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August 12, 2017 18:07

Arches in the kitchen : a photo , especially the installation and registration

When planning the design of the kitchen for most of us the question arises: Is there a door needs.A lot of modern design trends follow the line that the kitchen should not be a separate room and should harmoniously blend with the living room, presenting a whole.Share cooking zone, its reception and relaxation can be pieces of furniture such as a sofa, a table, a bar counter.However, before you remove the door to the kitchen, ask security requirements, if in the room will be installed gas appliances, not to have problems with regulatory authorities.In some cases, the presence of the door to the kitchen area with the installed gas heating or water heating appliances is mandatory.If they do not, the door can safely clean, connecting the kitchen with the other area.


  • Types kitchen arches
  • arch to the kitchen with his hands Plasterboard
  • arch between the kitchen wood
  • arch to the kitchen brick
  • Applications various arches in kitchen design
  • Archkitchen: video

Types kitchen arches


After removing the door or Perestenko formed aperture is necessary to fill any design element.The best solution to this problem - installation of the arch to the kitchen instead of a door.Arched doorway favorably with other forms of its elegance, beauty and elegance of form.It can emphasize the original design of the kitchen, and given the large number of variants of arch assembly, perfectly complement any design solution.

Before starting work on the construction of arches, you must decide what type of design you want to use.It depends on the overall design as kitchens and room adjacent thereto.So, there are several basic types of arches:

  1. Wooden Arch is better suited to the classic kitchen interior.These designs are produced in woodworking workshops on special order.Mounted such arch after the repair, because it is already covered with a special coating that can spoil during finishing.This design is characterized by the fact that it clearly separates the border of arch doorway from the rest of finishes.
  2. Arch drywall.This type of arches are used for design in the style of minimalism or hi-tech.Mounted such arch at the stage of finishing work.Unlike wooden structure, it can be done very well.Any inaccuracies in the manufacture can be subsequently corrected with putty.Typically, such arched doorway is not isolated from the main decoration.
  3. Arch of ragged stone or brick.Repairs in the "loft" style quite popular lately.If their conduct is often used brick wall or edge detection archways artificial or natural stone.The construction of such a structure - is not easy and is subject only to professional mason or Tiles, however, worth noting that the result is spectacular.

Style Arc de Triomphe are several types:

  1. Classic - an arch with a rounded arc.
  2. Ellipse - the arc is a part of an ellipse, that is, as it were flattened towards the center.
  3. Trapeze - arch type, the arc which is a part of a trapezoid or a polygon arc.
  4. portal - a rectangular arch.

It should be noted that this architectural element fits perfectly into the interior of the smaller houses, so that the arch to the kitchen in the Khrushchev is an excellent solution.

arch to the kitchen with his hands Plasterboard


This option is the most common.The strengths of the parties can be considered ease of installation and low cost of the materials selected.These arches are quite capable to perform even the lover, having an elementary set of tools.For information on how to make the arch to the kitchen with their hands on.

So, what we need:

  • leaf ceiling drywall,
  • galvanized UD profile,
  • set screws Drywall,
  • dowels quick installation,
  • paint arched area,
  • screwdriver,
  • jigsaw,
  • metal scissors.


procedure of installation works:

