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December 13, 2017 00:01

Wallpapers Marburg : features, advantages , photos

Through qualitative characteristics, unique style of performance and other advantages, the German wallpaper Marburg over 170 years, are in constant demand in all countries of the world consumers with different financial capabilities.


  • Features production
  • Advantages / Disadvantages wallpaper Marburg
  • types of upholstery fabrics
    • Paper wallpaper
    • Vinyl wallpaper
    • Fleece Mural
    • Textile wallpaper
  • Wallpapers Marburg ininterior

Features production

appearance of the first wallpaper Marburg occurred in 1845, when most of the factories engaged in the opening production plants in various countries in Europe and Asia.However, Marburg Wallcoverings was one of the few companies that refused to move production to Asia, the eastern countries.Issue wallpaper only in Germany allows you to control every stage of the process, causing the excellent quality products.In this wallpaper, intended for export to distant countries, not inferior to the quality of products implemented neighboring


Vinyl Deux1_500x450

unique design of each wallpaper collection is born as a result of long work of leading designers in the world, and the use of innovative technologies contributes to giving the finished coating various special effects.The most common concerns with the shadow play of light, when the day colors wallpaper remains the same, and when the light begins to shine with various colors.No less popular are the wallpaper, which combines excellent performance for a variety of materials (eg textiles with quartz sand).At the same time much of the technology used by the company in the production of upholstery fabrics, patented, so cover many similar plants are deprived of the benefits of the masses, which are peculiar only wallpaper Marburg.

brilliantly 500x450

Strong demand for German wallpaper not only due to the peculiarities of production, but also the benefits generated by consumers in the process of installation of paintings and their subsequent operation.

Advantages / Disadvantages wallpaper Marburg

huge range of products a wide range of colors and designs, manufactured Marburg Wallcoverings, has the following advantages:

The interior 500x450

  • matching fashion trends;
  • printing precision;
  • easy sticking on any surface;
  • a wide price range, which depends not only on product quality but also on creativity and exclusive variety used in the production of a collection of materials.

Vinyl Deux 500x450

Despite a lot of positive aspects associated with wallpaper Marburg, reviews you can hear a variety.At the same time the joy of owning a product overshadows all the same price, as a cost of production of wallpaper is added the cost of delivery to the consumer country and supplement store.As a result of all markups, similar to domestic producers of wallpaper are much cheaper, opening up more opportunities for people of small and middle-class.In this regard, at an acceptable cost to buy Marburg wallpaper in an exclusive performance in remote countries, Germany is unlikely.

icons 1_500x450

considered the advantages and disadvantages characterize only a general idea about the product Marburg Wallcoverings.However, performance is directly dependent on the materials used to manufacture the wallpaper.

types of upholstery fabrics

materials and technologies used in the production of a certain type of wallpaper, have a significant impact on the quality characteristics of the finished coating.

Paper wallpaper

cheapest and environmentally friendly type of wallpaper - wallpaper paper (collection Marburg Crush Lounge), in the wear resistance and other characteristics which affect the thickness of the wall-paper web.

Silkscreen 500x450

Depending on the number of layers of paper going to create a cover, paper wall are divided into the following categories:

  • Simplex is a single-layer sheet, the reverse side which acts as a substrate, and the front - designed for printing.A characteristic feature of the simplex wallpaper appears smooth surface and a small thickness of the coating.Single-layer wallpapers attracted buyers low price and various designs.However, the strength characteristics of these wallpapers are small.In addition, before pasting it is necessary to prepare the surface carefully, as well through the thin fabric show through Wallpapers available on the basis of irregularities.

Simplex 500x450

  • Duplex - contain 2 or more layers of paper that are glued together, after the printing on the top row of the paper coating.A more sophisticated production technology significantly increases the strength and moisture resistance of the product, so the duplex wall are much more expensive version of the simplex.Duplex wallpaper surface, depending on the method of patterning, is both unobtrusive and deep relief.

