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December 13, 2017 00:00

Carved furniture .Wood carvings in the interior

Furniture of precious wood is considered the most environmentally friendly, beautiful and high quality.This wood has a pronounced texture, so even without covering it looks very original.But the finish looks even better.For this purpose, mosaic, inlay and, of course, figured carving.Each of these types of finishes has its advantages.But, perhaps, it was carved out of wood furniture in your home decor brings touch of luxury and elegance.


  • material for carved furniture
  • Styles carving
  • Thread types
  • Application carved furniture
  • Interior Decorating using
  • thread Where to place carved furniture
  • drawings carved furniture
    • drawing chest
    • drawing coffee table

material for carved furniture


Woodcarving is one of the oldest methods of artistic treatment of wood, which can be called elite decorative arts.With the help of her decorate objects and furniture.Art carving in the interior today is becoming more fashionable and widespread.This method of treatment is especially appre

ciated, as well as any other handmade.

Masters since ancient times possess the ability to help the treatment of wood to obtain highly artistic products.Thanks to modern technology hand-carved furniture can be stored for much longer than before.This was made possible by various antiseptic impregnation and lacquer coating.

to perform thread is absorbed mainly with wood radial cut.As for the wood, it is most often used the following:

  1. Lipa.Soft wood, so perfectly cut.From it produced a variety of small items.For example, frames, glassware, figurines, boxes, vases, toys.
  2. Birch.This breed is characterized by clean and clear profile.From it are made various false carved furniture decoration, and various souvenirs.
  3. Oak.This is one of the hardwood.Because it is usually made carved upholstered furniture and large panels.
  4. Alder.The relatively cheap material, which is often used to simulate the more valuable trees.It is used mainly for the manufacture of small products.
  5. Walnut.This material is well served finishing and polishing.Because it is made for children carved furniture, the composition of easel sculpture and small items.
  6. Pear.This wood is a little crack and warp.It is used, for example, for finishing of turned articles, carved furniture and various souvenirs.
  7. Pine.Great for making massive skeletons.Carved pine furniture is quite strong and durable.

similar in properties are maple, poplar, beech, aspen.These rocks are used in the manufacture of a variety of souvenirs, household items, carved furniture, utensils, and various kitchen utensils.

We should also highlight the yew, spruce and cedar.These rocks are used to create large-scale sculptures, carvings.Of them are made frames and carved cornices.Spruce wood due to the presence in it of resinous thick of resin for decoration carved doors and porch.More, it is indispensable for finishing and decorating the balcony verandas.From cedar and yew make good souvenirs and decorative trim.The most exquisite considered carved mahogany furniture.

Styles carving

carved furniture: photo




  1. Today, master wood manufactured products in several key styles, each with its own artistic methods and means of the processing of wood.
  2. Gothic.This style is characterized by lush decor.The widespread use it has received gold paint, and painted and carved sculptures related to religion.
  3. Empire.It was developed in ancient Greece and Rome.The threads were popular themes massive ledges and emblems of military affairs.Also special demand elements in the form of armor, eagles and laurel wreaths.Often, this style of furniture legs can be seen in the form of animal paws.And the head is usually decorated with figural carvings in the form of other animals (such as sphinxes, swans, lions).
  4. Classicism.Classical furniture decorated with carvings from the presence of small elements derived from other styles.It often is included in the design of the tapestry.Classicism is characterized by straight lines and precise geometrical strict forms.This style is preferred by people who have impeccable taste who appreciate the elegance and rigor.Today, with the help of wood carving can be distinguished beauty of the interior in a classical style.
  5. Baroque.The interior of this style is characterized by the pursuit of greatness, splendor and spatial scale.The carving detail observed rounded lines of complex shape, tension, artificiality, contrast.Also noticeable dynamism and an even symmetry of the images submitted.At the same time the details are not observed any severity and straightness geometric shapes.Some items of furniture carving literally can transform and revitalize.
  6. Rococo.This style is characterized by elegance and congestion.In addition, the details of the furniture in the Rococo style popular following topics: gilded bronze, climbing vines, diamond-shaped mesh.The Rococo style furniture has legs undulating forms that are covered with carving in the form of thumbnails.

Thread types

custom-made furniture

Over the lifetime of the thread has already managed to form some of its varieties.Consider the main ones:

  1. relief.This kind of in-depth background thread is different.At the same time over it visible protruding shapes and high-relief nizkorelefnyh images.
  2. flatreliefed.Characterized by an abstract background ornamentation and which is patterned on the same plane.The image usually has the silhouette character.This thread on his technique of execution is different.So, distinguish flatreliefed thread with pillow, zaovalennymi and chosen path.
  3. Prorizna (propyl).This type of thread is created by sawing through the background.This delicate, thin and light composition.
  4. Invoice.In this case, the cutout image is first performed, and then it is applied on a smooth surface.With this technique, you can get a smooth background, avoiding the time-consuming sampling.
  5. volume.It is, in fact, the production of wood sculpture.Thus, this technique allows you to create a full carved figure.
  6. Contour.This thread is performed in-depth lines on the smooth surface of the base.It is similar in technique to engrave.
  7. Geometric.In the manufacture of the thread is performed penetration pattern to the overall smooth background.Used two basic techniques:
  • skobchataya - it is characterized by semi-circular elements in the image;
  • triangular notched - for her characters geometric patterns.