  1. The first thing we need to mount the metal frame for our design.If the wall thickness equal to the width of the opening of standard profiles, one profile can be used, if not, making the design of several.In this case, the width of the doorway, which we will replace the arch is 112 mm, so the design we use profile UW 100.
  2. Cut the profiles of the rack and crossbar.The height of the racks will be equal to the radius of the future of the arch.To smooth the ends of the arch for a smooth transition in her doorway on the rack ends clipped sidewall profile.
  3. mount rack to the wall opening.To do this, use the drill and dowels quick installation.Drill drill holes required diameter in the wall and the profile and trying to drive it first clip anchors, and then nail.
  4. opening up in the same way fasten the crossbar.We obtain a U-shaped design.Then cut out two pieces of drywall the size equal to the dimensions of the structure.In the center we find a single piece center.This can be done simply drawing a diagonal mounting thread, at the intersection of which will be the center piece.
  5. next step is to draw a arc that connects point cents and corners of drywall.This can be done quite simply.Take a flexible nut, attach it to the end edges of the drywall and start cranking until the inflection point does not come up to the marked center point of the sheet.Then gently circle the nut with a pencil.That will have a smooth arc.
  6. Cut the arc can be a painting with a knife, but it is better to use a small jigsaw sawing.Cut a sheet drawn by the line.Piece cut (a semicircle) is applied to another piece and draw out a pencil.Cut a second piece.
  7. Now fasten two pieces to the metal.This is done using the screwdriver and screws Drywall., Mounting step should be minimized to design better kept.During this operation, plasterboard workpiece careful not to cut yourself, is pressed against the profile.
  8. When the base arch ready, it is necessary to seal the end portion.To do this, take a piece of the profile length is the size of the arc, and around the perimeter with a pitch of 20-30 mm incision of the side walls so that you can bend it on the arch-shaped arc.
  9. Bend profile and fasten it to the inside of the side walls of steel and plasterboard.Next, cut a strip of drywall length equal to the length of the arc de Triomphe and the width equal to the width of the arched openings.The band should lie between the inside walls of the arch.
  10. Bend strip.Drywall - a rather fragile material, so working with them must be carefully.In order that it can be bent along arc shape, it should be wet.For this abundantly moistened strip of water and effortless it is rolled with a spiked roller.Then put
  11. profile between two stools and leave for a while.Soon you will notice that the band began to sag.Then we take it and put in arches end, fixing screws.
  12. The next step in the corners of the arches laid paint flexible area and a fasten its industrial staples.
  13. Getting arch priming drywall in the kitchen.To do this, use a liquid mixture of deep penetration.Places arch joints are sealed with the wall masking grid.After the primer has dried proceed to putty.

arch between the kitchen wood

Most wooden arches made of wood in specialized workshops on special equipment.The fact that tree - not very flexible material, and in order to make the arc of the top arch, requires specialized knowledge and skills.As an option - an arc of the arch with their hands made from specially sawn pattern bars, glued together.However, this method is quite long and requires good attention and almost masterly possession of carpentry tools.

Without much effort, you can make your own hands trapezoidal arch or a so-called portal.The latter is a nothing more than a modified door frame.

It is worth noting that the wooden door-arch to the kitchen require special attention and care.It is necessary to regularly open the paint, watch out for so that it did not spoil the pests.Also, these arches are very afraid of excess moisture, so try to avoid flooding the room.

arch to the kitchen brick

brick arches are at the initial stage of repair of housing.To properly build a building, you need to have brick stacking technology in the form of an arched vault.It is not very easy, so it is better to entrust this work to professionals who, in addition, be able to assess the possibility of building the facility.The fact that the brick arches have quite a lot of weight, respectively, can not be installed in apartment buildings with wooden floor slabs.In addition, a set of bricks, laid not a professional handler above the passage to the kitchen, can cause problems.

Applications various arches in kitchen design

Kitchen "castle" style.The decor of the room is dominated by a stone.And for the walls with the same success using both natural and artificial stone.In order to more accurately convey the atmosphere of a medieval castle, stone better to use darker shades of gray.Arch in those years was one of the most common architectural forms, so this element, decorated with stone, in this kitchen will look very organic.

Design in the "loft" style you can decorate the brick arch.different color bricks can be used to create an underground sensation.An interesting option would be to lay out a brick arch window openings.Then the window will harmonize with the entrance to the premises.

Wooden arches blend perfectly with the classic repair.Especially interesting to look this arch, if the color and texture match the kitchen furniture.Beautiful pilasters decorated with wood carvings, emphasize the individuality and style of your kitchen.

Arch Art Nouveau or minimalism, as a rule, are made of plasterboard.Through the use of this material can be made not only to the classic forms of the arches, and composite structures, which are able to make a reality of the boldest imagination of designers.

arches to the kitchen: a photo

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the principle of device - arches

Arch in the kitchen: Video