Duplex 500x450

Under painting used multiwall paper wallpaper, which differ in texture of the decorative layer, and are divided into:

  • structural - in most cases, are made with the addition of polymers, which act as a binder, and the pattern is applied by embossing, whereby the surfacethe coating becomes smooth or embossed, textured plaster reminding;

Structural 500x450

  • rough fibrous - distinguished by the presence of wood shavings compacted between layers of paper, with the result that the coating surface becomes an intricate texture.When pasting rough-fiber wallpaper good hide minor irregularities in the substrate;

coarse fiber 500x450

  • moisture-proof paper wallpaper used for finishing walls in rooms with high humidity, as ready-processed mud coating, water-repellent compositions.

Waterproof 500x450

Advantages of wallpapers:

  • environmentally friendly because the manufacture of wallpaper basis is cellulose and additives used only increase the performance characteristics of the coating;
  • good performance of moisture, water vapor permeability due to a loose web structure prevent accumulation of excess moisture on the walls, reducing the risk of mold, fungi;
  • diverse color palette, along with an unlimited choice of patterns and ornaments from the simplest to the most intricate form;
  • low cost compared to other types of wallpaper.

Paper 500x450


  • short service life, rarely exceeding 3-5 years;
  • quickly fade when exposed to ultraviolet rays;
  • low moisture leads to yellowing of the coating over time;
  • can only be dry cleaned, so remove stains of various origins is almost impossible;
  • low resistance to damage during pasting and during operation.

Paper 500x450

features peculiar to any subspecies of paper wallpaper pasting at the surface, is that the adhesive is applied to the wall, and on the wrong side of the wallpaper.This single-layer glued lap wallpaper and layered - butt.

securities 500x450

Given the above characteristics, the conclusion is that the paper coating are more suitable for walls of residential and public buildings with low humidity levels.

Vinyl wallpaper

thicker and durable - Vinyl wallpaper presented collections Marburg Estell, Opulence, Messina, Opulence Giulia, etc.On the substrate made of paper or nonwoven, PVC is applied, after which the coating is given a certain pattern by:

Icon 500x450

1. PVC foaming at high temperatures.Wallpapers, the top layer of which is represented by a foamed vinyl allocated clearly defined texture, well mask the irregularities in the substrate, allow for wet cleaning, and sold to the population at an acceptable cost.However, under the influence of sunlight painted PVC after 2-3 years starts to lose color saturation.Wallpaper with a decorative layer of foamed PVC are relatively resistant to damage, as well as rapid abrasion in places of contact with a variety of home furnishings.

Foamed 500x450

2. Chemical embossing.Above vinyl distributed on a substrate, special substances applied, which at high temperatures do not give vinyl foam.As a result, the coating acquires a glossy surface, which can be easily removed from any contamination.Vinyl wall, subjected to chemical embossing, have the original design, harmoniously combining elements of silk-screen printing and foamed vinyl, and have good resistance to repeated wet cleaning and ultraviolet rays, and high mechanical strength affects the long operational period.The high cost and the need for careful preparation of the base are the main disadvantages of wallpapers in this category.

Him.tis 500x450

3. Hot Stamping.Each wallpaper collection produced by hot embossing, different thickness of fabric, structure and performance.The following types of wallpaper produced by hot embossing:

  • flat vinyl (silkscreen) is characterized by a thin cloth, smooth and shiny surface.The unique design consists in the play of light shining portions, high strength fabric, independent of the thickness of the product, as well as trouble-free removal of various contaminants form the positive side wallpaper.This wrapping unprepared surfaces appears on the topcoat and the dented influxes that have not been eliminated in the preparatory phase, and the cost of the wallpaper is not to everybody's pocket;

Silkscreen 1_500x450

  • CD Vinyl has good vividness and a sufficiently high density of wallpapers created under the skin, or brick masonry.Wallpapers of CD Vinyl hide minor defects of the walls, tolerate wet cleaning with detergents and are highly resistant to mechanical damage.The initial group of wallpaper, unlike foamed vinyl, persists for a long time without dimming or yellowing under the influence of sunlight.However, the high density of the material requires the prior application to paste over the surface of the primer, which included present fungicides.Furthermore, after drying the adhesive may be a slight shrinkage of the wallpaper.