Application carved furniture


Carved products have always been considered a sign of good taste and wealth.Despite the abundance of modern materials, wood furniture with carvings does not lose its relevance.That she is able to bring to the interior of the home a special touch, and comfort.Subjects with high-quality carvings attract the views of guests of the house.Therefore, if you want to give the interior a unique, something no carved furniture simply we can not do.Best of all it fits into the interior in a classical style, but it does not mean that it is not suitable for other rooms.

After selecting the style and size of the furniture, it is possible to order the production of the masters.But the cost of such work is usually quite high.Especially if the furniture will be carried out on an individual project.At a lower price, you can buy the finished product if desired.Today they are on the market are many.They look quite solid.To make a curved furniture, wood is not only used, but materials such as plastics, plywood and MDF.

Interior Decorating by a thread


Woodcarving able to give the room a unique charm.Only their appearance, it brings pleasure to its owner.With interior carved ornaments can be sufficiently expressive to emphasize a subtle delicate taste and consistency of the home owner.Actually, carving - is an art, which has long been time-tested.People engaged in such work, professionally develop product designs and then implement them.

Wooden carved elements are considered elite types of finishes.For example, now quite popular original stylish carved furniture.It combines beauty, comfort and elegance.Having purchased it, the owner shows his respectability.

Perhaps, few elements of decoration of interior doors can match beauty with carved rosettes, hand-carved wooden panels and consoles, as well as decorative friezes.Also, fine paintings and wooden figurines handmade.Today the situation is such that the value of these products depends not only on the value of wood, but also in general the complexity of the carvings.Masters of carving wood arrays such as linden, oak, maple, beech doing their job manually.From this product only become more valuable and better.

Today also produced low cost options of furniture with carved, but in this case it is usually done in the form of miniature shaped inserts.For example, such elements can be installed in cabinet doors, cabinets or drawer.Performed as carving decorative motifs often represent wildlife (curls branches, floral designs, butterflies and stems).

carvings also adorn the panels for walls, partitions or screens.In addition, the carved panels can be hidden from prying eyes radiators.

Virtually any interior can fit the elements, which are used for furniture, trim and mirrors.These include, in particular, moldings and decorative cornices.They can be used not only for decoration but also to hide undesirable damage and drawbacks.

Where to place carved furniture

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  • carved furniture will look good in almost any contemporary room, in spite of the prevailing opinion that it is only suitable for rooms, furnished in a classical style.Most importantly, it was performed in the same style with the other interior elements.Carved furniture can be installed in any room, including the kitchen.For example, a headset with figural carved inserts (wall cabinets and shelves) are used for kitchens.


  • Most often carved furniture installed in the living room.Here quality curly tables can be placed, carved chairs, upholstered furniture as chairs and sofas with carved patterns.If you have stairs in the room, it can be decorated with sculpted balusters and handrails.
  • carved furniture and put in office, which can be equipped by both at home and in the office premises.Most often, there are cabinets with carved desk of solid wood or rocking chair for relaxing.These products are able to emphasize the wealth, taste and status of the owner.This is furniture that is perfectly suited for the head office.


  • Such furniture can be placed in a corridor or hallway.For example, there will be a good look carved shelf, small table with shaped legs, a mirror in a beautiful frame of a clothes hanger.To home look richer, you can set the carved doors, which have always been considered a symbol of wealth, luxury.

Wood bed - with - carved - back - 2

  • carved furniture can be installed in the bedroom.At the same time, the most important thing is to design the room looked natural and appropriate.It is possible to put, for example, carved cabinets, a bed with a carved headboard, dressers and cabinets with a beautiful ornament, a dressing table and chairs and tables.


  • furniture with carving can find their place on the terrace, in the garden or in the gazebo.Today, there are even entire series of carved furniture, specially designed for the garden.This is what you need for a good holiday in the fresh air.Furnished with handmade carvings is the embodiment of nobility, charm.It combines originality, elegance and special beauty.Therefore, it never goes out of fashion.And if earlier it was not available to many because of its high cost, but now thanks to technologies that reduce the price of production, it can acquire each.There is no better way to show through the interior of his respectability and solvency.

drawings carved furniture

Drawing chest


drawing coffee table