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August 12, 2017 18:07

Cork wallpapers for walls : material characteristics , advantages , like glue

cork with each passing day it becomes more and more popular.The fact is that the plug is a universal resource that is used in a variety of fields.Most people know that cork floors are most often used in the construction.Much depends on the thickness of the cork layer.Suffice thick material used as a coating for the floor.Recently, however, was widespread cork wallpaper.

Unlike other wallpaper, cork material - a durable option walls, which, moreover, is also attached to the solidity of the room.

The most common cork wallpaper used in offices, offices and industrial buildings.However, a fine will be a decision to cover the walls of cork in a country house.An excellent version of this is also for the reason that it is a natural material that fits perfectly into the natural environment.


main advantages of cork wallpaper

have cork wallpaper, as well as anyoth

er finishing material, there are advantages and disadvantages.Fortunately, in this case, the positive aspects much more.

  • The first thing to say that cork is resilient.This suggests that even with rough handling of the coating will remain in the initial state.Moreover, the stopper is very difficult to damage, even intentionally.
  • should know what kind of cork wallpaper to care.The fact is that the natural surface of the material gradually becomes soiled.However, there is nothing critical.Clean wallpaper is quite simple, and besides, the care is done once a month, and sometimes even less.


  • Many may think that cork wallpaper is a material with a uniform appearance, but it is not.Now manufacturers offer a huge range of these products.Anyone can choose a wallpaper with a specific shade and texture.Of course, it should be understood that in this case there is also the price factor.Classic cover significantly less exotic options.Despite the presence of unusual colors, many buyers opt for simple and neutral options.In any case, before you buy you need to go shopping and to opt for the best and affordable option.
  • Despite the fact that it is a natural material, it is impervious to bacteria and various microorganisms.Even if the high humidity inside the building, where the fungus will not start.
  • cork wallpaper not burn.Thus, they are much safer than the classic paper wallpaper.
  • specialists in the construction industry argue that the tube - the same material that is able to protect the room from the negative electromagnetic radiation.This is another positive aspect in favor of cork wallpaper.
  • sufficiently well known is the fact that cork is incredibly easy to assemble.Moreover, it is dust-free process, which handle almost any person.Also, cork wallpaper easily attached to almost any surface that is not necessary to pre-treat.

Design cork - walls - 5

Disadvantages cork wallpaper

As already mentioned, cork wallpaper, of course, have certain disadvantages.Fortunately, they can be easily avoided.However, each factor must be assessed carefully, otherwise you may encounter a loss.

  • Despite the fact that cork wallpaper - it is a dense material, it is very bad hides imperfections of the walls or any other surfaces.Of course, many people in the house walls have a certain roughness, which spoil the look of the room.In such cases it is better not to make a choice in favor of cork.Any bulge wall will immediately stand out with these wallpapers.In this case, the alignment wall may help, but this process may be too time consuming.Many experts advise to use a cork wallpaper with the original texture.Very often, three-dimensional images on the tube positively reveals itself in such situations.However, in this case there are problems, which is uneven joints between the strips of wallpaper.
  • also need to realize that cork wallpaper - a material "for the ages."The idea is that it is very difficult to remove from the surface and the paint should not be applied in the same way and it is not recommended to glue the new wallpaper on top of the cork on top of the material.It will look terrible.Thus, in order to remove the cork wallpaper, need to be armed with a spatula (or similar tool) and spend a lot of time on this whole process.


adhesive cork wallpaper

important to note that after the acquisition of cork wallpaper have to get serious about the choice of adhesive on the basis of which will be attached to the walls of a natural material.Immediately is to say that in this case it is better to use glue Moment.At this time, the PVA adhesive is not able to withstand the high weight of cork material, and so-called "liquid nail" which are designed for fixing heavier elements in the construction.

In any case, you should ask the consultants all the information that relates to the use of some type of glue.It should also be understood that for gluing cork wallpaper will need a lot of glue.

process of gluing cork wallpaper

sale present cork wallpaper with paper base, which in terms of bonding do not have any differences from the classic paper wallpaper.You can also find a self-adhesive material.However, the above type of wallpaper is too small.Most often, the sale can be found in the classic rolls with cork material.

In this case, we need the following tools:

  • line;
  • scissors;
  • comb adhesive application;
  • building level;
  • spatula;
  • pencil.

process should begin with the walls, which are located near the windows.

before the first adhesive strip of wallpaper you need to partition walls.Then you can be confident that the process will be carried out with maximum quality, and all the wallpaper strip will be located exactly.


Cut strips of wallpaper thus need to remain on top of allowance, which is up to 5 cm. Very often wallpaper rolls may be deformed and thus bonding strip dimensions slightly change.You can also unwind a roll and let him lie down.

wallpaper glue is applied with a comb.It should be evenly coated surface of the material to cork wallpaper kept really high quality.This process should be carried out with particular attention to the glue drops have not got on very stopper, otherwise then get rid of the "moment" of residues will be very difficult.

After applying adhesive wallpaper badly pressed against the wall.Experts recommend to carry out this process is not one, but with someone together to increase the pressure on the surface.

worth knowing that these wallpapers can not be bent.If the band gets into a corner, you need to make a small incision to cork material is not damaged.Also, this type of wallpaper in any case can not be glued overlapped.Not only does it look horrible, so also negatively affect the state of the material.

Very often with cork wallpaper in Comes a special instruction that will fully familiar with all the intricacies of the process.