CD -vinyl 500x450

Thus, vinyl wall paper coatings outperform on many properties and make up, along with non-woven, the main mass of sales.

Fleece Mural

based coating is a low density nonwoven, which is applied to the decorative layer, often represented by vinyl.Although variations are often encountered when the upper fleece layer is of higher density than the substrate.However, the high cost of a purely non-woven wallpaper, in spite of the environmental goods, discourages the majority of consumers to buy such an expensive commodity.


For the implementation of the non-woven wallpaper Marburg The Wall, Gloockler Childrens Paradise, Identity, and other collections are available in two versions:

  • painted - are ready topcoat;

under ambient 500x450

  • white - are designed for painting.

crash 500x450

Pros non-woven coverings:

  • high strength;
  • good disguise cracks, defects of a base;
  • no deformation in the process of gluing and subsequent drying;
  • hygroscopic, which prevents the formation of mold and mildew on the walls;
  • duration of operation.

Fleece 500x450

Among the significant deficiencies relates only cost several times the cost of vinyl wallpaper.In recent years, an increasing demand for acquiring non-woven wallpaper for painting Marburg, contribute to the creation of complex color schemes, textures, and patterns that reduce costs for the purchase of coverage, as unpainted wallpaper are much cheaper ready-made upholstery fabrics.However, before the acquisition is taken into account that due to each layer of paint coating acquires additional strength, but reduces performance air- and water vapor permeability.In addition, non-woven wallpaper Marburg designed for painting, should have a clear and deep texture, as with each staining pattern will become increasingly smaller.

Under painting 500x450

In general, non-woven wallpaper can withstand up to 7-8 layers of paint without losing the bump, which affects the length of service life.

Textile wallpaper

Along with non-woven, textile wallpaper substrate is made of paper or nonwoven.In this decorative layer is created from a natural or synthetic fibers and filaments.

Textiles 1_500x450

Pros textile wallcoverings:

  • aesthetic appeal;
  • resistance to mechanical damage depends on the type of material used to create a finishing layer;
  • high heat and sound insulation properties;
  • duration of operation.

Textiles 500x450


  • conducting wet cleaning is acceptable to a limited range of materials that make up the decorative layer;
  • difficulty in gluing;
  • rapid amortization in areas of frequent contact (sockets, switches);
  • contribute to the accumulation of dust;
  • well absorb odors and moisture;
  • high cost.


From the extensive range of textile wallpapers are now becoming increasingly popular, jute, silk, linen cover, which will add to any interior a piece of refinement and unique chic.

Wallpapers Marburg interior

Variety Marburg wallpaper, photos of which is presented below, in the most diverse stylistic design allows unimpeded choose the desired option in the established or planned interior design.

Vinyl Moritz 500x450

Modern design vinyl wallpaper collection from Messina to the presence of elements and shimmering iridescent hues accentuate the depth of space as the kitchen, hallway and living room.


no less extravagant will look creative design vinyl wallpaper from the Icon Collection, harmoniously combines a variety of geometric images.


In this paper wallpaper series Crush Lounge unobtrusive pastel tones will make a share of calm and comfort in the residential and office space.


Collection of non-woven wallpaper Gloockler Childrens Paradise depicting fairytale characters is ideal for the decoration of children's rooms.


Thus, each collection of unique paintings, whether front prints, embossed lines or classic floral bouquets that can be combined with other collections of ornaments.This huge range of wallpaper in a wide range of topics will pick up cover for easy interior, decorated in the style of hi-tech, and in the classical style.