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August 12, 2017 18:07

Kitchen-studio in the building : Features of the planning and design

Today studios are becoming more popular, especially when it comes to buying their own homes or apartments for renovation eat.The total space is not separated by walls that take up a lot of space and form additional anybody unnecessary corners and turns light and spacious, Vmeschaya everything necessary for living and leisure.Free planning is possible not only in new buildings, but also in a private house, or even the old "Khrushchev" homes.In this article we consider the features layout and design of the kitchen-studio in the house.


  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • methods zoning
    • partitions, shelves, racks
    • Zoning using bar
    • Zoning using lighting
    • Zoning different surfacing materials
  • Rational usespace

Advantages and disadvantages

kitchen-studio is the perfect solution for small apartments, while "unload" the situation and creating an interesting modern design.But how functional and useful would such a decision?Judging from the trends of recent years, more and more people c

hoose the kitchen-studio, completely demolishing the wall or extra originally planning to a free plan.

This apartment is a combined sitting area (living room) and kitchen.The functional area can be divided in various ways, which will be discussed below.Before making a decision, you must carefully weigh all the "pros" and "cons."

Benefits kitchen studio:

  1. visually expands the space, letting in more light, because the living room and kitchen windows windows do not shut themselves off a solid wall.
  2. lack of doors and solid walls that increase the functional area of ​​the room.
  3. Kitchen Studio is an ideal place for parties and social gatherings, especially if it is equipped with a breakfast bar.
  4. There is no need to buy a TV or audio equipment separate kitchen.
  5. There is an opportunity to create original and stylish interior designer to realize fantasies.
  6. Great for bachelor or young family of two people.

interer_kuhni - gostinoy_29

As for weaknesses, something about them is difficult to say definitely, because for someone, some of them will not make any difference:

  1. absence in the apartment private room (if it is a one-room apartment).In this case, if you only tenant, this point is not uncomfortable.If you have two or more, there may be some difficulty, because every person needs its own zone of privacy.
  2. Smells from the kitchen will be spread throughout the apartment, so the mandatory installation should take care of a good ventilation system.Otherwise, do not be surprised if your favorite silk dress or a shirt soaked aroma brewed on the eve of borscht.
  3. cost of such projects is quite high, especially when it comes to the dismantling of old walls and a complete remodeling apartments.The cost includes not only the work and the cost of materials, but also permits the preparation of a package on work, to approve that it is sometimes very difficult.Calling such a repair "economy version" can not under any circumstances, even if you do everything by hand.

Tip: the dismantling of the wall should be carried out only after obtaining permission from the architects.Otherwise you not only risk damaging the overall design of the house and expose the dangers of the residents, but also to get a huge fine.

methods zoning

There are many ways to zoning kitchen studio in the house, and this work can bring real pleasure, especially if you are a creative person and love to work with your own hands.Each of the methods has its own characteristics and is able to favorably highlight the benefits of space, hiding his faults.

course, you can not share the room, leaving everything as it is - many people do in order to save or for other reasons.But if the space intelligently delineated, it is much more convenient to use, and what can we say, enjoyable.This is particularly true of small-sized objects up to 20 square meters.M.

1375264740_kuhnya - dining-living room

There are two good reasons to zone space:

  1. properly plan zoning allows you to turn the light separately in different parts of the premises.This is especially useful if more than one person lives in the apartment.
  2. If the area is approximately 18 squares in the house live 2 or more people, the visual separation allows subconsciously adjusted to rest, cooking, work, or sleep.For example, if the night someone has to work at the laptop, he can go to the kitchen table, without disturbing the rest of the residents to relax in the relevant area.

partitions, shelves, racks

One of the most common ways of visual zoning space.Shelves and shelves of unusual species are especially effective for small apartments, because it is not only a barrier, but a receptacle for clothes, books and other things.

partitions is best done from the subtle and natural materials such as wood or drywall.Their role is purely decorative, so hang on her shelf or pots will not work.The maximum you can stick a poster or darts.

