesthetically.The range of these products on the market today is huge - sliding, plastic, plaster, mirror, translucent.There are also different sizes - you can set the partition from floor to ceiling, and can be in the half of human growth, this is already pleases you.In addition, if desired, and the elementary ability to partition can be made with your own hands.

In conclusion, we note that only you are choosing interior.The living room, hallway and other rooms of your home belong to you.You will live in them and only depends on you how it will look, whether the cozy and comfortable.Design - is not proven by someone axiom design, this rule where there is always an exception.So look for these exceptions and write new rules, to the delight of myself and the people around you.