You can also build a parapet, or low curbs, which put a vase, flowers and stylish interior.

nebolbIIya9i - Gostina9i-

One of the most interesting, but at the same time - the most expensive solution is to wall-glass partition.She copes with the zoning, but at the same time, does not violate the "lightness" of the space.Alternatively, you can make the barrier of colored glass or stained glass.In order to block access of light from one area to another, it makes sense to install a partition blinds or roman shades.

Zoning using bar

This option zoning kitchen studio in the house (photo) appeal to young people, I love to organize social gatherings and noisy parties.Also, the solution is suitable for small apartments, where the bar can be used simultaneously as a dining table and a work (if you work at home).

The bar not only visually divides the space, but also allows you to use every centimeter of his maximum benefit.For example, from the kitchen at the bar you can set the drawers for utensils and cutlery, and from the premises that will not be noticeable, and the space will remain easy.

1375264511_kuhnya - living- photo - 3

Zoning using lighting

Another popular variant of zoning, which applies not only in cases with small kitchen-studio, but also in most modern repairs and redevelopment.The main thing in this case - to observe a sense of proportion.Even if you do not have the slightest idea of ​​how to arrange the elements of lighting, you will design and photo magazines.quite a few bright points for small apartments on different levels, and choose the appearance of fixtures, given the interior a kitchen-studio.

Proper lighting can create real miracles.Thus, a thin LED backlight on the border of the kitchen and the room can clearly delineate the space.Consider not only the need for light, but overall "character" of the apartment.What mood would you like to emphasize - romance or serenity, joy and naturalness.

desizhn - kitsch Odintsovo

should also take into account the visual features of the interior.So, if the apartment a lot of reflecting elements, glossy smooth upholstery, lacquered cabinets, the strong light will turn it all into a shimmering something tasteless.

The kitchen is best to put the "cold" spot lights, because this light is ideal for work and does not strain your eyes.Above the dining area to hang a height-adjustable chandelier.The recreation area is preferably limited floor lamps, sconces or floor lamp with a warm light or two types of lamps: cold light - for reading or needlework, warm - for the rest.

Zoning different surfacing materials

Kitchen Studio in a private home can be zoned and using different finishing materials, as each zone is characterized by the color used invoices and other trifles.For example, using a variety of wallpaper, plaster, paint for walls.In the kitchen on the floor can be laid tile, and a recreation area - cork flooring or parquet.


also the perfect solution to organizing spaces on different levels, for example, the kitchen is slightly higher than the living room, a few steps lead to it.

Rational use of space

Because every corner compact kitchen studio perfectly visible from any point, you need to make sure that the contemplation of it gave only pleasure.The sink should not see dirty dishes, and a recreation area - scattered underwear or crumpled bed.You can do this in two ways - either permanently maintain an apartment in the strictest cleanliness, or to learn how to use the space efficiently.Agree that the second sounds much nicer, so we consider this is the case.

Largo Kitchen - gravity

help keep small and quite specific room in order to help ergonomic furniture and modern appliances.In order not to injure the delicate psyche came unexpectedly Tiffany's or other offers, you can remove the dirty dishes in the dishwasher.It is useful to organize an abundance of cabinets and shelves, but be careful here - the shelves constantly have to wipe the dust, and in the cabinets comply with the order.

furniture with built-in shelves and cabinets conquered the world market in the past few years.In stores you can find not only comfortable orthopedic sofa beds with fitted compartments for clothes, but also a variety of options, trasformerov furniture, such as a table that folds into the picture, etc.Save space and maximum functionality - these are the main rules of life in a small apartment!


All surfaces on which anything is, should not be afraid of moisture.It is desirable that they are fully adapted to the fast udobke, and you have enough 5-10 minutes to lead his home in the "divine form".

Also this kitchen for the studio should be made to the surfaces, easily maintained and are not afraid of moisture.That is, quite simply, everything should be as suited for quick and easy cleaning.From the foregoing it should be a simple conclusion - it is very important to be able to choose a kitchen set for the studio!

So we looked at how to effectively organize the space and choose the best options for the kitchen-studio with partitions, shelves and functional furniture.In conclusion, I would like to acquaint you with the video material, which shows in detail how to make the most of light and "air" studio apartment for two people: